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Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, 12:34 PM
I’d like to know, how do you try to convince other people of your/our political stances and ideologies?

I’m mostly speaking about convincing average people, who are only mildly sympathetic, indifferent or even hostile to our views.
As we all on here agree on the most important, basic points and only differ somewhat in concrete ideology, we experience “preaching to the choir” and attempts to convince each other of the only “true ideology” every day.

Some exemplary questions:

Where do you instigate discussions? Online, offline, private or in public?

With whom do you instigate them? Do you try to convince people only individually or also in groups?

What are your principal tactics?

How do you behave, how do you speak? Do you always tell the truth or do you sometimes lie?

What are your main arguments?

What sources - news or otherwise - do you point them to, for further information?

I’d like to ask anyone who feels like there’s either no way to convince people anymore or that this is for whatever reasons of no use, to simply refrain from posting.
We already have enough discussions on the preceding and this thread is only for those who actively try to convince people.

I’ve already tried to outline what I try to abide by personally in a post in a different thread (https://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?p=1205191#post1205191). I’ll quote the most pertinent passages:

The average people are at best indifferent to our fate and very survival as a people, culture and race, if not actively supporting the demise.
Blind admiration for our people therefore doesn't help us.

Talking to the latter kind of people is a waste of breath and time. If one encounters such individuals in a discussion and it gets to a point, where it’s obvious that the discussion leads to nothing, if possible, simply break off the discussion.

But for the former sympathetic or indifferent part of one’s people at least, there is still some hope.
What an individual nationalist, who holds himself above them in intellect and behaviour, can do for those of his people, at the least, is this:

Set an example, be a role model for them in anything you do. Not only in directly nationalist issues but also in a personal way. Be authentic and stay always true to the ideals you preach to others.
Be hard to yourself above anyone else. Behave moderately and morally correct in regards to general consume, drugs and the other gender.

Be healthy of mind and body. Work out and educate yourself over various subjects, for example history, politics, anthropology, sociology, natural sciences, rhetorics etc.

Try not to isolate yourself too much from the mainstream, ride the tiger even if it's hard. Don’t become the secluded “redneck Nazi” from next door but the odd one out most people perhaps don’t agree with but still have to hold in awe, for his intelligence and reasoning.

Be reasonable but determined in discussion, listen to opposing arguments but constantly refute them objectively.
Therefore prepare yourself with arguments, show the advantages of a homogenous society, explain the feats of your people and keep track of current oppression and crimes against it.

Don’t behave patronisingly, vulgar or loud. You want to convince others and people tend to react negatively to these behaviours and automatically block everything you say.
Mark your words and adapt somewhat to your discussion partner but don’t lie or even disown your ideals for no good purpose either.

Also factor into your behaviour and openness of speech, where you are and whom you speak to. Laws are hard on free speech nowadays and there is no point of going to prison over mere words. You’re of no use to your people behind bars over petty things.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, 12:57 PM
Appeal to people's emotions and their specific sense of moral judgement.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, 01:35 PM
I only agitate in my family with the way of logical arguments. My friends thinks the same as me. My sweet Greatgrandmoter told that "You can choose your friends, but the relatives are f***d for your life". The hardest one is my sweet sister who went to a school what is powered by the George Soros Foundation. Na, she is a heavy case.

Friday, February 24th, 2017, 01:47 AM
I used to be very active in a different manner and more subtle than I am now. I would give classes on being independent or self reliant to lower income white rural people. The idea was to either get them off government welfare or prevent them from going on it. In these classes I had some success and the whole idea was to try and make people proud of who they are and where they came from. Of course I could not be so open about racial ideas, but instead tried to plant the seed and let them figure things out for themselves.

For a short time I even had a online radio show on this very topic. I started to get a good sized listen group every Sunday morning. I decided to cancel the radio show because it was very hard to keep up doing the research for the show and make a living. Perhaps these pod cast are another outlet, but we must use subtle means or we will just end up preaching to the choir so to speak.

