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Saturday, July 25th, 2009, 01:44 PM
Experts say that folk dancing needs to reach young people if it is to regain its popularity

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he National Association of Folk Dancers is eager to recruit younger members as membership numbers have more than halved in the last 25 years.

During its popularity in the mid-80s, there were at least 24,000 folk dancers all over Denmark, but that number has now dropped to just 8,689.

The interest in dressing up in traditional costumes and learning the lively steps of the Sřnderho Dance, The Drumming Waltz and Three-Corner Dance from Horsens has waned primarily because younger generations are not getting involved.

Anne Kathrine Clausen of the dancers’ association told Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper that young people are simply not as interested in joining associations as they were in the past.

‘The younger generation have many other interests and offers to choose from and they just don’t have that sense of unity that is a strong part of the folk dancing movement,’ said Clausen.

The association is now trying to draw in younger dancers by visiting them at their schools and offering more event-based introductions to the dance styles.

Lene Halskov Hansen, a folklorist expert, agrees that reaching out to young people in their own environment is a good idea.

‘Young people that are interested in folk music and dancing are a varied group that is much more loosely organised than traditional folk dancing movements. They’re meeting across various music and dance groups and experimenting a lot more than people are used to in folk dancing,’ Hansen said.


Sunday, September 15th, 2019, 06:52 PM
The above link doesn't work anymore, but the article is still useful. ;)

Yes, obviously that this is the case. Personally I am not so much interested in dances (even though in my genealogical line I had some very good dancers), but I would have joined a traditional folk dance course too if I had the chance.

Many friends of mine were attending modern dance classes, while we were much more younger, and I was never interested in modern dances. My grandma tried to make me go to learn modern dances also when I was a kid, I went to a class, but I didn't like it... :P

I wished I had the chance to learn folk dances though... I always enjoyed watching folk dances... while I was never interested in modern dances (especially those from pop music, which my friends were practicing).

I admire all traditional folk dances... but I am mostly interested in those related to my own heritage. I would have gladly joined such classes if there were any I could participate into...

When I decided I was interested in folk dances, though, the only available classes in my area were only for very small children, so I was already considered too old...

I think it's a very good idea to have more classes of folk dances that people could attend, regardless of age... But indeed, it's good to start with young children...

I don't know the situation in Nordic countries and in Western Europe... but in Romania there are many folk festivals every year, where people from all over the country come and dance their local traditional folk dances... It's always nice to watch local traditions...

Any folk festivals like that in Northern and Western Europe? :)