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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011, 12:33 AM
I found this on a different website and I wanted to share it with everyone, so feel free to post your views and insights on this.


The father of Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung posited the theory of the Collective Unconscious. This is a level of the Unconscious beyond the Personal Unconscious or Subconscious which is shared by a society with a shared ancestry. It is a reservoir of the experiences, beliefs and thoughts of our ancestors over many millenia.

Jung discovered its existence from the analysis of his patients` dreams. Frequently his patients were able to recall information from their dreams which they had no conscious recollection of or access to and he found that much of the symbolism contained within his patients` dreams had a consistent and shared quality, specific to that race or folk.

One can read the beginnings of the formulation of his theory and examples of his research within his early and seminal work, Psycology of the Unconscious, published in 1916. This work marked a departure from the work and theories of the jewish founder of Psychological Analysis Sigmund Freud.

Within this groundbreaking work Jung explores not only dreams but mythology with an emphasis on Aryan mythology. Whether consciously or not Jung was beginning to create a new branch of psychology, a distinctly Aryan one which had almost messianic and Aryan undertones.

Jung goes beyond Freud`s narrow sexual interpretation of the Libido or life impulse and transforms it into an Aryan hero, a sun hero who is seeking to escape his narrow confines as it experiences a series of adventures.
The Collective Unconscious is further discussed and defined in Jung`s The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.

Two groundbreaking and controversial books by Richard Noll, The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung and The Jung Cult: Origins of a Charismatic Movement expose for the first time Jung`s folkish and Aryan belief system.

If it is true that we can access the shared racial memory of our ancestors via dreams and trance states then nothing is truly ever lost despite the destruction and havoc that was caused to our ancient Aryan spiritual lore and paths by the forces of christendom over the centuries. Everything is waiting to be rediscovered.

I believe that it was this very same Collective Unconscious that Aryan mystics such as the Austrian Guido von List [1848-1919] was able to access during his period of blindness which lasted 11 months after a cataract operation carried out in 1902. During this time he received visions as his "inner eye" was opened and he received the Armanen runic futhorc.

In the same way the God Odin/Woden/Wotan received the runes as related in the Norse Havamal.


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This is a post I made on some other forum a very long time ago..

For a while now I've had a notion that mythology does things with us along these lines..

In a nutshell..there are IRM's that respond to sign stimuli..

Students of animal behavior have coined the term "innate releasing
mechanism" (IRM) to designate the inherited structure
in the nervous system that enables an animal to respond thus to
a circumstance never experienced before, and the factor triggering
the response they term a "sign stimulus" or "releaser." It is obvious
that the living entity responding to such a sign cannot be
said to be the individual, since the individual has had no knowledge of the object to which it is reacting. The recognizing
and responding subject is, rather, some sort of trans- or superindividual,
inhabiting and moving the living creature.

Primitive Mythology, Pages 30-31

Chicks with their eggshells still adhering to their tails dart for
cover when a hawk flies overhead, but not when the bird is a gull
or duck, heron or pigeon. Furthermore, if the wooden model of a
hawk is drawn over their coop on a wire, they react as though
it were alive unless it be drawn backward, when there is no response.
Here we have an extremely precise image never seen before,
yet recognized with reference not merely to its form but to its
form in motion, and linked, furthermore, to an immediate, unplanned,
unlearned, and even unintended system of appropriate
action: flight, to cover. The image of the inherited enemy is already
sleeping in the nervous system, and along with it the wellproven
reaction. Furthermore, even if all the hawks in the world
were to vanish, their image would still sleep in the soul of the
chick never to be roused, however, unless by some accident of
art; for example, a repetition of the clever experiment of the
wooden hawk on a wire. With that (for a certain number of generations,
at any rate) the obsolete reaction of the flight to cover would
recur; and, unless we knew about the earlier danger of hawks to
chicks, we should find the sudden eruption difficult to explain.
"Whence," we might ask, "this abrupt seizure by an image to
which there is no counterpart in the chicken's world? Living gulls
and ducks, herons and pigeons, leave it cold; but the work of art
strikes some very deep chord!"

Primitive Mythology, Page 31

Then there is Supernormal Sign Stimuli which is beyond regular sign stimuli..

It was found, for instance, that the male of a certain butterfly
known as the grayling (Eumenis semele), which assumes the initiative
in mating by pursuing a passing female in flight, generally
prefers females of darker hue to those of lighter and to such a
degree that if a model of even darker hue than anything known in
nature is presented, the sexually motivated male will pursue it in
preference even to the darkest female of the species.
"Here we find," writes Professor Portmann, in comment, "an
'inclination' that is not satisfied in nature, but which perhaps, one
day, if inheritable darker mutations should appear, would play a
role in the selection of mating partners. Who knows whether such
anticipations of particular sign stimuli may not play their part in
the support and furthering of new variants, inasmuch as they
may represent one of the factors in the process of selection that
determines the direction of evolution?"

