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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004, 10:10 AM
Philosophy & Science. Physics & Religion. XXIc.

Dear Sir.

In the world there are many religions.

Physics - one.

The laws of physics and mathematics in the different countries of the world are identical, and religion - different. Why? Because the religion is not proved by the laws of physics and mathematics. And unless it is possible? In the book and on a site I assert - yes. It is possible.

* * *

They say that Diogenes illuminated faces of passers-by with his lantern when there was bright light, while speaking that he is searching for a Man.

I am - Diogenes.

I am search for the person.

I am search for the reasonable person and consequently to each I set a question:

Listen! Speed of a light quantum in Vacuum value a constant,

maximum, absolute!

Why everyone speaks, what there is no absolute speed of motion?

The speed of this light quantum is absolute only in Vacuum,

In absolute Vacuum!

Why everyone speaks, what there is no absolute reference system?

Diogenes sets a question, and him, as always, in all times, nobody can understand.

I realize a reason of this bewilderment.

You see nobody perceives, that such is VACUUM.

You see nobody perceives, that such is a Quantum of light.

I begin to reason from Vacuum T=0K and then, step by step, I establish a unified

picture of Genesis.

* * *

If you have time and desire, details on a site:


With best regards.

Israel Sadovnik.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004, 12:46 PM

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