View Full Version : Rules on So-Called "Farewell" Posts

Monday, November 15th, 2010, 10:47 AM
The former sub-forum "Farewells & Absences" has been dissolved. Its content has been merged with its mother forum "The Lounge."

The reason was that only very few member understood the purpose of this sub-forum. Its purpose was to give members both space and the opportunity to announce to their friends and other members on Skadi that they will be temporarily not available for some time due to personal or professional reasons: because they are on vacations, because they are on a business trip, because they are preparing for exams, because they have fallen in love, because they have given birth, because they needed to spend more time with their partner, family or children, because they have grown ill or are going through tough times, because they were in the process of moving, because they needed a bit of time for themselves or to reflect, and so forth.

In case you still wish to make such posts in future, you are welcome to create them in the Lounge. Perhaps we shall also create a profile field which will permit you to inform others more prominently about your availability.

However, depending on momentary occurrences on Skadi Forum, many of them different in their nature, the sub-forum was in irregular intervals unfortunately used for entirely different agendas -- usually by members of a very similar personality type.

So permit me to state this bluntly:

If you believe that Skadi Forum now all of the sudden sucks, that its staff sucks, that its members suck or that you yourself suck and you thus decided to leave Skadi Forum for good, please spare us your dramas and "farewell threads," be a true man (or a true woman) rather than a whiny-voiced pussy and simply leave. We don't care about your "farewell thread," your personal dramas, the reasons for your bitterness, nor about what you have to say or why you leave, because we have absolutely no reason to care about people and their opinions who don't care about our community. Plain and simple. And if you would still care about Skadi Forum and our community, you would rather discuss your concerns with other community members -- professionally and through the right channels like a true opinion leader -- and you would help with your knowledge, your wisdom, experience and contributions that Skadi becomes exactly the place you think it should be(come). You wouldn't become today's piffling drama queen. So leave, leave with hail, fortune and good luck, but leave in silence and leave for good.

If it is really your intention to leave, believe me, all members who ever cared that you were here will eventually notice that you are gone, inasfar as you haven't informed already those about whom you care by PM.

Thereafter, you can disable your PM system in order that nobody can contact you on the board anymore, thereby avoiding that someone might think you might simply be too impolite to reply. Last but not least, you can, if you so choose, enable e-mail messaging and every note or message of someone who tries to reach you in this manner will be forwarded to your e-mail address. Without that your e-mail address would be revealed to him.

Yes, Skadi is now all of the sudden too liberal, too extremist, too racist, too multi-cultural, too anti-Semitic, too philo-Semitic, too anti-German, too anti-American, too Nordicist and exclusive, too European and integrative, too high-brow and boring, too low-brow and superficial, too what-have-you ... all at the same time. We've read such squabble a hundred times in the past, and, trust me, there is absolutely nothing you could add.

Unless you are an attention whore, of course. Unless you wish that others express their regrets that you leave or beg you to stay, because you are, as we all know, so many times more valuable to this community than everybody else. Guess what? You aren't. If you were, you would have developed a deeper understanding of the dynamics of an online community a long time ago; you would care about this community and be a unifying and supportive force, in worse and in better times.

And then there are those who do not (want to) understand that Skadi Forum is foremost a discussion board. Within the framework of Germanic preservation, all members are entitled to their own opinions, even if you consider them wrong or if they differ from yours. If your commitment to your weltanschauung is either too strong to be able to bare this or if you simply cannot stand that you can't win your debates (this also happens, I heard), then Skadi Forum isn't the right place for you.

Nobody will enjoy preferential treatment or suffer from discrimination based on the particular nature of his (pro-Germanic) perspectives alone.

Having said this, all "farewell threads" which do not announce a temporary absence due to personal reasons will henceforth be removed.

If you believe that your personal views on the one hand and Skadi's mission statement and community on the other have grown intrinsically incompatible, fair enough -- but please reserve yourself some rest of dignity in this case.

Whatever happens on Skadi concerns its members only. The opinion of outsiders and in particular of those who turned their backs to Skadi is completely irrelevant. We in particular don't owe you any space.