View Full Version : Skadi Video Gallery How To

Monday, April 2nd, 2018, 11:38 PM
As some might have noticed, we've added vbtube, a video gallery (https://forums.skadi.net/ytm.php). We are currently testing the lite version, as the pro version hasn't been out yet.

The gallery currently only supports YouTube video formats.

How to add a video to the gallery

Click on Videos in the navbar. Then click on the category

Scroll to the bottom right corner, where it says Add a Video. Copy and paste the complete YouTube URL into the field. Click Add.


The preview of the video, title, description and keywords will be added automatically. Adjust if needed. Then pick the category where you want the video to be added and click Save.


Other YouTube features, such as comment, like/dislike and share (currently only on Facebook) are available.