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Thursday, July 14th, 2016, 07:12 PM
The best bodypainting artists in the world have assembled in a sleepy little lakeside town in Vienna, turning it into a vibrant and colourful campus with human artwork. (The Local)


http://gallery.wb-production.com/var/resizes/World-Bodypainting-Festival/WBF-2016/WBF-Main-Days/Saturday-%7C-Samstag/Photo-Area/Photo%20Karsten%20Skrabal%20%285%29.jpg? m=1467537412



http://gallery.wb-production.com/var/resizes/World-Bodypainting-Festival/WBF-2016/WBF-Main-Days/Saturday-%7C-Samstag/Photo-Area/Photo%20by%20Iva%20Janezashvili%20%2831% 29.jpg?m=1467550826

http://gallery.wb-production.com/var/resizes/World-Bodypainting-Festival/WBF-2016/WBF-Main-Days/Saturday-%7C-Samstag/Photo-Area/Photo%20Karsten%20Skrabal%20%282%29.jpg? m=1467537399

http://gallery.wb-production.com/var/resizes/World-Bodypainting-Festival/WBF-2016/WBF-Main-Days/Sunday-%7C-Sonntag/Photo-Area/Photo%20Daniel%20Janesch%2019.jpg?m=1467 642006

http://gallery.wb-production.com/var/resizes/World-Bodypainting-Festival/WBF-2016/WBF-Main-Days/Saturday-%7C-Samstag/Photo-Area/Photo%20by%20Iva%20Janezashvili%20%2834% 29.jpg?m=1467550831

More here: http://gallery.wb-production.com/World-Bodypainting-Festival/WBF-2016

Some seem to prefer nature and fantasy themes while others tend to be more modernistic. What is your view of this bodypainting?

The Horned God
Thursday, July 14th, 2016, 11:29 PM
I don't like "1" or "4" at all. They distort the natural shape of the body too much and make the models look ugly and deformed. "2" and "5" are not much better.

I don't much want to look at a woman with her face painted to resemble a de-fleshed skull or to make it look like her face has been pealed open to reveal a ...parrot?? It's just weirdness for the sake of weirdness.

3,6,7 and 8 are ok I suppose. If I had to choose one I'd give my vote to 3. The form and symmetry of the models body has been retained and she's striking a nice pose.