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Saturday, January 9th, 2010, 12:45 AM
I've came across this forum a few times whilst browsing and thought I may aswell pop a question or two in before I sign up, and make use of the guest post feature.

I'm English, my ancestry is predominantly English (Some British here and there but nothing much, the only non-British is a German on my mothers side 7 generations back following mother mother mother and then switching to father :P), and the large majority of surnames in my family tree on both sides are of Old English root. I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes (small ring of orange around the iris and the rest is deep grey-green that can look blue in some light), and I do not have the facial structure stereotype of a Germanic. I consider myself Germanic... But how important to you are the hair/eye/bone structure stereotypes? Blonde hair, blue eyes and so on... Are these important, or not so much? I say this because I've noticed there is an emphasis on personal taxonomy on this forum, something I have no knowledge of.

That question was posed in relation to myself, this one however is simply general interest in hearing your opinion with the aim of clearing up some confusion.

To what extent must a persons ancestry be overwhelmingly indo-European (obviously the majority Germanic) for them to be considered Germanic? Surely if someone had 1 non-European in their ancestry somewhere a few generations back it wouldn't effect things much? What if someone was 100% Germanic on their mothers side, 80% on their fathers patrilineal but 100% European, yet on their fathers matrinileal (not sure if I'm using the correct terminology) they had, for example, a Jew 5 generations ago, or something even further afield, a Chinese person 5 generations ago? With all things nationalist there must be a cut off point, where, for you, is that cut off point? I ask this also because of your emphasis on taxonomy and so on, something I'm unknowledgable of - and with genetics being something I'm unknowledgable of also, I have no idea at all how having a mixed ancestry would affect your make up after a few generations... It's something that I find quite confusing, and so I thought I may aswell ask the question.

Sorry if these questions are a little too broad and opinion based, and thanks for hearing me out :D

Saturday, January 9th, 2010, 06:40 PM
Thanks for your questions,

Most people would say you should belong to any of the common subraces in Germanic lands in order to be viewed as Germanic, and have your ancestry from Germanic countries. Most would also accept you if you had ancestry from people that are usually indistinguable from a Germanic, like people from lands that have been influenced by Germanics, like northern France or parts of Ireland etc. Then whether you have blonde, red, brown or black hair doesn't matter so much, as long as you match a typical Germanic phenotype and Germanics will not see your face as alien.

Some people will of course disagree with what I have written above, or parts of it.

People that have non-European ancestry, or ancestry from far-away parts of Europe, can in my opinion not be Germanic.

But you say you are English, and I don't see anything in your description that would mean you are not English and Germanic.

Sunday, January 10th, 2010, 08:43 PM
Personally I believe there are three components to a race: a community, the blood (genetics), and the culture. Almost all people in the world have been stripped of their race and had it replaced with the garments of globalism and multiculturalism. In a word we have been uprooted.

Folkists, Nationalists etc. are strongly about rebuilding those roots, or in preserving the last vestige of their regional culture and people from foriegn influence (via culture, blood etc.). The classification of Germanic would vary depending on where you are, as Germanic is a root. What I mean is a community in America may have English roots or German roots but they aren't English or German they are something new, some subgroup of Americans. People in Germany may have different criteria.

Frankly in my situation I don't feel I have a lot in common with most other "whites" around me in America. Maybe more similarity to Germanics in Europe but I am not the same as them. I am not racially pure in many racist eyes. Yet the culture I believe in and connect to is Aryo-Germanic (influenced also by Greek and Roman roots prior to modern Germanic history and before that the ancient Aryans). My ancestry is overwhelmingly Germanic and so on. To me it is a root. With no real community around me I can never say it is my race. You need to actively be part of a community to have a race. I don't think online groups count. I'll give an example:

Consider if you are a French man who went on vacation somewhere. While gone someone blows France off the map. There are no longer French people on the earth. Your wife is with you and you have a kid. Your son is raised in African culture and is raised speaking an African language. One day he gets online and finds a French nationalist board and proudly proclaims he is 100% French. Is he racially French? No. He only has French blood or ancestry. A wigger is not white in my opinion. An ethnicity or a race also implies a community aspect.