My personal belief is that we need to instill pride and awareness into our people. I know this sounds like a big task and against all the odds of modern media and those that wish to destroy us, but if we can wake up just a few at a time and they can wake up others our cause could become a great movement. In the military I was taught the basics of being a force multiplier, that is where a few troops can effectively train many others to gain support for a mission, it worked to some great extent at the time.

I suppose I should not say this, but today I lead a group of mostly young men at my day job. I speak to these young men about their lives and what is going on in the world. I give them examples both bad and good and explain why these things are happening. I know with a few I have made some success and also gained a lot of knowledge about these young early twenties men. To sum it up these young men, well at least the ones that I have made progress with want many of the basic things in life that most of do. They want children, a good wife and a good home. Most of them come from broken homes or s single mother, and yet they want those basic things. The problem I see is how they view the young women, bluntly put they view young women as whores and to a certain extent the young women are acting like whores. Pop culture tells these young men and women to behave very badly in sexual and relationship manners. It has ground things done to basic sexual instincts. One example is a trying to be decent young man that already has three beautiful blond haired blue eyed children and is now going through a divorce. His soon to be ex wife is very promiscuous and is now living with her lesbian lover. He in turn has given up on her and spends his free trying to "hook-up" with whatever cute girl gives him a look. When he first started working for me, he thought a certain negress rap singer was "hawt" though he never slept with a negroe woman. Since I have been having these small talks with him, he now knows negroe women of any shade are ugly and does not even think the same way he did. So, there is at least hope in that one. Further I have got him at least talking about women that are "wife material" as he puts it. It is these small successes that things can grow. Now if we can multiply those forces we will prevail in the long run.

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017, 04:27 AM
Convincing people of one's ideology? By being an able practical example in practising the tenets and doctrines of that ideology. People are swayed by example.

Thursday, June 1st, 2017, 08:04 AM
My experience is that it is difficult if not nearly impossible to convince anyone of something that contradict their original view on things. I believe that there are three ways towards convincing others so that they in time will believe the same things as you, but all three is based on the fact that your own stance is the truth.

Firstly: If you belong to an ideology/philosofical branch/religious denomination which you are open about, live as you teach, don't push your view on others but show others that your path is the one to happiness. Promote your view by showing others the fruit of your lifestyle, those that come to you seeking more info will already be open to your view and will (unless your oratory skills are very bad) be convinced by logic and reasoning.

Secondly: If your ideas are frowned upon by society at large or outright outlawed then a more subtle approach will work. Whenever people discuss things that is within your ideology try to steer the discourse by gentle prodding. Don't dominate by telling them how things are, but use questions and drop information that the mainstream media and politicians don't tell, but still is on record. Don't tell people the truth, help them discover it by themselves.

A couple of examples: Some of my acquaintances where talking about the "refugee" crisis and one said that people are idiots because there where only 300000 which had come to europa and that was not much to fuss about, i made him do a simple search to show him the numbers arriving to Germany alone and after that he was not as PC in his atitude anymore. Another time when talking about rapes and rape statistics and they sited the mainstream media and said that my fellow countrymen raped as much if not more than the newcomers. Again I pulled up the rape raport from the police itself about rapes, and who gets raped by who according to ethnicity and this melted away all opposition to my points. I did not tell people what to think I just geve gentle nudges and questions.

The third way of convincing people is perhaps the least effective, but it may work and is very entertaining when done right. This one I learned from Sokrates himself. First of all when discussing something, question your "opponent", get the person to really elaborate far and wide on his/her views/ideology. Since their position is faulty sooner or later they will reveal a logical fallacy, let them reveal a couple of those and then you turn the table and pounce. Use their own arguments, reasonings and points to unravel their own position. This way can backfire if you, yourself does not base your own view on the truth as it may easily reveal your own logical fallacies.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017, 09:35 AM
Convincing people of one's ideology? By being an able practical example in practising the tenets and doctrines of that ideology. People are swayed by example.

Any adherent of a particular philosophy or ideology wishing to convince others of the merit or worth of that philosophy or ideology, must be an exemplar in action in practising the tenets and doctrines of the philosophy or ideology concerned.