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Saturday, December 4th, 2010, 06:26 PM
Originally found as a topic on Germanic-Worlds (http://www.germanic-worlds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13145) forum. A few useful links for those who want to hold out a helping hand to animals in need in the USA.

You can help feeding animals of the USA shelters by clicking once a day the buttons in these links:

(don't care about the niggers you almost always see first, you can click only for animals and rainforest!)

answer the trivia daily. even if you give the wrong answer free kibbles are donated to shelters.

It works if you are a non-US resident too apparently, so if you love animals, please ponder donating. The best thing is you have nothing to lose, you don't have to take anything out of your pocket if you can't afford at this time. Clicking does the trick instead. Don't forget to spread the link around to your animal-empathic friends, or if you know of any similar websites, please post them here. :)

Saturday, December 4th, 2010, 06:40 PM
I always donate food to animal shelters and specifically this time of the year I like to give the birds a tasty treat in my garden. :)

I always feed them but during this time I like to give them my home made lard cakes.

I buy some lard, slowly melt it in a saucepan and then when it's a liquid I add nuts, seed, raisins and just whatever I have in my kitchen that I think they'll like.

Stir it all up and pour into a plastic tub, margarine ones are ideal, then leave it to cool down and then tip out the 'lard cake' like you would a sand castle, and place on the bird table. I've seen all manner of birds flock to the table when this is on and it's just so cheap and fun to make. If you have kids this'd be a fun way to keep them busy but of course as the lard gets warm, keep them supervised. ;)

I've also done it in an old clay pot, you get a slice of bread, cut a circle using either a cookie cutter or cup and then press the circle of bread into the base of the small flower pot, this covers the drainage hole and stops the mixture from leaking. Use the crust and what have you to reinforce the base and then pour in the mixture. Again this keeps the birds happy on my garden and it also provides me with some entertainment.

My sister this year asked me to make her a bird table as she knows I like to make things out of wood. To be perfectly honest I got all the wood FREE from a local garden centre that give away old broken pallets and stuff like that.

The wood's perfectly adequate and I kindda like the idea of recycling wood and you can't say fairer than getting it free. :thumbup

I know some people consider squirrels a pest but I do actually like to see them on the garden, so I give them a range of nuts and throw them on the garden for them to eat. I like to see them scurry about, mind you it does cause the cats to go crazy as they try and get them, which is kindda difficult if they're inside in the conservatory. ;)