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Wednesday, March 21st, 2018, 03:59 PM
We have a few new features since the upgrade to vBulletin 4. You might already be familiar with some of them from the Althing era, other fora or the recent upgrade. Here's an overview:

Auto-Save Content

While users are writing their posts, the in progress content will be automatically saved in case the user's browser crashes or they mistakenly leave the page. The time between automatic saves is 1 minute, i.e. your content will be re-saved every 60 seconds. Each time the content is saved, a highlighted reminder appears on the bottom right of the edit area.


If you were on the verge of submitting a new thread or post and lost the content, repeat the process and on the bottom left of the edit box you should have a new button: Restore Auto-Saved Content. Click on it and the last version of the saved text before the crash will appear.


N.B. Make sure to repeat the steps the exact same way and select the same thread(or forum) where you wanted to post previously, or this feature may not appear.

Profile Customization

If you'd like to individualize your profile, you can now change the colors, background, font and so on. To customize your profile, click on your profile and then on the Customize My Profile button on the top right.


A popup menu will open from where you can pick your preferred options. To change a color, you can either enter its code, or, if you aren't familiar with html, you can just click on the color itself and a palette will open from where you can select the desired color. If you'd like to use an image for the background(s), this is also possible. In this case, instead of the color code, simply add the url of the image, as in the following example:

url(www.example.com/linktoimage.jpg (http://www.example.com/linktoimage.jpg))

Click Save once you are done.

It might take a few saves and previews before you find your preferred combination.


If you've accidentally changed something and pressed save and you'd like to return to your previous style, click on Revert. This will take you to your last saved version. If you'd like to return to the site default, click on Default. Don't forget to click Save thereafter.

N.B. Profile customization is a feature restricted to Funding Members.

Visitor Messaging

They are somewhat similar to the old user notes, except that it's no longer one-way. You can carry a conversation through short messages on your profiles, post pictures, videos, etc. on each other's "walls". BBcode works so you can also use formatting, quotes, smilies, etc.


Users get notified when they receive a visitor message, just like when they receive a private message or reputation point.

If you'd like to leave a message on someone's profile, click on their profile and go to the Visitor Messages tab. You can also follow your own conversation history from the beginning to the current date or that between other users by clicking on View Conversation.


You may limit the usage of your visitor messages to just moderators and your friends/contacts. To do this, go to Settings > General Settings > Visitor Messaging and tick Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and Moderators.

If you believe someone posted something inappropriate or undesired on your profile, you may also report those visitor messages to staff.

User notes are still available, should you prefer the old format.


You can store your favorite pictures in one or more album(s). To create a new album or access your already existing albums, go to Community > Albums. To add a new album, click on the button Create New Album on the top right of the site.


Enter the title and description (optional) of your album, pick the album type according to preference and then click Save Changes.

There are three types of albums you can create:

public - album will be viewable by all visitors

private - only visible to contacts and moderators

profile - photos used to modify your profile style (in case you wish to customize your profile, here you can store background photos, etc)

Once you have created your album, you can upload your photos. Albums are also editable, so you can change the title, description or type or delete an album thereafter.

The album(s) will also appear on your profile (left module). New photos that you upload will show up under the Photos tab on the right block of your profile.


Social Groups

Social groups are mini-forums that members can create & join. You can either create and moderate your own social group or join other people's social groups.


Pretty much anything goes in terms of social group ideas, you can create a social group if you have a hobby or interest for which a sub-forum does not exist, if you'd like to limit discussion to e.g. users of a certain country or region, users of a certain ideology or religion, language learning groups, workshops, activism ideas, fan clubs, members of other fora, ex-members of now defunct fora, etc.

Neat feature for those users who previously wanted their own personal section or a private section to share content only with certain friends/acquaintances, now this can be easily achieved by creating a social group with the right settings.

You can create three types of social groups:

public - any member can view and join these groups

moderated - users must be approved by a group leader before membership is finalized

invite only - require that a group leader invite a user before they can join

The group type can also be changed, e.g. if you created a private group but now want it public, this is possible. You can enable both messages and/or picture albums for social groups. Only staff and social group leaders can administrate and moderate social groups. If you've created a group, you can add other group leaders. Members can subscribe to social groups and be notified when a new message is posted.

To view a list of all social groups, go to Community > Groups.

If you are a member of any social groups, these will show up on the left module of your profile.

N.B. Social groups are subject to the Skadi Forum rules (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/2729-Skadi-Forum-Rules). While we adopt a permissive, laissez-faire policy in regards to social groups, staff reserves the right to edit, amend or remove social groups at its own discretion.

If you need help or have any questions about these features, feel free to contact staff.

In future we're looking to install an arcade, a video and photo gallery, a blog and article add-on.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018, 12:18 AM
Great!!! :thumbup Thanks for your work and efforts!