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Friday, July 16th, 2004, 05:10 PM
What is Juniper?

Scientific and medicinal info

Juniper is an evergreen bush, that bears small green berries that turn blue when ripe. It's a common shrub in the northern regions of the world. The juice or oil from the ripe berries is sometimes used as a flavouring in England, and juniper is a common flavouring for gin. The oil is sometimes used medicinally to help cure excess stomach gas and other digestive ailments.

Also Known As....

Other names

Latin: Juniperus communis
Common Names: geneva, gin berry, ginepro

Magickal Properties

Using juniper in rituals

For most magikcal purposes, the berries are the typical part of the plant used. Though you can make a cleansing incense from the herbal parts as well. The berries also have cleansing or purifying properties, and can protect from negative energy. You can also use juniper berries to help you attract a mate. When used for love, the dried berries are often strung together to make a charm. Juniper is one of the ingredients in the Fire of Azrael incense, used for divination (along with cedar and sandalwood). Fire of Azrael is decribed by Dion Fortune in "The Sea Priestess". No juniper to be had? You can use pine instead.

More Correspondences:

Other properties

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Associated Deities: Astarte

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