View Full Version : When & Which Western Nation Will Be the First to Restrict the Right to Procreate?

Saturday, January 6th, 2018, 03:42 AM
When & Which Western Nation will be the First to Restrict the Right to Procreate? I think it is only a matter of time. Same-sex marriage was considered non-issue by most of the sheeple just 25-years ago. Who could have predicted the transgender movement just five-years ago? Or the rapid demographic transition brought about by third-world immigration? With the totalitarian course we are on I believe it is inevitable that, in the name of protecting the "environment" that restrictions will be put on Westerners (ethnic Europeans in Europe & the diaspora) rights to have children. Unless there is a revolution in the West I think it will come about by 2040 at the latest. It doesn't matter that all Western nations are below TFR replacement levels. The-Powers-That-Be want it.

I think it will be proceeded by the restrictions on free-speech. To stifle protest. So the first nation to do this will likely be one of the following four: Canada, France, Germany or the United Kingdom. Or perhaps the EU as a whole. They've already restricted free-speech in the name of "hate".

Sunday, January 7th, 2018, 02:02 AM
It might very well be that some traitorous government will attempt something along those lines in the future, but in any case, I believe they would attempt to achieve it with concealed means, like making people infertile through vaccinations, or food-additives and environmental poisoning. The Israelis have already performed such an 'infertility pilot program' on Ethiopian Jews. And we're already seeing plummeting levels of sperm count among males in the Western World. Probably due to environmental factors.

Sunday, January 7th, 2018, 02:39 AM
I extremely doubt this, the beauty of the current White genocide (and I say that in the most negative way possible) is that none of its actions are enforced by power, besides certain hate speech laws, which are usually never chased up on anyway. That's why plenty of people think White genocide is a loony Stormfront conspiracy - you have to be mentally orientated in a racial manner in the first place to actually see White genocide for what it is.

This is a case of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Sunday, January 7th, 2018, 03:15 AM
It's already ongoing for like 40 years or so. Countries discuss the fertility rates and that it's below replacement level, and their solution is "immigrants!!!!!", "we need "skilled labour" from Africa to fill the gap!!!11elf". Never ever politicians proposed to increase the children of their own population.

Well, NPD did somewhen in the 90s, they even faced criminal charges for it.
BNP did (also speaking in EU parliament about the Kalergi Plan), the party was destroyed.
Hungary's Viktor Orbįn does currently, and it wouldnt surprise me too much seeing EU/NATO march into Hungary to regimechange them.

It's boiling on low heat for decades already, also through legislation that makes the otherwise ranted up and down in media about children being a burden, children being a poverty risk (actually THE poverty risk #1) etc a legal reality. For white people, that is.

Nikola Sarkozy (back then still MP of France) said already that at some point marriage between only French people would have to be outlawed in order to enforce "diversity". Sweden runs govt-paid tv ads, displaying a white woman with a black man having sex and a song called "mix it up", there's an EU "regulation" for media that makes "diversity" display mandatory to at least 25% of the program. Not enforced? They dont point a gun at you, yet. But not enforced by politics, you must be living under a stone, really.

Norman Pride
Sunday, January 7th, 2018, 01:14 PM
I don't think that it will be necessary to restrict procreation and it might come across as a gross violation of a basic human right. Yes, even in this day. Even restricting procreation between European and Germanic people as some sort of "anti-racist" measure to ensure diversity would come across as too bold of a move, especially as the SJWs and "progressives" are rising in numbers while nationalists are dwindling. It goes against the principle of love is blind, etc. and it wouldn't be just "racist" couples affected. Sure, they can take away the children of "racist" couples and the like, but what about a heterosexual couple of SJWs, out of which one is a transracial and the other a feminist? The possibilities are endless...

So in the end, why be finger pointed as the bad guys when they can achieve this through more subtle, yet nonetheless as effective measures? Heterosexual marriage, for example, is already becoming the exception, people are postponing it beyond the peak of their fertility. And few of them have a distinctive number of children to begin with. The sad fact is nowadays, society is not overly friendly towards married heterosexual couples, and if children come into the question then it's even worse. So you have people voluntarily abstaining from this "boorish" and "outdated" idea and pursuing other activities. It's not just feminists, by the way. There are metrosexuals, womanizers, people obsessed with a shallow lifestyle. At most what I see is perhaps dissolution/annulments of particularly "racist" (i.e. ideological) marriages like the Adolf Hitler Campbell couple. But the rest, we are doing it for them. Unfortunately Germanic people are sealing their fate and it may already be past the tipping point.