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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, 07:59 AM
Eastern Europe Comes into Focus

Eastern Europe is, as predicted in Nova Europa, rapidly coming to the fore as a bastion for the preservation of European civilization. For this, we can ironically thank western European liberals and Angela Merkel in particular, who, for reasons of their own, have decided to dramatically accelerate the nonwhite invasion of Europe. ...

The sudden mass invasion of Europe which started in 2015 when Merkel officially opened Germany’s doors has disturbed this frog in the boiling water scenario. Now, no longer is the water slowly heating up, but it is suddenly scalding.

Eastern Europe has reacted as one would expect all healthy life forms to react: with horror at the thought of being boiled alive, or, in real terms, being overrun by the Third World within a generation (as Germany seems intent on doing).

It is the Eastern European nations which have built the fences to keep out the invaders. ...

There can be little doubt that within the very near future Eastern Europe will take on the mantle of defender of European civilization, and, ultimately, the European heartland which will serve as a homeland and regeneration point for the European people.

Source (http://projectnovaeuropa.com/eastern-europe-comes-into-focus/)

It is true that the preliminary signs are good: some Eastern European nations have indeed stated officially that they will not engage in the indiscriminate admission of alien migrants to their lands. But the author overlooks two countervailing tendencies that are highly likely to mitigate Eastern European resolve in some cases.

First, there is the underlying problem of the EU and its massive, suicidal - one might say insane - push to force its client states to admit extraordinary numbers of alien migrants. A poor EU member country like Bulgaria may be forced to accept alien migrants as a condition for receiving the economic assistance necessary to raise its general standard of living. And it's even worse for a country like Serbia, still on the outside of the EU looking in, that may be forced, as a condition of entry, to become a virtual alien migrant dumping ground once it has groveled enough for finally waking up and defending (and losing) its southern border to ethnic Albanian migrants.

Second, the author fails to account for the fact that a number of Eastern European nations - for example, Bulgaria and Serbia, to name the two with which I am most familiar - are already overrun by alien migrants in the form of the Roma (gypsies, Zigeuner), who, like the blacks in the United States, dominate the entertainment industry and thus exert a disproportionate influence on the popular culture - an influence that will hardly support the formation and maintenance of Eastern Europe "as a homeland and regeneration point for the European people", as the author rather naively puts it.

Ironically, given its historical animus toward Germany and other Western European nations, it may be Russia that ultimately provides a limited sanctuary for preservationist Europeans. Largely as a result of weak U.S. foreign policy over the past decade coupled with EU chaos, Russia is expanding its influence almost everywhere and, once oil prices recover, will be in a strong position to exert even more global influence. There is a strong preservationist movement in Russia now, and it is not entirely antithetical to its counterparts in Western Europe. If European preservationists hoping to emigrate possess desirable intellectual skills and other valuable capital, Russia might be willing, even eager, to admit them on a selective basis.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, 08:06 AM
Western Europeans have already started migrating toward the eastern part of the continent in response to the nonwhite invasion, the Visegrád Post has revealed.

“Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life,” the newspaper said.

In an article titled “Is Hungary becoming an Eldorado for Westerners?” the Visegrád Post—a news source dedicated to providing unbiased news from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Balkans, said that “Central Europe will soon become an El Dorado for Westerners who want to live the European way of life.”

Referring to the fact that the central European nations have refused to commit collective racial suicide along with the western Europeans, the Visegrád Post pointed out that “for some time now, western and northern Europeans have chosen to migrate to Hungary.”

“Far from the image of underdeveloped country that some would like to give her, Hungary distinguishes herself in particular by her politics in favor of the people and the ambient climate of safety, which seduces western populations abandoned by their government,” the paper continued.

Increasing numbers of Germans, Belgians, French people, and others have already made the move, the paper says, adding that these people “have understood that after having spent their summers in crowded campsites near the Balaton lake, there are many who have made their favorite tourist destination their home.”

In Hungary, the paper adds, it is possible to buy a village house for €300 per square meter, “where one can enjoy a peaceful existence.”

It is also an area where it is possible to “create real communities” and where there is no solitude as long as the language does not frighten them.

“And if the real estate and everyday life prices are tempting for western Europeans, the ambient climate can be even more attractive.

“Hungary loves its European tradition and, contrary to what one can see in some other European countries, is proud of her identity and her culture.

“The inhabitants thrive there without being afraid of a terrorist attack, a norm that has become a dream,” the paper adds.

However, the article points out, in the near future, “Central Europe will have to intelligently manage these migrations,” because they do not wish to be overrun with the “cosmopolitan thinking” which dominates western Europe and which has had such “fatal effects.”