One blood, one culture, one community=1 race. You have all sorts of Germanic communities. Germanic is just their common blood and common cultural themes. I don't think English culture is exactly the same as German or Norwegian but they have a common similiarity and ancestry. I wouldn't consider myself the same as other people on this board. We were raised in different environments. Genetic drift means naturally populations will grow in variation and difference etc. but we have common bonds and shared similarities compared to the rest of humanity and certain shared ideological principles. We are all opposed to globalism, multiculturalism and putting all the races and cultures of the world into a blender. We feel the unique traits found in Germanic culture and people are worth preserving.

As such I dont think you are Germanic or most people on the board are in a true sense. Yet all of us want to reestablish roots. Or at least protect what remains of our roots and our uniqueness on this earth.

Hamar Fox
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010, 08:35 AM
You sound like you have a lot to offer the forum. I hope you choose to join up, if you haven't already.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010, 05:32 PM
I wonder if it isn't like the homing pigeon or the Monarch butterfles. We just know where we need to be and if not already there we strive to get there.

Some of us make it and some of us don't.

Thursday, March 4th, 2010, 05:45 AM
Wow, Rainman, I am sorry you feel that way in America. I suppose I was blessed and continue to be.

I was raised in America with great racial pride and I’m not particularly “Germanic” but I’m very white. Perhaps because I’m not “Germanic” I didn’t have to deal with post WWII guilt and my family could continue to be separatist and proud.

My genetic background is two full blooded Irish Catholic grandmothers, one an O’Brien and very, very staunch about her descent from Brian Boru. The other just a tall, small nosed, high foreheaded, blue eyed blonde Irish girl who married well. She married an Alsatian who swore until the day he died that he was not German and he was not French, he was Alsatian. And he was a self-made millionaire. I was told all my life I got my whopping IQ from that Alsatian, my facility for words from the Irish and my spunk from the following -

My other grandfather was another story altogether. His mother was a DAR – Daughter of the American Revolution – having descended from Apollos Rivoire, a French Huguenot better known as Paul Revere and a line of English musicians who had all served as drummers and horn blowers in the English army for downwards of ten generations. Our white, Anglo, French, Irish, Alsatian ancestry was wildly important and tales of our ancestors were told at every family gathering as well as all the amazing feats our own generations had accomplished – a great aunt (from the horn blowers and drummers) who had played solo piano at Carnegie Hall at nineteen, both grandfathers who had not only survived but continued to amass fortunes during the Great Depression of the Thirties (one of whom played professional football and basketball before settling down to take the American economy on by storm), my sister – soloist with the Joffrey Ballet at seventeen, another sister who has been very active and powerful in American politics, my uncle – from the Alsatian stock, who made the electric eye useful for anyone who’d like to open their garage door or enter a grocery store, mall or hospital without using their hands, my cousin who was part of the touch screen innovation, robotics and now cloned trees.

And of course, me, message board guerilla par excellence.

My husband, first generation American Scot, with five generations of painters who made their living doing so, right down to his own sister – married to a first generation American Norwegian inventor. I have never, ever felt distanced from my European kin and I am a DAR! I’m not a racist but I’m damned glad I’m white and I married white and I encourage my children to reproduce white because I do believe we are endangered. My opinion? Wolves can screw whomever they please, but make some wolves first or all canines will be dogs – submissive, servile and dependent.

To the OP – you know what you are, you’re a Brit, and that’s wonderful. There for a very long time the sun never set on the British Empire. Be proud. That’s never been done before or since and may never happen again. I pray every night to my gods of choice that even if we’re wiped out we’re never forgotten. Oh we’re wolves, but we’re so beautiful when we run…