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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010, 09:33 AM
I couldn't help, but be entertained by these and other similar sightings, after watching a very cheesy B-Movie about the Yeti!:D

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 04871

Date: October 24, 2009
Curry county, OR

Nearest town: Agness
Nearest road: XX XX
Conditions: Very hot and dry
Time: early afternoon
Location: Leave Agness on FS XX go to the top of XXXXXX XXXX and turn left go X miles to XXXXX XXX lookout Sign. Old Road is right next to sign. (Please keep the location secret.)

Description of event: My name is [WITNESS NAME], and was born and raised in southern Oregon. I'm 49 years of age and have a degree in forestry. This last fall Oct 24,2009 I was deer hunting with a lifelong friend near the Coos/Curry border near a place called Agness Pass. We had been hunting since daybreak and had not seen any new signs of deer. We decided to park the pickup and walk up an old logging road that has been closed for many years due to the road sliding out. My friend and I walked about 3 miles up this road till we came to a downed tree along the stream. My friend walked up under a shade tree and lit a cigar up and sat down.It was still hot and dry out so I decided to get a drink out of the stream. As I approached the stream I noticed the water was real muddy looking. Thinking that an animal had just been there I slid down the bank to the waters edge. All of a sudden my life was changed. There in the middle of the stream just slightly up from me stood a giant hair covered manlike thing looking at me. His eyes locked with mine as we stared at each other. He was very tall over 9 feet and three to four times my build. I muttered "oh god" because I knew I had ran right into a Bigfoot creature. It quickly turned and went up the bank on the opposite side of the road in seconds. I had rifle in hand and would never have shot this thing. It was much too humanlike too me. I've never seen anything move that fast. For all these years I have thought Bigfoot was a bunch of ..... I'm certain there real now. I'm not crazy!

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Oregonbigfoot.com file# 04895

Date: September , 2008
Union county, OR

Nearest town: Medical Springs

Description of event: A long powerful howl that ended with a sharp whoop. It was 5 seconds long or so and it sounded like a smaller one was also calling.

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Oregonbigfoot.com file# 04865

Date: November 25, 2009
Pendleton Umatilla Country county, OR

Nearest town: Pendleton Or LaGrande, OR
Nearest road:
Conditions: chilly and snow
Time: night
Location: I would like people to not know where he/she was. In fear they will try to find him/her. We were at XXXXXX Lake. In the middle of the trees. With the beautiful lake in front of us. I believe we were in section # XX.

Description of event: The three hour drive to Indian Lake was a long one. The four of us were happy to get out of the truck and set up. My mother in law, husband, father in law and I were all eager to start scouting the elk. It was a normal day when the sun set we parted with our hiding spots heading back to camp.

As excitement died down we crawled into our sleeping bags, wishing everyone a good night. Snores filled the tent as I was awoken by a sound. Thatís when I heard the heavy footsteps. Our heads lay between a thin tent wall and the footsteps. Snores seemed to die down and the pacing continued, crunching twigs and hard snow under his/her feet. At first I thought it was deer. However, when my phone sounded of the dying battery the pacing stopped. To scared to look out from under the sleeping bag. The pacing started up again. The battery draining faster the sounds coming more often the foot steps ceased. My Mil holding her breath we all fell back into our slumber as day break arose. Killing our last elk cow we drove into town for a little victory dinner, with blood stained clothes and tired faces. We made our way from dinner back to our camp. We had a small conversation about big foot. Much to my mothers disliking, everything was normal expect for feeling watched from across the lake. My husband told me they have heard screaming a couple years ago. My Mil was afraid to return to this lake because of the deadly screams. However, I stood skeptical not believing he/she meant any harm.

Sitting around the camp fire thanking the elk for their lives and snaking we heard the most bizarre bird sounding like an alarm. Flying over our heads heading in the direction we drove in. Iíve heard this bird many times while scouting the elk. My Mil tensed up while I made jokes trying to relieve her tension. Minutes later two sets of coyote packs start to howl. My Mil clung to her husband at the base of the truck. I moved in closer to my husband with his gun in hand. Dead silence fell upon the camp and surrounding area. Through the darkness on the far side of the lake, just as many years before the screams pierced the silence. My Mil jumped ran into the truck. I ordered to follow, my Fil and husband stood fast at the camp fire. Watching and listening for any intruders. It sounded as if he/she gathered up the animal sounds and projected them at once back to our little camp.

My Fil and Husband moved slowly down to the bank. There behind a little tree was a large dark figure. He/She paced a short distance behind that little tree screaming at us. He/She was watching our camp intently. It only took three to six steps for him/her to be in the trees. He/she would emerge and walk back down to the bank. In the truck my Mil shook with fear and I was mostly amazed by the screams. My husband and FIL would check on us regularly. Finally it sounded like the screaming stopped. Allowing our breathing to become normal and more relaxed. My Mil still tense the screams started again sending her hiding behind her coat like a curtain. My husband and Fil raced out of the truck. Down to the bank to see the same huge, dark figure lurking behind the little tree. My husband turned to my Fil, ďDo you have recorder on your camera? Maybe we can catch some Audio!Ē My Fil shook his head yes at that single moment the screaming stopped. The figure disappeared into the trees and wasnít heard from for the rest of the night.

- I also have pictures of where he was heard screaming from. Sorry No pictures of him/her.

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