Primitive Mythology, Page 43

Mythology is this Supernormal Sign Stimuli..

Obviously the human female, with her talent for play, recognized
many millenniums ago the power of the supernormal sign
stimulus: cosmetics for the heightening of the lines of her eyes have
been found among the earliest remains of the Neolithic Age. And
from there to an appreciation of the force of ritualization, hieratic
art, masks, gladiatorial vestments, kingly robes, and every other
humanly conceived and realized improvement of nature, is but a
step or a natural series of steps.

Evidence will appear, in the course of our natural history of the
gods, of the gods themselves as supernormal sign stimuli; of the
ritual forms deriving from their supernatural inspiration acting as
catalysts to convert men into gods; and of civilization this new
environment of man that has grown from his own interior and has
pressed back the bounds of nature as far as the moon as a distillate
of ritual, and consequently of the gods: that is to say, as an
organization of supernormal sign stimuli playing on a set of IRMs
never met by nature and yet most properly nature's own, inasmuch
as man is her son.

Primitive Mythology, Pages 43-44

And we change accordingly to our ancestors experiences with all this..and pass it on through our own..

Nor are we ready, yet, to say whether the obvious, and sometimes
very striking, physical differences of the human races represent
significant variations of their innate releasing mechanisms.
Among the animals such differences do exist in fact, changes in
the IRMs of the major instincts appear to be among the first
things affected by mutation.

For example, as Tinbergen observes:

The herring gull (Larus argentatus) and the lesser blackbacked
gull (L. fuscus) in north-western Europe are considered
to be extremely diverged geographical races of one
species, which, having developed by geographical isolation,
have come into contact again by expansion of their ranges.
The two forms show many differences in behavior; L. fuscus
is a definite migrant, traveling to south-western Europe in
autumn, whereas L. argentatus is of a much more resident
habit. L. fuscus is much more a bird of the open sea than
L. argentatus. The breeding-seasons are different. One behavior
difference is specially interesting. Both forms have two
alarm calls, one expressing alarm of relatively low intensity,
the other indicative of extreme alarm. L. argentatus gives the
high-intensity alarm call much more rarely than L. fuscus. The
result is that most disturbances are reacted to differently by
the two forms. When a human intruder enters a mixed colony,
the herring gulls will almost always utter the low-intensity call,
while L. fuscus utters the high-intensity call. This difference,
based upon a shift of degree in the threshold of alarm calls,
gives the impression of a qualitative difference in the alarm
calls of the two forms, such as might well lead to the total disappearance
of one call in one species, of the other in the
second species, and thus result in a qualitative difference in
the motor-equipment. Apart from this difference in threshold,
there is a difference in the pitch of each call.13

Between the various human races differences have been noted
that suggest psychological as well as merely physiological variation;
differences, for example, in their rates of maturing, as Geza
Roheim has indicated in his vigorous work on Psychoanalysis and
Anthropology. 14 However, it is still far from legitimate, on the
basis of the mere scraps of controlled observation that have been
recorded, to make any such broad generalizations about intellectual
ability and moral character as are common in discussions of this
subject. Furthermore, within the human species there is such broad
variation of innate capacity from individual to individual that generalizations
on a racial basis lose much of their point.

Primitive Mythology, Pages 45-46



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I would have to agree. First, he is much smarter than I so who am I to argue. Secondly, there must be some kind of conection to your ancestry, itb just makes sense. There are other reasons I believe him, but typing on my phone is tedious, so sorry if I am vague.

Van Wellenkamp
Tuesday, October 4th, 2011, 01:52 AM
I think it is true. I myself have had dreams that I can not explain only to find they have origins in Germanic lore. I suddenly became very interested in the subject. Cant wait to hear more. I wonder how many of our fellow posters have had similar experiences. I for one would love to hear about them. Great post.

Sunday, August 19th, 2012, 06:31 PM
[QUOTE=DutchfromHolland;1127449]I found this on a different website and I wanted to share it with everyone, so feel free to post your views and insights on this.

The existence of the race/soul [or folk/soul as I prefer to call it] is a certainty. All peoples have honoured their ancestors throughout the milleniums. they have sought their aid in one way or another for all of this time. They would not have done this if they had not gained results. :)