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Dr. Solar Wolff
Monday, February 20th, 2006, 05:43 AM
Until I can get to my sources here are some things:

UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich/UFO Geheimnes des dritten Reiches, video film, 1996-97, (recommended) Overview of the Black Sun.

UFOs Schlaegt Das dritte Reich Zurueck?, earlier film by the same folks as above, describes the Black Sun, Skadi member Filmhistoriker found it and it is available at: http://film-c.tk/

"Morning of the Magicians", Louis Pouwels, 1963, (recommended) the first book to address German alchemical experimentation (densification) using atomic physics

"Arktos, The Myth of the Pole in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival", Jocelyn Godwin, 1996, Jocelyn is willing to say anything to get published. Some general history which might be of value.

"Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity", Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke, 2003, another say-anything to get published kinda guy. Fair background.

Landig, Wilhelm "Goetzen gegen Thule", 1971, Volksturm Wilhelm Landig, Vienna, (recommended) Landig trys to explain esoteric Nazism.

Nowak, Karl, German Patent #905847, class 12g, group 1q1, Verfahren und Einrichtung zur Aenderung von Stoffeigenschaften oder Herstellung von stark expansionfaehigen Stoffen. March, 1954, (recommended) This patent deals with ways and means to densify matter. Explosives, propulsion systems, and super hard metals can be made using his methods. This was the forerunner to densification using atomic reactors. In the natural world, in a black hole, for instance, electrons and protons are fused into neutrons using densification in the form of gravity.


This is Prof. A. Zielinski explaining aether energy and why gravity is a push not a pull and in fact why aether energy is gravity. It also discusses gravity shielding or matter absorbtion of aether/gravity (recommended)

Gehring, Heiner and Karl-Heinz Zunneck, "Flugscheiben ueber Neuschwabenland die Wahrheit ueber "Vril', "Haunebu" und die Templar Erbengemeinschaft", Kopp Verlag, (recommended) Heiner Gehring got a peek into Wilhelm Landig's private archive and found evidence for these legendary topics of interest. The propulsion system for these craft may be similar to small black holes.

Van Helsing, Jan (aka Udo Holley), "Geheimgesellschaften und ihre Macht in 20.Jahrhundret" ( also available in English somewhere and on disc) This is/was a big underground hit in German speaking countries but Van Helsing simply repeats the words of Norbert-Juergen Ratthofer, his friend. The first of Van Helsing's books is the only one worth reading, maybe.

Peter Moon, "Black Sun", Moon got his information from Van Helsing who got it from Ratthofer so this is really the worst, craziest tales of Ratthofer in English mixed in with a little Montak-time travel.

Die Schwarze Sonne
Der zentrale Lichtpunkt, die schoepferische Kraft, ein Augenblick der Ewigkeit - ein immerwaehrender Prozess, der keinen Anfang und kein Ende zu haben scheint! (The central point of light, the creative power, an moment of eternity - an endless process, which seems to have no start and no end.) Great summary of the esoteric, historical, runic, history of the Black Sun (recommended)


Dr. Solar Wolff
Monday, April 10th, 2006, 04:38 AM
I finally visited my summer residence and got some more books.

When I first became interested in Vril energy the late and great Heiner Gehring recommended this book to me:

Nieper, Hans, A. MD., Conversion of Gravity Field Energy REVOLUTION in Technology, Medicine and Society, MIT Verlag, Oldenburg.

Also available in the original German language version:

Nieper, Hans, A., Revolution in Technik, Medizin, Gesellschaft

This book sells for about 30.00 US and as of a few years ago, MIT Verlag was still selling it in both versions. I got mine at a large library and photocopied it.

This book, according to Heiner and a German engineer friend, is the standard in the German speaking world for an understanding of aether/Vril energy and its relationship to gravity, space and the generation of aether energy. It also discusses medical applications. Dr. Nieper reviews, one by one, various "free energy devices" and explains how they work in the aether field. He is very patient and uses many examples so that eventually a light goes on the the reader's head and he just "understands". After that the reader could write the book. I have read it twice and am now reading it a third time. Each time new facts present themselves as the reader's understanding increases. This is applicable to the study of German Flugscheiben as well as to the study of the Black Sun. This is my favorite book on the subject.

Here is a link describing the German version and a way to purchase: