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Saturday, November 14th, 2009, 07:38 AM
This may not concern those of you in Europe, but I was thinking about this recently and I believe that all people of European descent, or more specifically of germanic or nordid descent (in relation to skadi) should consider this question. Also, if I say 'European' from here on in, I'm doing so just for simplicities sake. I mean to refer directly to germanics, but what I'm going to say actually affects all European ancestral groups in general.

Never before in history have Europeans been so displaced from each other. You have Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin Americas, and so on, all with Euro populations. Even countries such as Iceland present a special case. All of it revolves around isolation, genetic drift, and possible adaptation. Now, I imagine those factors would take an immense amount of time before they can affect the genetic makeup of a population, but I just wanted to look at it hypothetically. My question is:

Is it a good idea for Europeans, or germanics and nordids more specifically to be so separated and isolated from each other? What will become of the distant future for each of these isolated populations? Wouldn't it be better if they were all together, maintaining their general homogeneity? I imagine the periods that we have already spent apart hasn't changed anything, but what about in thousands, or possibly tens of thousands of years? This is all speculation because I have no idea what may happen in the future, and it's not exactly a drastic and imminent issue, but I still think it is one that should be discussed.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009, 06:33 PM
Blood and Soil not just blood is a component in race. If Germans moved to America over generations if they are isolated the Americans would be a new branch of the Germanic family with its own peculiar traits. Though if you have a lot of travel and intermarriage between regions the regional variation would be small. So it is possible to maintain one folk over thousands of years in that case.

The thing is though generally the best of humanity expands. Just like in your own family if you have 10 kids the best of the 10 should lead. Then that humanity strikes out and adapts to its local landscape. Over thousands of years the landscape itself might change slightly. But we are not animals. We are not tied to the landscape in a total way, because we adapt and change the landscape ourselves our changes will only be subtle. I mean for example a white person living in the tropics doesn't need to turn black. He puts on a hat, some sun lotion and stays indoor more often. Likewise we can practice eugenics and keep our people within a certain "ideal". If we had communities willing to do this which we don't. The third component of race is: community (folkscommunity- volksgemeinschaft) blood, soil, and folk- the trinity that makes a race. The cultural Marxists have stripped us of these things. They have destroyed our communities by integrated schools, churches, social clubs etc. destroyed blood through race mixing and dysgenics (welfare programs) and the constant media glorification of such, stripped us of our soil through mass immigration, travel etc. We must rebuild.

Anyway the problem today is that the worst of humanity is expanding and the best is shrinking.

I think currently though our cocnern is mainly about what makes Germanic humanity different from the rest? And how can we preserve that.

Monday, November 16th, 2009, 06:22 PM
To be seperated from the main racial stock of the race means there will be variations to adaption to that area of which nature works.
It would be better if all the local group ie germanics scandinavians breed within their own group thus lifting the genetics to a higher level of evolution.
As they carry the highest refined genetics. It is absalutly neccessary that a new land is found in which to breed the best racial stock to bear forth a new civilisation. This must entail the asatru religion and the bonding of the people to the soil by blood and land. The land must be away to the north as evolution always pushes the animals to the apex of the ice lands. It must be allowed to be uncorupted by any form of negative imigrant thus keeping its racial blood pure. The Nordic religion will bond the people and race to a new order and a new civilation in which it must lead this will be the land of Asgard witch will bear a new order of inteligence, art, creativity, geniuses and advanced technology maintained by a perfect people.

Monday, November 16th, 2009, 07:03 PM
Wouldn't it be better if they were all together, maintaining their general homogeneity?
That is certainly not a new question. Millions asked that after the European empires split up into these isolated colonies and that is the primary cause for the second world war.

Looking at it today from a nationalist view, people are more stubbern than ever and using this as an excuse to seperate us. Some use geographical excuses, as if being outside/inside Europe is what counts, totally ignoring that Germanic people are just that no matter where they are. Then you have these weird civic nationalists who think their one state or whatever is superior to any other Germanic state or grouping. They tend to totally ignore our origins and keep themselves in some artifical world. Germany to them is just another country, not a racial union of our people.

I would say that we are much behind most other groups in the world for uniting. In Europe the Slavs generally expect eachtother (and us, getting mad if we refuse) as a single people. Southern Europeans are also much more racially aware, although this could just be due to them being on the front lines of invasion. And in other parts of the world, you can see entire races united; India, for example. The biggest gap there is Islam (which is a plague for any people).

Although one easy thing to look at is the internet and mass media. At least there we have a way of staying together despite distances. Only in the last decade could I easily befriend Austrailians who live in the exact opposite time zone as me.

Monday, November 16th, 2009, 11:02 PM
I also wanted to clarify that I wasn't suggesting that all germanic or nordid people should return to Europe and 'mix' together or something. I guess people of mixed descent outside of Europe will just have to deal with it, as they do not really fit in Europe. I am positive that I could blend in with any germanic or Northern/NorthWestern nation, but it doesn't change the fact that I don't "belong," since I am not from there or of one ethnic descent.

All I'm saying is that if these groups of people remain so far apart and isolated from each other indefinitely, then there may come a time in the future when they've diverged off onto their own paths, to a point where they aren't so close to the others anymore. No solution I guess! :-O

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009, 03:37 PM
No but they will remain close. Its evolution. They will change but still carry in them the seed that has made their ancestors stronger. Take some primitive group living in some far remote part of the world. Their I.Q. is low, their social behavior not well refined, their culture primitive, their people ugly etc.
If a higher evolved race like Germanics were to colonize that area and remain isolated, barring dysgenics caused by small population/inbreeding you may have a different group there 1,000 years later but they still carry those traits that are more useful to them- the greater intelligence, civility, useful Germanic traditions etc. I don't think isolation would cause a group to go backwards in evolution. The only thing that would do that is cultural marxism or a flawed culture combined with exessive resources.

If you look at history this has already happened. The ancient Caucasions split into several subgroups- though each of them roughly a "civilized" race. Your Meds (back before they mix bred from exessive slavery- that is the more Aryan Med groups), your Alpines and Nordics etc. In the past there was little done against intermarriage of Aryan groups. Vikings for example freely assimilated and intermarried with those groups. Yet when they encountered Skraelings they refused to do so. There was some common seed that remained- some common evolution.