View Full Version : Triple Murder in Alsace: the Perpetrator Couldn't Stand His Life in Alsace Anymore

Thursday, July 5th, 2012, 07:04 PM
A man killed 3 people yesterday (among a lockkeepers family) in Illfurth, Southern Alsace. Reasons for this action are now being known (translated by Google Translate, corrected some mistakes by myself) :

Triple murder perpetrator couldn't stand his life in Alsace anymore

STRASBOURG (Reuters) - The man who killed his wife, his step-sister and the husband of the latter, on Wednesday in a lock house in Illfurth (Haut-Rhin), could not stand his new family life in Alsace, according to the explanations he gave to police.

Born in the Eure (a French department in the Normandy region) and married a first time in Brittany, this 32 year old man had resettled in Mulhouse where he was working as a newsboy.

"He said he could not stand his life in Alsace with his new wife's family and his new wife," told Reuters captain Cyrille Cardona, commander of the gendarmerie company in Altkirch.

"He went apeshit" summed up the military.

The murderer and his wife had visited the home Tuesday night as they had to replace the lock keepers for the holidays.

At daybreak, the man put a bullet of .22 rifle in his wife's head, his brother and his step-sister. The first two died, the latter is now declared being "clinically dead". Both couples had two children each.

The shooter must be presented Friday to the court of Mulhouse and indicted for murder.

Source in French (http://fr.reuters.com/article/topNews/idFRPAE8640DH20120705)

This is (by far) not the first story I hear about French people turning crazy in Alsace. When will they understand we don't have the same mentality ? When will they understand we don't have the same values in friendship and work ? When will they understand we don't want them in our lands ?

They're not happy enough with having nearly killed us culturally ? Do they need to remove us physically as well ? :|

Sunday, July 8th, 2012, 03:42 PM
Well, i think we should not make a generalization out of such an extrem event to explain the much more diffuse and complex phenomenom that is the interaction between slightly different cultures. There are madmen in every population and this man was probably mentally ill even before his move to Alsace. Maybe the different habits he had to get used to worsened his mental condition, but this could have been the same in another region.

Nevertheless, I do agree that a lot of French people who temporarily or permanently move to Alsace experience difficulties to integrate, to get along with the righteous German influenced mentality of most Alsatians. This is especially true with southern French people, closer to Romane culture.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Alsace is one of the most right-winged oriented region of France, with the exception of larger cities which house more non-Alsatians, liberals, students and more immigrate people (universal phenomenon, as you know).