View Full Version : Gummy Bears Are Now a Problem at German School Because They’re Not Halal

Thursday, March 8th, 2018, 12:16 AM
The Peter Petersen elementary school in Berlin, has a hard time keeping its educational environment neutral. The school, in the city’s migrant suburb of Neukölln, is increasingly being Islamised by students, parents and personnel.

“There are already many examples of religious bullying in the school today,” says Hildegard Greif-Groß, the headmistress of the school to the Berliner Zeitung. For example students are questioned about having a sandwich of pork ham, because according to the Koran it is forbidden, she mentions.

“Even gummy bears are not considered clean, because there is animal gelatin of cattle in it, which were not slaughtered halal”, she adds.

The elementary school students are also put under pressure by family and classmates to put on a headscarf, the headmistress says. “Hardly anyone used to wear a headscarf there. In the past, mothers worked in factories, but today girls are much less allowed”. In mid-March, the lawsuit of a teacher who wants to wear her headscarf at school will start and three more are pending.

The push for Islamic rules at the school is oppositional to the Berlin Neutrality Act, which prohibits teachers, police and judicial staff from wearing religious symbols such as headscarfs, crucifixes or kippahs.

But the question is if the law will remain the same, as in the past Germany’s labour courts ruled in favor of teachers who had been turned down because of their headscarf at elementary schools. They even received a compensation for “discrimination”.

Also teachers at Berlin’s vocational schools are allowed to wear a headscarf. Representatives of the left as well as the regional delegation conference of the Greens had expressed a desire for a revision of Berlin’s neutrality act.


Friday, March 9th, 2018, 12:18 AM
My family still buys German made gummy bears because they are fun to eat. I'm tired of both Halal and Jewish food laws which can affect our dietary practices. So much pork has been removed from our menu to make a friendlier dining establishment for all customers. We used to have pork chops and schnitzel sandwiches on the menu regularly.

Muslim women wear headscarves at our school that I totally disagree with this practice. For years ADL and SPLC have sued endlessly to remove Christian religious symbols and versus from the classroom in public schools. Of course Christians lost in the USA. It's amazing how the rules and even laws change for these unwanted guests on two continents.