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ansuz crowning
Sunday, August 14th, 2011, 08:39 AM
Does anyone know which runes are good for promoting sleep, deep and/or healing and dreamwork?

Sunday, August 14th, 2011, 09:51 AM
From the top of my head I do not know any runes that are directly related with sleep or dreams. Since ansuz is a rune of communication one could use ansuz if one wants to get dreams that contain messages. The I-rune could also work since it does symbolize a certain form of rest. Could maybe come up with some others, but I would suggest doing some own research on any runes suggested before using them.

Sunday, August 14th, 2011, 01:04 PM
Uruz for healing

Ehwo for soul/dream travel

Sunday, August 14th, 2011, 01:12 PM
I'd recommend melatonin pills if you have trouble sleeping.

Saturday, August 20th, 2011, 01:02 PM
How about Berkano..??

You are standing beside a low stone wall, overgrown by blackberry vines, the dark drops of their berries hanging heavily down. Carefully you push the vines aside, hoisting yourself up and over the wall. On the other side you see the low-growing brown cattails and green turf of the bog, laid aside in square black cuts where the peat-harvesters have ripped it away. The peat squishes under your feet as you pick your way carefully through the little white bog-daisies and whispering rushes, following the jagged slabs of granite that show a safe path. A small, clear stream of water winds around the rocks, rising and falling as your weight shifts. The ground here is soft, betraying. The little spring runs into a silent black pool like the mouth of a sacrificial cauldron open to the gray sky. Here and there the green moss is stained brown and ochre, stains like ancient blood held in the bog, fermenting below the earth. The seeds and leaves fall from the bog-plants, rotting into the earth they sprang from, layered into the thousands of years that lie silent here.

By a low, moss-bearded heap of stones, just off the path, you see a green hump. You crouch down and reach out to touch it. The moss comes off in your fingers, showing the peat-stained wooden handle and rust-browned blade of a turfdigger’s shovel. As you pick it up, the mud that held it splits and opens softly - a tawny rut spreading in the bog. You sink the blade and shaft of the shovel back into the hole and the bog slowly swallows it. The cattails around the cairn tremble. Slowly, as you watch, a tall stick, dark
from years of lying beneath the peaty waters of the bog, slowly comes forth. It is forked some way down, the cleft carved in more deeply so that in its dark, slender shadow you see the echo of a tall, long-legged woman’s shape. You stand silent for a moment, gazing at the shadow of the hidden goddess of this place.

Slowly you step from the path towards the cleft stave. Your feet sink deeply into the sucking bog that pulls you down into her womb, your tomb. Although you struggle, you cannot break free from her grasp. The cold mud rises past your legs, swallowing you in. A strange, still peace comes over you and you let yourself sink deep into the welcoming peat.

As the dark bog closes over your head and your breath stills, you feel yourself melting into someone else, into the body that lies just beneath you, kept by the peaty waters for hundreds of years. The woman has lain, clad for her marriage, in this water and earth, pinned down by the oaken stake that wed her to the bog so long ago. You feel her long sleep here, beneath turf, beneath the cairn and the stone wall. Dead, you feel the seeping waters working into your skin, darkening it with peat, tanning it to
unrotting leather. The hoard of life guarded within your pelvis shrinks, preserved like the roots and grains that lie in your stomach; your breasts wrinkle where the soft linen and fur lie over them. A thousand dawns warm you slowly, a thousand nights cool you where you lie beneath, where the grip of sun and snow cannot reach. Your brain darkens in sleep, its hoard fermenting slowly in your peat-stained skull, nestled in the dark coils of your hair, beneath the golden circlet whose jewels have dropped, one by one,
from their settings. Held within the bog’s endless darkness, softness, your body is slowly changed, skin dark and grained as bog oak, everlasting as amber and jet.

Another winter passes, cold and slow, and again the new sun begins to warm all of the bog slowly, setting some of the seeds within to ferment and sprout. You, too, feel its stirring, rising up from the still body in the bog, through the black peat and slowly out into the brilliance of the sun. A birch tree stands above you, and the dark pool before you reflects your image like a mirror. You are a young, goldenhaired maiden clad all in birch leaves and flowers. Where you stretch out your arm, the bog1 brown from winter, sprouts into a mist of green. You pass through it, your little bare feet springing lightly over the betraying turf and hidden pools as you spread the new life you have brought forth over the land.

When you have completed your round of the bog, you stop again before the slender, dark, cleft fork of the goddess. A few drops of bright water spring forth from the top of the stick, landing on your head in blessing as you bow respectfully to her.

Slowly you return to your own body, feet firmly planted on the earth, knowing the power of concealment and birth that is always yours through the rune berkano.


Monday, August 22nd, 2011, 02:36 AM
As GroeneWolf mentioned the I rune{Isa} would be good. Isa as I understand it represents stasis. Drawing into oneself or centering into alignment. I haven't seen anyone suggest it let, but personally I've had good luck with the Dagaz rune. This one is great for meditation. It represents synchricity{sp} or polarity. The point where two opposites become one. For example: dusk and dawn or you could interpret it as the point between awake and asleep. Hope this helps and good luck.