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Monday, April 2nd, 2018, 08:41 PM
As you might have seen, the Skadi Gallery (https://forums.skadi.net/photoplog/index.php) is back. We have also imported the old files so everything you uploaded there once is now again accessible. You can browse through over 6.000 images or add your own to the collection. Here are some guides on some of the gallery features:

How to upload images

Go to the Skadi Gallery by clicking on PhotoPlog (https://forums.skadi.net/photoplog/index.php) on the navbar. Alternatively, if you are browsing through the random thumbs on the Skadi homepage, click on any of the thumbs and then click on the title/description, as pictured:


On the sub-navbar, as pictured, you should have an Upload link. Click on it.


Next, select the category where you upload your image. The category must correspond with the image type (e.g. Painting, Digital Art, Monuments, People, etc). Once you've decided where you want your image, click on Continue.


You will be taken to the next page where you shall upload the file. You can either upload an image directly from your computer or from a URL link. To do the former, click on Choose File. For the latter, copy and paste the complete URL in the box under Upload File From URL Link.

Next, fill in the title of the image. For example, if it is a painting, post the title and author. You can also post a description if you have more details, such as the story behind the image, the biography or information about the author, etc. (this is optional). Once you've entered all this, clik Upload.


How to edit/delete/rate/report images

Click on the title of the image as pictured.


In the top right corner, click on Toolkit > Edit/Delete/Report Item.



If you want to edit the image and chose edit, you will now be redirected to a category chooser. If the image is already in the right category, leave it the way it is and click Continue. Otherwise (if you accidentally picked the wrong category when you uploaded the image) change the category to the appropriate one. Click Continue. Next you can edit the title and/or description of the file or even upload a different file (in case you accidentally uploaded the wrong picture). Once you have corrected everything, click Save.


Toolkit > Delete. You will be redirected to a page where the system warns you "Delete is permanent! Are you sure?" If you would like to delete the image, click Yes.


As the system warns, deleted files cannot be recovered, so use wisely.


Toolkit > Report This File. On the next page, fill in the reason you would like to report the image and then Send Report.


Only report those images you believe to be in breach of the Skadi Forum Rules (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/2729-Skadi-Forum-Rules) or Skadi Gallery Rules (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/47408-Skadi-Gallery-Rules). The report will be sent to the staff and it will be reviewed in due time.


To rate, click on Rate This File in the upper right corner. Choose rating and then Vote Now.


How to use the album feature

Click on Albums on the sub-navbar, then on Add Album on the top right.


Enter album name and description and choose whether you would like to make it private or public. Then click Submit.


To edit or delete the album, click on edit/delete.


To add an image to the album, click on the title of the image and Album It! on the top right.


Choose the desired album you want to move the image to, and click Continue.


How to insert a gallery image in your posts

To do this, click on the small green arrow button in the editor (PhotoPlog Gallery Selector), as pictured:


Typically, here you will have the latest uploads show up. To select the desired image, choose the category or album where the image was uploaded. Wait for the images to show up, find your desired image and click on it.


One the image has been inserted in your post, click on the [x] button on the top right. Alternatively, you can copy the image address directly from PhotoPlog (right click > copy image address) and use the usual insert image button/IMG tags or copy and paste the code from the first box under the image (between IMG tags).