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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017, 08:15 PM
While searching the web for things related, I bumped into this bachelor thesis related to the Mantak dialect from the Carpathian German dialect continuum:

Die Karpatendeutschen in der Slowakei. Zur Sprachsituation in Bodwatal.

Abstract: The bachelor thesis Carpatian German in Slovakia. On the language situation in Bodwatal deals with the problem of german dialect spoken in eastern Slovakia, which is predominately used in the valley of river Bodva. More concretely, it deals with the dialect of so called Carpathian language living in this area. From historical point of view, this argot is connected to germans have been spread there since 13th century. In order to be precise, it is talked about the dialect of Carpathian Germans spoken in this particular region. The thesis is divided into two parts - teoretical and practical. The teoretical part deals with the form of the particular layer of language - either or written, with its explanation and general division of various german dialects as well as with its comparision to the literary language. Furthermore the thesis researches the history of Carpathian Germans and its association in Slovak Republic. At last but not least, it concentrates on the dialect spoken in the area of town Medzev. The core of practical part is composed of an interview with native speakers who have been living there and speaking the "Mantak" dialect until today.

at this address: https://is.muni.cz/th/428531/ff_b/

PDF can be downloaded from the link above (under "Plný text práce"), but I also included it as an attachment to this post.
The file is in German.

The dialect is spoken in the southern part of Zips. Lower right patch on this map: