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Thursday, July 7th, 2016, 04:38 PM
Hello, I'm a new member. I am wondering if I'm Germanic enough to get accepted on this forum? I'm half Polish and half Silesian with mixed German/Polish/Silesian ancestry on my Silesian side. My surname shows this as it is 'Bernatowicz' which means 'son of Bernat', Bernat being the Silesian form of Bernhard.


Hauke Haien
Friday, July 8th, 2016, 01:40 PM
From your description it would seem that you are predominantly non-Germanic and although Skadi Forum retains some older non-Germanic members, there has been a moratorium on new arrivals in order to maintain Skadi Forum as a board for people of Germanic heritage. I do not know what the current policy is.

We do know that Prussia had several national minorities bound together by loyalty to the Crown of Prussia and often deeply hostile to the surrounding powers such as Poland or Russia or later Lithuania. The West Slavic Masurians in the south of East Prussia, for example, were some of the most aggressive advocates against Polish expansionism during the interwar era, which is understandable given that they originated as Protestants from Masovia constantly harassed by Catholic Poles.

Whatever your personal attitudes, I think it would turn out to be quite awkward to have you around. Both for yourself, since you are expected not to focus on your non-Germanic heritage in the things you write and might easily trip up and get yourself banned, and also for other members who don't expect to be confronted with the national minorities of other Germanic countries when they come here. I can understand that Norwegians and Swedes occupying some of the same land with Sami people have become accustomed to having them around, but I personally would not like to meet Sami or Finnish people on Skadi Forum.

Perhaps you would be better off joining a German nationalist or specifically Silesian forum that covers the topics you are interested in.

Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 06:31 AM
One's ethno-cultural belonging does not depend only on ancestry, but also partially on cultural factors, as well as one's loyality, or 'political' affiliation.

That's why the Third Reich had setup a very sophisticated rating system to sort out the 'germanizeable' people (https://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=151139) among the populations of the East. Their criteria were a mix of ancestry, racial features and political loyalty.

So if your allegiance is to 'Gro▀deutschland' I"m all for it :thumbup

The NS experts put a whole lot of research into these things, which is still unparalleled until today. They even aryanized half-Jewish Nobel Prize researcher Otto Warburg (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Heinrich_Warburg), because of 3 factors: his usefulness, his loyalty, his acceptable racial features.

However today's racists are quite limited in their outlook and to compensate, they obsess about the 'ancestry' factor, at which the NS experts would have shrugged. This leads to rejecting perfectly valuable people, while accepting any idiot because he's got the right pedigree.

Most racists of today live in some kind of 'racial communism' mentality, where as long as you have the right ancestry, you are supposed to be desirable, no matter your personal defects, while real valuable people can be systematically rejected because of some drops of 'foreign blood'.

Hauke Haien
Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 03:55 PM
You are confusing the real world with an internet forum, perhaps because you did not read the original question closely enough.

Skadi Forum is a board for people of Germanic heritage. There are at least 6 million boards dedicated to NS. There are plenty of social clubs for the intellectually gifted with an assortment of IQ tresholds. Skadi Forum is not one of them. Skadi Forum is a board for people of Germanic heritage. Changing that fact because you do not like some Germanic people will only succeed in destroying what makes Skadi unique and valuable without creating anything of importance in its place.

But there is nothing stopping you from creating another forum and implementing the principles of the Volksliste there. If you had read Hitler, you would know that it is impossible to Germanise anyone. What can and will be Germanised is only ever the land, by increasing its content of German people until it is their exclusive domain and comes to be known as Deutschland. Just like, in reverse, Germany is being de-Germanised today. That is why there cannot be any prior compromise in fostering an insatiable instinct for exclusion, expulsion and obliteration.

The Volksliste was a pragmatic response to the practical need to deal with newly acquired millions. Skadi Forum is an online tree house without any practical needs beyond facilitating online communication. There will be many foul real-world compromises in the times to come. They should not start in this refuge for all that is good and pure.

It is not like we have not encountered this problem before. It ends predictably. A predominantly non-Germanic member gets self-conscious about his non-Germanic heritage because of the general culture on this board. Defending his non-Germanic heritage becomes his focus in his contributions to the exclusion of everything else and he starts disparaging Germanic ethnic groups in order to make himself seem okay in comparison.

Bernatowicz already had the chance to surprise and overwhelm us with wonderful contributions. This is what he chose to write:

My grandfather was a Silesian (Volksdeutsche) but his wife was Belarusian. This meant that that they were treated better than non-Germans and the Germans came through the village without hurting my family, peacefully. Pretty interesting, I don't think that everyone is purely anything. Pretty sure most East Germans have Slavic ancestors, just saying.

Note that this does not represent a demand to continue the Germanisation of Middle Germany and of the eastern territories now under Polish control. It is a demand to be treated nicely, by us.

I am not going to decide on his fate and do not want to, although I am confident that he will condemn himself somewhere down the line. But I sense that there is a more generalised uncertainty about this question and there is some value in talking about it without paying too much attention to this specific case.

Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 07:00 PM
If you had read Hitler, you would know that it is impossible to Germanise anyone.
So why did the National Socialists, during the war, kidnap 1000s of Polish children and bring them to Germany in order to be Germanicised?

Not to mention the fact many Germans are "Germanicised" - especially in former East Germany where many people have Slavic surnames from the time when the area across the Oder was settled by Slavs, and in Austria.

As for Bernatowicz - it's the mod's decision, it would seem he identifies with the Silesian half. If he has some interesting things to contribute about Silesia and so on I don't have much of a probem.

Hauke Haien
Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 10:32 PM

They want a common language not only because they hope that thereby the State will be furnished with a solid basis for the extension of its power beyond its frontiers, but also because they think - though falling into a fundamental error by so doing - that such a common language would facilitate the carrying out of a definite process of nationalisation.

During the last century it was lamentable for those who had to witness it, to notice how in these circles I have just mentioned the word 'Germanisation' was frivolously played with, though often with the very best of intentions.

I well remember how, in the days of my youth, this very term used to give rise to notions which were false to an incredible degree. Even in Pan-German circles one heard the opinion expressed that the Austrian Germans might very well succeed in Germanising the Austrian Slavs, if only the government were ready to co-operate. Those people did not understand that a policy of Germanisation can be carried out only as regard territory and not as regards human beings.

What was generally understood by this term was the enforced adoption of the German language, but it is almost inconceivable that people should imagine that a Negro or a Chinaman, for example, can become German simply by learning the German language, by being willing to speak it for the rest of their lives and even to vote in favour of some German political party.

Our bourgeois nationalists could never clearly see that such a process of Germanisation is in reality de-Germanisation, for even if all the outstanding and, visible differences between the various peoples could be bridged over and finally eliminated by the use of a common language, this would give rise to a process of bastardisation which in this case would not signify Germanisation, but the annihilation of the German element.

In the course of history it has happened only too often that a conquering race succeeded by force in compelling the poeple whom they had subjected to speak their tongue, with the result that after a thousand years their language was spoken by another people and thus the conqueror finally turned out to be the conquered.

What makes a people or, to be more correct, a race, is not language but blood. It would therefore be justifiable to speak of Germanisation only if that process could change the blood of the people who were subjected to it, which is obviously impossible.

A change would be possible only by a mixture of blood, but in this case the quality of the superior race would be debased. The final result of such a mixture would be that precisely those qualities were destroyed which had enabled the conquering race to achieve victory over an inferior people.

It is especially cultural creative ability which disappears when a superior race intermixes with an inferior one, even though all the resultant mongrel race speaks the language of the race that had once been superior.

For a certain time there will be a conflict between the different mentalities and it may be that a nation which is in a state of progressive degeneration will at the last moment rally its cultural creative powers and once again produce striking cultural masterpieces.

These are, however, produced only by individuals belonging to the superior race or by hybrids of the first crossing, in whom the superior blood has remained dominant and seeks to assert itself, but never by the last descendants of such hybrids.

These are always in a state of cultural retrogression. We must consider it fortunate that a Germanisation of Austria according to the plan of Joseph II did not succeed.

Probably the result would have been that the Austrian State would have survived, but at the same time the use of a common language would have debased the racial quality of the German element.

In the course of centuries a certain herd instinct might have been developed, but the herd itself would have deteriorated in quality. It is possible that a constitutional State would have been established, but a culturally creative people would have been lost to the world.

For the German nation it was better that this process of intermixture did not take place, although it was not renounced for any high-minded reasons, but simply through the short-sighted pettiness of the Habsburgs.

If it had taken place, the German people could now scarcely be looked upon as a cultural factor.

Not only in Austria, however, but also in Germany, these so-called national circles were, and still are, under the influence of similar erroneous ideas.

The much favoured policy with regard to Poland which provided for the Germanisation of the eastern provinces was, unfortunately, practically always based on the same false reasoning.

Here again it was believed that the Polish people could be Germanised by being compelled to use the German language. The result would have been fatal, for people of an alien race by expressing their alien ideas in the German language would have debased the dignity and nobility of our nation by their own inferiority.

It is revolting to think how much damage is indirectly done to German prestige to-day owing to the fact that the German patois of Jews entering the United States enables them to be classed as Germans, because of the ignorance of Americans with regard to things German. Here nobody would dream of accepting the fact that these lousy emigrants from the East generally speak German as proof of their German origin and nationality. What has been beneficially Germanised in the course of history was the land which our ancestors conquered with the sword and colonised with German tillers of the soil.

Inasmuch as they introduced foreign blood into our national body in carrying out this colonisation, they helped to bring about the lamentable disintegration of our racial character, a process which has resulted in our German hyper-individualism, though this latter characteristic is, unfortunately, frequently praised even now.
Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition), p. 435-438

Even in the size of our population we lagged behind, and kept on losing ground. Since the courage of our people is unsurpassed by that of any other in the world and their sacrifice in defence of their existence greater than that of any other nation, their failure can be ascribed only to the false way in which this sacrifice was used.

If, in this connection, we examine the chain of political vicissitudes through which our people have passed during more than a thousand years, recalling the innumerable struggles and wars and investigating the results as we have them before us to-day, we must confess that from the sea of blood only three phenomena have emerged which we can consider as the lasting fruits of a definite foreign policy, or in fact of a policy at all.

These were, firstly, the colonization of the Ostmark, which was mainly the work of the Bavarian secondly, the conquest and settlement of the territory east of the Elbe; and thirdly, the organisation of the Brandenburg-Prussian State, which was the work of the Hohenzollerns and which became the model for, and the nucleus of, a new Reich. An instructive lesson for the future!
Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition), p. 729

Hitler is of course not the final authority on all things right and wrong. That would be our tradition, the custom of the ancestors, and he does not judge them, he is judged by them. It is important, though, to confront self-described Nationalsocialists with the sense of revulsion coming from his words, a feeling that I share in the depths of my soul.

Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 10:34 PM
So why did the National Socialists, during the war, kidnap 1000s of Polish children and bring them to Germany in order to be Germanicised?

Not to mention the fact many Germans are "Germanicised" - especially in former East Germany where many people have Slavic surnames from the time when the area across the Oder was settled by Slavs, and in Austria.

As for Bernatowicz - it's the mod's decision, it would seem he identifies with the Silesian half. If he has some interesting things to contribute about Silesia and so on I don't have much of a probem.

Thank you, I'm only stating facts. There is no need to get offended, like I said, not everybody is a perfect 'Germanic' as many people on this forum expect, its totally normal to bring out your non-Germanic blood when it comes to certain things, but have I said that I was Belarusian? No. Do I identify with my Belarusian blood? Absolutely not. Heck. Last I checked, I am of distant Czech descent on my mother's side, doesn't mean that I'm Czech. I identify strongly with both my Polish and Silesian blood, but I accept the flaws of both minorities, such as the bad treatment of Germans pre and post WW2. I also accept the fact that both many Poles slaughtered Ethnic Germans and many Ethnic Germans (Silesians included) also killed their Polish neighbours.

Sunday, July 10th, 2016, 02:37 AM
As far as I am concerned, there are two differing situations to be considered: One is the issue of the member in question being of majority non-Germanic description, the other is the issue of the member being reportedly pro-Germanic (if only provable by his own admission) mixed with the fact that we have thus far not had much input about the situation in Lower Silesia.

Typically, we do not answer such 'profiling questions' as to whether person XY is Germanic enough and deal with such things internally, and such threads are typically closed summary procedure. This is precisely to prevent situations where someone might feel personally offended about the treatment of their very own ancestral situation, and to not openly carry out the issue that some of these decisions will be unpopular, potentially with the member in question, potentially with associates such a member might have gained by the time it is ascertained the non-Germanic portion of their ancestry is too great an influence, whether by design or by outlook.

As such I will close this thread and we will seek to confer about this situation. Dear Bernatowicz, do not feel offended that I cannot at this point in time guarantee you that you'll be issued a 'wild-card' for participation. We will let you know in given time. :thumbup