View Full Version : Islam saves Europe from blind Feminism

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004, 07:30 AM
Sorry to link to a crappy zionist, ABC run, pro new age, pro neo-pagan, pro anything that lacks all culture and morality and thus is "harmless" for the politically correct haters of Islam, but they have an interesting, although definitely not perfect, article there written by a real muslim about how Islamic women should treat their husbands, in various situations including that most Islamic place the bedroom, kinky enough to be interesting if you pay attention.


Watch out though and donīt let them steal your soul. This isnīt an anti-catholic anti-Islamic, Madonna worshiping zionist webpage for no reason.

I want to make it clear that I am not a racist, just a European muslim that believes Islam is the way out of our current situation and not racism, although you are free to mate only with white in Islam, we have got room for all tastes really, except politically correct coca cola crap telling girls to waste their life dancing half naked. I am not into conspiricy theories but itīs true that the letters on the Coca Cola bottle read backwards look exactly like "No Muhammad, no Mecca." Donīt feel so special and hated, itīs us that sit on top of the most wanted list and not you and there is nothing more hated by those people than Islam. They donīt care that much if you are a nazi or anything else of the kind, but their greatest wish is to destroy us. Alhumdulillah that day will never come.

Islam is feminist enough to be a religion that promoted womenīs rights in a way
that gave Middle Eastern women a life greatly enriched by it while their European sisters were left in the dark, but down to earth enough to be a force which preserves culture and the family and admits the natural difference between the sexes in an honest way, separate but equal. Donīt let all those other articles on that zionist page fool you.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004, 07:37 AM
See for yourselfs in the photos in this article how Coca Cola on the bottle look like "No Muhammad-No Mecca" in Arabic and read about how the capitalists that run the show for now are trying to destroy Islam. Some of it may be untrue but it IS TRUE about the letters of Coca Cola and what they would look like in Arabic and are we really sure there is no purpose behind that ? You are not the enemy here, itīs us they are after.