People who, the article says, chase “anything for a lifestyle where immediate pleasure is king and the future insignificant,” will have to be kept out.


North Vinlander
Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, 09:00 AM
Maybe racialists who want to flee from the Americas could establish isolated English-speaking communities in Russia.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, 09:28 AM
What Eastern Europe offers Western Europeans is not so much a physical sanctuary for us to escape the problems we have created in our own countries. Moving there won't help much. First of all, they will not allow mass migration from the West either. Second, there would simply be too many people (only small communities could thrive in Russia perhaps, but that's not a real solution). And third, we would take with us the same attitude that caused our downfall in our own homelands.

I rather consider Eastern Europe a political and ideological sanctuary. It's a fact that the only opposition to mass migration and decadence that actually has some power exists in the East. And we need this power. Especially in the European Union where every decision we would be willing to make is claimed to be 'impossible' because of the supernational structures we are embedded in. We need partners in our struggle. And of course our struggle will be our own, because our situation is different. And we can only win if we regain our souvereignty. But it is Eastern Europe where a prime minister can call for an 'illiberal democracy'. It is Eastern Europe where governments actually state that governments should protect the identity of their people. This creates opportunities for us. For example, Austria's presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has already suggested that Austria should be part of the Visegrad countries. That would be a huge ideological blow for the European Union and its commission.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, 03:49 AM
Here's why the East is following:

Here we go again – EU will legally force Eastern Europe to take immigrants if they don’t

Antonio Guterres, the head of the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has told Europe it should be taking in “massive” amounts of so-called “refugees”.

“A massive resettlement programme needs to be put in place for Syrians, but I would expect also for refugees in general”

“And when I mean massive, I mean hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people, not just what has been discussed until now in relation to resettlement.”

Since about Summer 2015, the EU Diversity dictators have turned their eyes towards Eastern Europe, and are trying to send immigrants there.

German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said that if Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and Eastern European countries do not agree to take asylum seekers, the European Union will legally force them to.

“If there is no other way, the issue will have to be resolved by legal action,” said Steinmeier.

German Chancellery chief, Peter Altmaier, said “Our befriended neighbors in eastern Europe will soon have to recognize that every modern country that wants to prevail amid globalization cannot ignore migration,”

Viktor Orban has fought back at the EU’s demands, and said “We have the suspicion that in Europe secretly or behind-the-scene [migrant] voters are being imported”

Immigrants tend to vote for open border parties, and while it’s certainly true that mass immigration benefits open border parties, there is another reason.

Notice how no one ever demands open borders, “diversity”, or “refugee resettlement” of any non-White country?

Politicians at the very top of the European, Australian, Canadian, and American political systems are far more interested in eliminating majority White countries with their “diversity” agenda.

Eastern Europe has so far escaped their agenda, and that’s why people are demanding things of them.

What this “diversity” really is, is White genocide because they are deliberately trying to get rid of us. That fits the legal definition of genocide exactly – and there’s nothing they can say otherwise.


Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, 08:44 AM
The problems facing us are interconnected. Eastern Europe is not the solution, because most of it has already been absorbed into the EU and much of Eastern Europe is already being run and controlled by the same Globalists and ZOG who are poisoning Western Europe.

This just isn't all that apparent to the average observer, because the Multikult processes in Eastern Europe started long after they were launched in Western Europe, and it takes some years to hook the populations on the Kool Aid and to poison the minds of the youth until they have sufficient numbers to dance to ZOG's tune.

The only real solution for countries is

- to leave, and destroy the European Union
- to destroy the ZOG Banking, Media and Brainwashing (Education) Systems
- to throw NATO and the ZOG USA out of Europe, which it is militarily occupying and destroying through its jew & nignog cultural degeneracy and endless global wars which are responsible for the immigrant waves hitting Europe today
- to remove the current crop of corrupt political leaders, clergy, "humanitarians", banksters, nobility and elites who are all engaged in the destruction of Europe.

All this needs to be done not only to salvage Western Europe but to salvage Eastern Europe as well.

Eastern Europe is doomed for as long as it remains chained up in the USA & Globalist occupied and controlled EU.

Running away to Eastern Europe buys a little bit of time, a few decades maybe, nothing more.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016, 08:50 AM
Notice how no one ever demands open borders, “diversity”, or “refugee resettlement” of any non-White country?

The real acid test for these kinds of arguments is always to compare them to what Israel and its supporters would demand for themselves.

If the friends of Israel don't insist on nor follow a policy that is demanded of a European country, it is usually clear that the policy forms part of a war of genocide and destruction against European Civilisation.