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Thursday, July 7th, 2011, 06:56 AM
Johannesburg - ANC Youth League President Julius Malema on Wednesday labelled the United States as "blood thirsty imperialists" for bombing Libya with its Nato allies, the Sabc reported.

"We want to ask a simple question to the imperialists. Are you not tired of seeing blood every year? You bloodthirsty imperialists," Malema said.

He was speaking at a protest by hundreds of Numsa members at the US Embassy in Pretoria.

"Every year you are bombing this or that nation, because of your thirstiness for blood. We should all agree that South Africa should not have voted for the resolution...," said Malema.

It was recently reported that President Jacob Zuma had said that South Africa reiterated its concerns at the misinterpretation of a United Nations resolution.

The resolution authorises a no-fly zone over Libya, which Nato had used to "justify its bombing campaign".

"They [the United States] can't think. They don't know politics."

Malema also called the war in Libya "sponsored violence".

He said it was sponsored by countries such as the US, France and Britain.

Source (http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/US-are-bloodthirsty-imperialists-Malema-20110706)

This comes out of the mouth of South Africa's next president- provided that he doesn't end with a bullet in the head sooner than later. This is the same man who sings "Shoot the Boer" but have the nerve to comment on the 'bloodthirst' of a Country like the US? Maybe he is affraid that Nato will also intervene when (and not if) he and his comrades from the East decide to overthrow the country?