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Saturday, September 11th, 2004, 07:21 AM
Sweden wasn't really that neutral under WWII, the Soviet air forice acctualy bombed our country several times. The sorces here are mainly old Skalmaan site(before they remade it) and some Swedish historical articles.

The 21th of February the Soviet Red Air force flew in over Swedish Lappland and dropped a bomb over the town of Pajala, detroying a church and parts of the city centra, but no one got really hurt or killed. The news got spread trought the country that Lappland was bombed by the Soviets.

The reason for all these bombings where probobly several; Sweden had arresten a Soviet spy named Vassilij Sidenko, Sweden defended Finland along the coasts, Sweden allowed fleeing Balts to stay in the country and Stalin wanted them back.

The Soviets acctualy dropped a large number of bombs over Sweden, some time after they tried to bomb Umeå submarine base(I think), but missed and the bombs blew up in the archipelago.

They also tried to bomb the Karlskrona marinal base but missed that one too!

I don't know all the exact dates, but Sweden got hit several times. I know that the islands of Gotland and Öland had bombs dropped over them in 1943 or something like that. I was told you still can se the craters of the bombs on Öland.

But the 22 of Febraray 1944 Stockholm got attacked. The Soviets came over the eastern suburbs and dropped some there, and the Swedish Luftvärn(Air defence armoury) shot back, but never managed to hit anything. Then the planes flew in over central Stockholm, dropping firebombs and soundbombs over Södermalm and Gamla stan(Old town). Two people got hurt and almost all the windows in Södermalm got detroyed. Somehow the bombs didn't explode when they reached the ground, they exploded over the roofs in the air instead.

Also the Swedish town and cities of Södertälje and Strängnäs got to take it. They got hit as well, but no really damage done. The Soviets managed to flew in far behind the Swedish borders.

The Swedish premier minister Tage Erlander(think it was him) sended an angry note to Stalin with the question "Why the hell are you bombing our country?" but got no reply.

Sweden also had a problem with the British RAF and German Luftwaffe. They kept bombing(probobly by mistake, sometimes not) southern Sweden, Skåneland. The RAF dropped bombs over the "university capital" of Lund, damaging some houses. The Luftwaffe also dropped some over Skåneland, but I don't know where.

All these where acts of war against Sweden, but we stayed out of it anyway.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Saturday, September 11th, 2004, 07:32 AM
Wilhelm Landig in one of his books says that Nazis in Finnland had to go North and over Sweden and around to Norway after Finnland did a flip-flop. They were chased all the way and this was a real ordeal for those involved.

Saturday, September 11th, 2004, 03:06 PM
Maybe in the Luftwaffe-RAF case, but the Soviets attacked for real. But the Swedes stayed out.