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Monday, February 28th, 2011, 03:37 AM
Wikileaks bombshell. American tax dollars are being used to organize non-white immigrants in France to vote for the left-wing. The document id is 10PARIS58 and titled “EMBASSY PARIS – MINORITY ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY”

Charles H. Rivkin is a radical left-winger appointed by Obama to be US ambassador to France and Monaco. Wikileaks published a classified document from his office which states he has launched a program to organize African and Arab immigrants into a greater political force.

In the classified document, the US ambassador’s office calls the lack of political participation by non-white immigrants a “crises.” His office pledges to help France “realize its own egalitarian ideals,” with a program it calls “minority engagement strategy.”

Rivkin’s office says that the program will counter French politicians who “sow hatred and discord.” Though it does not mention names. You can bet that Rivkin is talking about white conservative and not rioting immigrant gangs, when he says “sow hatred and discord.”

The document calls for turning 1,000 American University students, who are teaching English in French schools, into a US taxpayer financed propaganda machine. Under “Tactic 5: Propagate Best Practices,” Rivkin’s office calls for training American French language teachers to propagandize to their French students. This is referred to as “teaching tolerance,” the same term used by the Souther Poverty Law Center.

Ambassador Rivkin is from Russian Jewish family long involved with politics and the entertainment industry. His father was an ambassador for JFK. His brother is also a member of the Obama administration and his wife is said to have had a twenty year friendship with the Obama family.

Rivkin previously held executive position with two companies that make programing for young children. The Jim Henson company and Wildbrain. He was also executive Producer for Yo Gabba Gabba! on Nickelodeon.

My guess is that negro in the white house is financing his african 'brothas'


Monday, February 28th, 2011, 04:38 AM
American tax dollars are being used to organize non-white immigrants in France to vote for the left-wing. Is it surprising considering who the current occupant of the White House? Maybe the French will retaliate by underwriting the far right in America.

The Aesthete
Monday, February 28th, 2011, 05:57 AM
US Political interference :thumbdown