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Saturday, July 31st, 2010, 08:10 AM
I don't want this to be a hypothetical survey or question. But, seriously, if say the Western and Eastern powers were to abruptly end and we had a chance to build a new nation for ourselves (assuming the Nordic Spirit awakens in enough Germanics to do so), what sort of government would we form?

Would we fall back on democracy? Or a monarchy? Or some sort of constitutional government. Communism is obviously out of the question. Socialism (in my mind) is out as well. Or, do we form a government controlled by a council of our wisest elders to lead the people? Perhaps maybe considering a reintroduction of feudalism? Since there is already a divide of religious beliefs within our movement, theocracy is out the window.

Saturday, July 31st, 2010, 01:49 PM
The form of the government depends on the people who shall be governed, thus it can't be anything else than hypothetical.

Saturday, July 31st, 2010, 06:26 PM
The form of the government depends on the people who shall be governed, thus it can't be anything else than hypothetical.

In major lines that is indeed true. However more fundamental changes to the system can be made under leadership of a small group of dedicated people who change the political culture of the mass to come closer to their vision of how a state should be run. We did not become mass democracies overnight, they are the outcome of multiple processes.

Now to come back to the original question. Like Jäger said the question can not really be answered. In fact the answer would reflect the personal preferences of the one answering the question. Which could range from despotism to monarchy to different kinds of republics. Even theocracy would be problematic, since there is religious division exists within the movement between Christians and Heathens. So that would end in a power struggle between those two camps.

Monday, August 30th, 2010, 05:05 PM
For me the word that comes into mind is simplify. Make things simple and easy to understand. These days we're bombarded with laws and what thats doing is eroding out freedom.

Decentralise everything. At the moment the world is becoming more and more centralised and wealthy elites are taking over. Theres a number of areas that need addressing.

-Change the banking system to what banks were originally for. Storing wealth. Scrap the debt based system and scrape the fiat money thats used today.
-Local currencies. Introduce local currencies. This is being trialled in some places in Europe and its going well.
-Keep the money local so the work the locals do get rewarded and the wealth stays in the locality and not in the pockets of the owners of shops like tesco.
-Have smaller shops with the bigger shops being heavily taxed. That way smaller family businesses would be able to compete on a level playing field.
-Working hours greatly reduced because of the new wealth. People these days are slaving away to make the elite wealthy.
-Luxury goods being heavily taxed and essential goods having very little tax. If people want to waste money keeping up with the Jones' at least most of it will come back to the economy in tax.
-Proper education system. Young people will learn right from wrong and how to live a life with high standards. School should be more than seeing who can remember the most useless facts. School would also be about making young people feel great about themselves. That can't be underrated.
-Governmental run research and development facilities.
-More taxes on goods coming from abroad. Once again its designed to prevent globalization. Instead of buying cheap electronics from China we produce our own. It'll cost more but people would be wealthier anyway. The money stays local meaning they benefiit in other ways.
-Town planning. More areas for bikes and walking and less for cars. People look after and maintain their own area.
-Facilities. Lots of parks and green areas to play sports.

About the government:
-As far as I'm concerned everybody SHOULD NOT be allowed to vote. Its nonsense saying everybody should be allowed to vote. I'd like to see a system where the people in charge of running the country actually knew what they were doing and were experts in the area and picked out because of that. Unlike todays politicans who are in the job because of their over-inflated egos. I'd also like to have very strict rules regarding their pay and how they recieve money and even who they socalise with. With better education and a higher standard of person there would naturally be less corruption in the government.

-The greatest tool for mind control and social engineering. It simply has to be banned with all negativity that flows out of it. Educate young people to see that negativity and the industry will go broke when they stop buying the magazines/watching it. More positive things should be reported which helps to inspire people.