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Sunday, February 28th, 2010, 10:22 PM
A DNA test on a man in Austria has proved that he is a living relative of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

The 46-year-old farmer was horrified to learn the blood of the "greatest criminal" is in his veins.

But he is not alone. A Belgian journalist who tracked him down and persuaded him to donate mouth swabs says there are as many as 39 others living in Lower Austria’s remote Waldviertel region where he comes from.

The Waldviertel area was home to Hitler's grandparents, father and mother. Many families there still bear similar names - Hiedler, Huettler, Huettler - and it was going through these names in the phone book that Belgian journalist and researcher came upon the man related to the Führer.

Jean-Paul Mulders had previously garnered some Hitler DNA covertly taking a napkin dropped by one of three known Hitler descendants who live on Long Island, New York.

One of them, Alexander Stuart-Houston, 61, a grand-nephew of Hitler, was trailed for seven days before the dropped the piece of litter which Mulders said led him to the relation in Austria.

Austrian magazine News interviewed the man in its edition published today (Thurs). He does not say what his relationship to Adolf Hitler was but he is probably a cousin.

Norbert H., as he is identified by the weekly, is considering to run for the conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) in next month’s town council election.

He said he had no reason to doubt the findings of chemist Ralf Vermeulen in his biotech laboratory in Zwjmaarde close to Gent, Belgium, where the DNA matches were made.

But he added: "I wish I had never done this. Hitler for me was the biggest criminal of all time - there is no argument about that. I did the test without really thinking and regret it now."

http://www.austriantimes.at/news/General_News/2010-02-25/21046/Last_Hitler_relatives_tracked_down_in_Au stria

Sunday, February 28th, 2010, 10:27 PM
Truth, that one painfully accurate thing that slaps you in the face when you're least prepared and that you can't turn around to punch back. :D

I mean Hitler was a genocidal maniac, a criminal, not even human and all that stuff, if his blood runs in your veins then you're en route to follow in the footsteps, it's that gas oven in your kitchen that leads you into temptation, young Jedi. Tragic, tragic life, isn't it...? :wsg

Monday, March 1st, 2010, 07:54 AM
So...is it off to the slammer for these people? Do these people have to make reparations to the Khazar Jews? (who are currently committing genocide on the innocent Palestinians) What was the point of this? :scratch

Old Winter
Monday, March 1st, 2010, 10:02 AM
What a bunch of asocial idiots who do everything to destroy the lives of other people and then claim to be the good guys.

Monday, March 1st, 2010, 10:17 AM
So...is it off to the slammer for these people? Do these people have to make reparations to the Khazar Jews?

Well, if that happened then it would be a huge scandal, and I'm not sure whether they can. They probably could though, but if they did would find some subtle way for them not to notice, such as raising ground tax for the respective plots. ;)

(who are currently committing genocide on the innocent Palestinians)

The Palestinians are hardly innocent, both the Israeli Jews and the Palestinian are knee-deep into shady business. I pity neither, to me they're both a bunch of Semites, like little who pick a fight with each other, but then ask their elder brothers to help them out of it unscathed.

For 50 years, both sides have been copying each others moves, and blamed Europe for it with big puppy-dog eyes. Both sides have offered ideas for a two-state-solution, just always to happen at the time when the other followed contrary policies. They even almost copied the application of "demographic tactics": The Jews have been practicing settler activity for 40+ years in the West Bank, the Palestinians have been "outbreeding" them on purpose even in "Israel-proper" for roughly the same time, both subtle ways to get rid of the other.

The fact that one claims to have lived there for the past 1,500 years and the other claims to have lived there for the 1,500 years before that (excepting a few religious-minded (rather than secular) Orthodox Jews, who lived peacefully side-to-side with Palestinian Arabs for a good few centuries before the "Nationality question" was brought into it), is not what bothers me that much - in essence, f.ex. we Germanics want Prussia & Silesia back yet wouldn't want to give America back to the Natives, so I suppose there's arguments to both sides why neither is inherently wrong, or even unreasonable, about their claim to Palestine & Judaea, it all depends on the viewpoint.

What bothers me much more is their proneness - of both sides - to draw the rest of the world into the the whole conflict (without contributing much of the effort themselves!). At current, the question is much more central to "international relations" than I would like. If we could reduce that conflict to the part of the world where it belongs and simply watch it gleefully from afar, it wouldn't bother me whether the Palestinians pushed the Jews into the Sea or the other way around, my interest is - if it can be avoided - not global.

If we were left out of it, we wouldn't need to take any more sides than we did in the Tutsi-Hutu conflict in Rwanda 1994. We could just watch it on TV and shake our heads at two extra-European groups, both Semitic, tearing each other to shreds. ;)