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Saturday, April 23rd, 2011, 01:59 AM

I am pondering the creation of humanity, and I am left wondering: Why did Odin, Vili, and Ve create humans at all? What was Their purpose in our creation?

Humans are not particularly talented or skilled compared to the other Beings of the Nine Worlds. We don't live as long, or have any particular magickal or physical qualities that make us have any advantage...so what was the point?

I have some personal suspicions, but would like to know what others think.


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, 10:11 AM
I myself am an odinist. I am quite agnostic. I know for a fact that that odinism is the religion and way of our people whether it is our peoples manifestation of an actual god or whether the gods are jungian archetypes.

So to answer your question the creation of of humans by the gods is like in most myths/religions a way to explain how people came to be.

However in the context of the norse myths. I would say odin created humans because he wanted to populat the earth with beings that were more complete and have more free will.
He wanted his greatest achievement to be a race that is more than just immortal beings or forces. Humans are like an experiment to see what would happen and what can be.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, 11:16 AM
Well from one perspective, not that of the Norse mythological one, for it would contradict the non mortals birth...the frost giants, thurses, trolls and other entities could have been mortal in their nativity before their transitions to these beings. Like possibly, what these once Midgard bound humans let befall to their world was punishment from the Gods for letting their Air, Earth, Forests, Water, Wildlife and other manadatory things become tainted or just neglected by those once human. Possibly, The Almighty Gods had to destroy all upon the middle earth and re-create a new race of mortals to prove that we indeed do have a purpose even for the Aesir. I know the doom to the earth and recreation plot sounds alot like a certain plague-wielding tale from the east...save Paganism existed long before the meeks religion.

The words above are in my own save I was actually influenced by this theory of how/why the Gods created mortals after reading Varg Vikernes' short tale entitled "Perū"

Here is the link if you are instrested...it is a very quick read.


Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, 04:19 PM
Based on nothing as my understanding:

Gods have to replace themselves before they can move on to higher planes. what Odin and his 2 brothers did was giving part of themselves and blew into an already living form.

what they did was creating a non-mortal form of non-material order which keeps to relate in cycles with matter. the idea is to develope abilities of the Gods, therefore he also brought down the Runes. through them one gets power and knowledge.

As created humans on the base of wood that indicates that the matter and the bio-energy which rules the matter has been there before. Through his odem and the gifts of his brothers he shaped that form, that means he infused the bodies of pre-human life with a non-material shape/being; conected through that to himself.

As that part is Odin himself we can connect to him through those non-material elements.

I think that is the same explanatian for many creating myths. I do not belief that all humans are created by the same God. Science has it that we most likely stem from different human beings, therefore the races have different origin, hence Odin is the originator of germanic people.

As western people have trouble to connect to the christian God, (obviously even the Jews needed a 'Messiah' so they understood what he wanted to communicate), (there is mostly silence, which led Luther to his rebellion and making a new christian faith, based on scipts, not experince).. and the comparably easy way one can communicate with the northern/germanic Gods it seems to me obvious that the Gods and mostly Odin is our progenitor.

Odin is coming back with force, since the early 1900s he is more and more active, Adolf was one of his thunderbolts to get 'his' people back in contact with him. So more people look for a connection so more power he gets.

To act on the material plane is obviously not so easy for the Gods, therefore he needs assistance from his people.

It is said that after the Ragnaroek certain Gods do not reincarnate into their previous forms. I belief they did their part and moved on, leaving some Gods behind to complete the creation of humans.

So that is my personal belief.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, 09:40 PM
After the slaying of Ymir the primal giant and the creation of the physical and unseen spiritual worlds. The planets move round their side reals so the dream spirits where activated, these linked to the worlds within the spiritual worlds of living organic structures and connected to each sphere in resonance. In the ages past when apes where in the transition of evolution, and these planet spirits incarnated into the dream worlds via the planets into the apes. Then each race evolved in time to the energy resonance of that sphere. This is known as folk soul and race soul evolution , thus was born a pyrimid level of spirits to evolve in to those apes which transformed themselves to those apes an eventually people as positive and negative traits in evolution, shaping their inner and outer forms. Thus the oldest race, had the most evolution to it and was connected to the Asgard sphere, which had more refined genetics because of the higher evolved beings that where operating and reflecting from it, which formed the higher Germanic and Nordic races.
The will of Odin is the breath consciousness, Villi, Loddur, the blood and circulation and Veh Honir the spirit of form. This was given to all elements of life and they allocated the diversity to all his patheon of Gods and Goddessess for the maintainance and continuation of the earth Mitgard and its positive constructive evolution. The negative elements fell into the catagory of Dark Dwarves, Giants. Which where placed into the destructive elements which work in the dream worlds of the other various subteranean races. Thus was born the war of Ragnorok the destruction of the powers, which is seen now as positive fighting against negative elements which works around us. The destiny of the Asgardians energies was the refinement of man to the apex of the Gods in image of form, and the reflexion of there powers in us as evolved beings par exellence. This is the destiny of man and women as carrying the fire of the Aesir consciousness a element of Sol the sun the light. To the apex of humanity and the maintainance of it which reflects their powers. But Hell and Giants, Dark Dwarves work to destroy this process and keep it a unevolved and take it back to its most vulgerised, deformed and base form in which it operates.