View Full Version : Humans Really DO Have a Sixth Sense That Lets Us Detect Magnetic Fields

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011, 04:50 PM
It has long been known as ESP, Spider Sense, or the ability to see things before they happen.
But now scientists have proved that humans really do have a sixth sense - that lets them detect magnetic fields.
Tests have shown that mankind may have the same innate sense of Earth’s magnetic field that has long been proved to exist in animals
By putting a protein from the human retina into fruit flies, researchers noticed that the insect modified its flight path just as if its eye had not been altered.
This suggests that the 'sixth sense' does exist in humans but we might not be aware of it.
Animals use such sight to navigate long distances during migration or, in the case of birds, to ‘see’ where they are going.
Neurobiologist Steven Reppert, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, told LiveScience: ‘It poses the question: "Maybe we should rethink about this sixth sense?"
‘It is thought to be very important for how animals migrate. Perhaps this protein is also fulfilling an important function for sensing magnetic fields in humans.
‘It may aid how animals perceive how objects are in time and space in a way we haven't thought about before.’
The complex tests involved examining the process by which light goes through a bird’s eye, which has intrigued the scientific community for more than 30 years.
In the late 1970s, the physicist Klaus Schulten concluded that birds navigate by relying on geomagnetically sensitive biochemical reactions in their eyes.
Tests have shown that the special cells in the eye carry out this function using the protein cryptochrome.
Professor Reppert’s team used wild fruit flies and replaced their version of cryptochrome with the human equivalent then put them in a maze with each wing wrapped in a metal coil.
They then sent a current through it so that the coil was magnetised in a way which mimicked Earth’s electromagnetic field.
The flies responded in exactly the same way as if they had their own cryptochrome, by either avoiding the magnetic fields or moving towards them if the researchers had placed sugar nearby.
A previous study from Oxford University found that birds may be able to ‘see’ the Earth’s electromagnetic field as they fly through the sky.
Tests showed that different reactions are produced in the eyes of all avian creatures depending on which way the Earth’s electromagnetic field spins.
These reactions could create a picture of the field in different shades of light and dark across the bird’s eye.
The new study was published in the journal Nature Communications


Thursday, June 23rd, 2011, 01:08 AM
water witching is an old ability, as well as feeling the Ley-lines. Auras can be felt too and then 'seen'.

People are just not trained but discouraged in young age. But through different methods the neural pathways for these perception can be made and then the perception is available for people.

Baron von Reichenhall experimented a lot with sensitives and the life-force in connection with magnetism. (He called the life-force odic force, it is better known under the name ether, 5th element and so on).

The ether has never been disproved, though they have been a lot of encouraging tests and experiments to prove it; over time it got out of fashion and then later got ridiculed though it gives a lot of explanations which still cannot be given without.