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Saturday, December 10th, 2011, 06:12 AM
Some of you may have noticed that I have both Religion and Politics set to: None.

Well, there’s a very good reason for that.

Agree or disagree, that’s your right.

I realize that this isn’t going to be popular with some people. But if you are one of those folks that tend to be offended by frank discussion of these matters, then please click the ‘back’ button and go no further. By reading further you agree to put on the big boy or big girl undies, and not complain about being ‘offended’. Agreed?

Egrestu’s Defininitions:

Religion: Laughable control mechanism designed to keep you in a certain paradigm.

Now, I don’t really care whether religions were part of our forebears or not. They weren’t any more or less immune to BS than the rest of us. Their priest or church said jump, they said “how high, oh lord”. I’d rather just discard such a thing entirely. Religion is the opposite of freedom. It’s spiritual tyranny. “Thy will over my will.” “What is thy will oh lord?” Screw what the invisible deity thinks. They’ve had tens of thousands of years, and seem to be doing a bang up job, eh? /facepalm.

Religion is defined as a system of organized belief.

What I believe is neither organized nor systemized, but rather changes (sometimes by the minute) based upon the facts that I am exposed to and is constantly evolving. As I learn, things that I ‘believe’ are either altered or discarded. I do not have a religion. I have an exposure to facts, that alters my behavior based upon truths that I uncover.

But no worries. You have a right to believe whatever fairy tale you want, with no flak from me. Just don’t expect me to believe in your favorite invisible friend, whilst you laugh at such things as extra terrestrial life as being ‘fantasy’ or ‘conspiracy theory’. ;)

An invisible man creates the world with a ‘let there be light’, and a magical flourish. This, is somehow believable to millions.

But that we could be a genetically engineered race designed by someone who’s technology is merely greater than ours is. Ooooooooooooookay then…

We can clone sheep, and even people now! But somehow a greater, more technologically advanced progenitor race is some how ‘far fetched.’ It was in the news yesterday that we have the full ability to clone the wooly mammoth, and the article was asking whether or not we ‘should’, not whether or not we ‘could’.

So, it’s all good. You have your belief or system of belief, and if you want to believe these things, as ol TJ said, (paraphrased) it doesn’t pick my pocket nor break my arm for you to believe in one god or ten gods. You want to believe in the pantheon of your ancestors, then have at it. But do note, that it didn’t seem to do them much good… in the end, Christianity still conquered them. The king is dead, long live the king!

To all my brothers and sisters who still believe in such things, I still love you. Even if I think you’re a bit, well… silly. ;) I’m confident you’ll finally grow out of it sometime or another. Which may seem insulting, but it’s not intended that way. As someone told me when I was a church going teenager… “No worries, you’re just going through a phase. You’ll either grow out of it or you won’t. Either way, it’s your journey to make, not mine.”

I’ve found throughout my life, that people who claim a religion go out of their way to be ‘offended’ by someone who thinks otherwise, and feels they need to come to the defense of their ‘gods’. Why is that? Seriously, if God, or Odin, or anyone else exists… I think they can handle things their own, without your help. And if not, then they surely aren’t worth worshipping, are they?

Politics: Poly = many. Tics = blood sucking parasites.

Also designed to keep you occupied worrying about what the right hand is doing, whilst the left hand is robbing you blind. Other than truly independent candidates, which get zero real airtime, it’s just different facets of the same team. And you aren’t part of it. Think WWF wrestling, and you’re probably pretty close.

It’s amazing to me how many people consider themselves forward thinkers, who are just in a little bit of a LARGER box than their contemporaries. Mostly of their own making.

It’s just incredible how people can be so absolutely SPOT ON, on certain things, such as preservation of their race, yet so utterly, and outright unknowledgeable about… well… almost everything else. It’s baffling, really. And a bit scary.

Is this the future? I certainly hope not. Or we’re all buggered before we’ve even started.

Unless and until our peoples can grow up intellectually and start thinking dynamically, it’s all over. And the fat lady doesn’t even have to sing.

But I’m curious… Do people’s minds just shut off, once they reach a certain limit? Is it the imposition of false rules and limitations that prevent people from thinking outside their comfort zone, or to so easily dismiss things that they know absolutely NOTHING about, as either BS, or ‘Conspiracy Theory’. (Which, by the way, is an oft-touted term that most people don’t even know the real meaning of.)

For those that use that term, I could in very short order, show you the truth and facts behind some things that you probably think are ‘Conspiracy Theories’. But most likely your mind is already made up. The way is shut. It is held by those who treasure their boxes. The way is shut.

For anyone truly interested, may I suggest you Google ‘Operation Northwoods’ for starters and then we’ll talk about the difference between conspiracy fact and ‘Conspiracy Theory’. ;) People just seem to bandy that term around as a buzzword far too often for my taste, and for the most part, have no idea what the heck it even means. I guess when you grow up watching and believing the mainstream media, it takes a heavy toll. Time to start thinking outside the box, folks. No your govt isn’t there to help you, and no towers don’t fall at freefall speeds of their own accord in violation of the laws of physics. But enough of that.

I think both Religion and Politics can be summed up very nicely by this short 2 minute+ video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQKJSdYeXsg

But in the end, each will believe what they want. So… meh… whatever.

Truthfully, I’m not here to discuss either politics, or religion., (or ‘Conspiracy Theories’) There’s plenty of other sites dedicated to such things.

I’ve just been amazed at how many folks who consider themselves to be enlightened, are very much the same as most of the other people I’ve met in almost all aspects, with the exception of being adamant on a few certain issues that are of key importance to them. I guess I just expected people who were racially aware to be more ‘awake’ than the rest of the populace. That’s nothing against anyone here, it’s just my own preconceptions, which I simply need to reorder.

I guess I just need to accept that places, and people are more ‘specialised’ than I’d anticipated, and go from there.

I think this is a great and fantastic forum by the way. But I just need to concentrate on a much more narrow spectrum I think, than what I am usually accustomed to, in order to avoid being labeled as such and such or so and so, be it the ever ubiquitous 'troll' or even worse... a 'Conspiracy Theorist' *gasps* ;)

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011, 09:45 PM
I appreciate and can respect your thoughts and ideals. You pointed out what you thought without attacking anyone's religious beliefs. I can agree with some of your points, Religion and Politics has always existed to control the masses.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011, 10:32 PM
If you ask yourself the question of "what is religion", "or what is politics", and the conclusion you come to is "a control mechanism", then you have misunderstood both religion and politics.

Both can be - but are both always and only?

Karpaten Befreier
Tuesday, December 13th, 2011, 10:34 PM
I wonder how you expect someone to respect your beliefs if you say quite openly that ours are bogus. "Invisible man"? If you haven't notived, you're aliens are preety much invisible men as well. Just saying.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011, 11:36 PM
Well of course you are right on many aspects. However, you have to look at things from someone elses perspective too. Like the fact that I identify with heathenry, not because I think Odin chopped up a giant and made the universe in reality, not because I think that Thor flies through the air pulled by goat literally, but I identify because the stories are germanic, my kids enjoy them, and it will suffice for the real explaination for now, because I am not going to have an indepth conversation with my 6 and 4 year olds about life reflection and wavelengths attributing to coloration of the sky. I also am not going to have a reasonable logical lecturing session to my children about why they shouldn't steal and why they should be hospitable, so the old stories teach these virtues, and the understand the meaning better than having a philosophical discussion about morality. I proclaim to be a heathen because I do hold my ancestors in high regards. They did forge the way forward, even if the last few generations have let me down, or miscalculated. So I understand your views, but I also must ask you, do not consider us all blind ignorant sheep because we enjoy the stories of our forefathers to teach us life lessons. Whether christian or heathen, we may have our own reasons for adhering to a belief system, that does not make us stupid. I am sure you understand what I am getting at here., thanks for the thread.