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Saturday, November 21st, 2009, 10:24 PM

There is some white egalitarianism promoted, some interesting videos to watch nonetheless. The rules & guidelines:

These are the forum/site guidelines.

1. The guidelines themselves are not up to debate. If you argue with the staff about the guidelines, you may be removed from the forum/site. Read the guidelines and abide by them so that your videos will stay here. If you violate guidelines, you could be banned and your videos removed.

2. Do not advocate anything which is illegal under U.S. law or upload videos which advocate anything which is illegal under U.S. law. Advocating illegal activity means the promotion of the idea or behavior captured in the video. Promotion is presumed by the act of uploading if the video advocates illegal activity. Advocating illegal activity does not include videos from hidden cameras or innocent bystanders who, for example, happen to capture footage of blacks committing crimes or engaging in TNB (typical negro behavior), such as stupid criminals videos, and the bulk of TNB footage. WNTube staff reserve the right to remove videos at their discretion which violate this standard.

3. Upload videos which accurately reflect reality and do not unfairly mischaracterize White Nationalists or White Nationalist ideology. In our definition, White Nationalism is the advocacy of White survival, White separation and White prosperity wherever our race may live. That is what White Nationalism means to us. WNTube stands for White Nationalism, and this site will not be used to undermine the objectives of White Nationalism or to advocate any other conflicting or unrelated goal. Therefore, anti-WN rhetoric or activism is forbidden. This site is for WN only and 1% of the lemming Whites out there, who are future WN. If you are not White, hit the road. If you're White and not sympathetic to White Nationalism, hit the road.

4. No WN-infighting whatsoever. We don't want to see divisive posts or videos. Divisive videos would be videos which are intended to or have the affect of causing division amongst WN on any basis, including gender or nation. For example, no videos bashing women or bashing other Whites on the basis of their country of origin (White means White people of wholly European ancestry). This site won't be used as a platform from which to launch divisive cointelpro operations. We don't want to see, for example, "So And So Exposed" videos. If you don't like another White Nationalist, fine: but you will not attack the character of another WN here.

5. Videos which expose or explain the agendas of non-White Nationalists, where non-WN individuals or groups are sharing a solitary viewpoint or concern with real White Nationalists, are permitted. These types of videos are not only permitted but appreciated when the individual or group in question adheres to one viewpoint frequently adhered to by most White Nationalists, while rejecting the core objectives and remaining viewpoints of most White Nationalists. Here at WNTube, we are happy to distinguish White Nationalism from neo-conservativism, liberalism and anti-zionism. We are happy to distinguish ourselves from those who oppose the new world order (NWO) and the 9/11 truth movement. We have our own unique objectives. We are concerned about the preservation and prosperity of the White race. Even though the 9/11 truth movement, and anti-zionists, and the anti-NWO crowd may explore the Jewish Question to some degree, they are not White Nationalists and are not concerned about the preservation and prosperity of the White race. In fact, these groups, much like neo-cons and liberals, reject racialism and adhere to notions of racial harmony in a racially integrated, heterogeneous society. Those are not the objectives of White Nationalism. In fact, we are extremely opposed to those objectives. We do not want our members or our audience to assume those groups are affiliated with us or aligned with us, simply because there may exist a solitary viewpoint of mutual interest. In fact, because of the potential danger for confusion, we really want our distinguishably to be crystal clear. Therefore, we will allow and encourage exposure videos of non-WN's who present this danger for confusion, as those individuals and groups are "red herrings".

6. For the same reasons described above, we're not going to allow any videos promoting "red herrings." White Nationalism requires no new boogyman. No Alex Jones videos at all. No prison planet videos, no info wars videos, no Eric Huffschmidt, no red herrings period.

7. WNTube will only allow videos in the languages spoken by its staff so that we are able to adequately screen incoming videos. Presently, those languages include the English language only. If you speak a language other than what's listed above, you can periodically check this thread for updates, as additional languages may be allowed in the future. Right now, these are the ONLY languages allowed. Videos in languages other than English will be removed. The only exceptions may be videos of White Power bands that are unquestionably WN, historical films related to WW2, or videos with English subtitles. If you want to take the time to add English subtitles, so we understand what's being said, we'll allow it. Only post on the WNTube in the English language. If you don't speak English, use an online translator.

8. Profanity is highly discouraged. Be tactful. Racial epithets can be used if used responsibly. Responsible use of epithets means that if epithets are used, you are required to produce some evidence about ethnic crimes, such news articles or video footage, which is shocking enough to a reasonable person's conscience as to justify the use of epithets. However, epithets cannot be used in thread or video titles under any circumstance, even if justified. We want our thread/video titles using normal language for search engines, which means NO neologisms. Words like groid, she-boon, nignog, and the like can't be used in video/thread titles because the public isn't familiar with these terms and thus will never use these terms when using search engines. You can use epithets in tags or video descriptions if you desire, but if you do please use normal language as well for search engine purposes.

9. Regarding audio files... Epithets in audio file titles are obviously allowed, since artists frequently title their songs with epithets. Even though other genres are presented as options in the genre list for audio files, only WN music is allowed on WNTube. Only WN broadcasts are allowed on WNTube. White ethnic music is allowed, if you own the copyright, or have copyright permissions from the copyright owner.

10. Make a good faith effort to use proper spelling and grammar. If you can't spell, use a spell-checker. Don't make us look illiterate. If you make us look illiterate, we will assume you're a troll who came here hoping to make the average WN look like the banjo-picker from the movie Deliverance, and we'll get rid of you.

11. This site will not be used to promote people or groups in the movement who are known or believed to be rats, or known to advocate illegal activity. The reason why is because we don't want to see you getting in trouble. It's for everyones' protection. Besides, there are few things worse than being a traitor.

12. We name the jew here. Philo-semitic videos, groups or posts are not allowed. People and organizations who attack or expel "anti-semites" aren't welcome here, nor are their videos. At WNTube, we believe that the jew is at the root of the racial problem; so if the jew is taboo for you, then we consider you to be counter-productive and do not value your contributions; and if that's the case, WNTube is not for you. We believe in finding a cure for the root problem, not merely the symptoms.

13. There will never be opposing views on this site. If you are anti-White and want to debate, do it somewhere else. You will be banned here. If you are WN and want to debate anti-Whites, do it somewhere else. This site is for White Nationalists ONLY. If the videos are anti-WN, then we don't want them here.

14. Only upload videos of interest, directly or indirectly, to White Nationalism. Whether or not a video is deemed to be "of interest to White Nationalism" is absolutely within the discretion of WNTube staff. We don't want to see videos of interest to WN buried by videos which aren't of interest to WN.

15. Please search WNTube before uploading. Duplicitous videos consume server space and therefore aren't allowed. If the same video has already been uploaded, please don't upload it again. We will delete duplicates.

16. When registering, please use understandable screen names, not random characters. Do not put anything in your profile, be it web links or signatures, which is unrelated to WN. If you do, there's a good chance you might be confused with a bot or spammer and get banned. You can also eliminate that confusion by introducing yourself when you register. Please do.

17. By uploading, you agree that you are uploading original content or have permission from copyright owners to reproduce content other than yours. WNTube will not be responsible for videos you upload.

18. These guidelines apply site-wide, both on the forum and on the video-hosting site. They are subject to amendment at any time in order to adapt to changing circumstances, so revisit these guidelines from time to time. These guidelines provide you due notice of the rules of the site, and we expect you to abide by the rules.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009, 10:29 PM
First impressions very favourable! :)

Sunday, November 29th, 2009, 09:55 PM
I am surprised that big brother allows such a website. There is some sick stuff on there.