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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009, 09:15 PM
VATICAN CITY – A prominent African cardinal said Monday there was no reason why the next pope couldn't be black, particularly following the election of President Barack Obama.

Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson of Ghana is playing an important role in guiding a three-week meeting at the Vatican on the challenges of the Catholic Church in Africa.

At a news conference Monday, Turkson was asked whether he thought the time was right for a black pope, especially in light of Obama's election.

"Why not?" Turkson replied. He argued that every man who agrees to be ordained a priest has to be willing to be a pope, and is given training along the way as bishop and cardinal. "All of that is part of the package."

He also noted that former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan was from Ghana.

"He had problems, but he still did it," Turkson said. "And now it is Obama of the United States. And if by divine providence — because the church belongs to God — if God would wish to see a black man also as pope, thanks be to God!"

Speculation about the possibility of a pope from the developing world has swirled for years, as that is where the Catholic Church is growing most: In Africa, between 1978 and 2007, the number of Catholics grew from 55 million to 146 million. By contrast, Catholic communities in Europe are in decline.

In 1978, the Polish-born Pope John Paul II became the first non-Italian pope in 455 years. Cardinals followed in 2005 by electing German-born Pope Benedict XVI.

Whether the European-heavy College of Cardinals will look outside Europe for Benedict's successor is an open question. Benedict enjoys good health at 82, and there are no signs the job will become open soon.

But Turkson may well be in the running when the time comes. The 60-year-old archbishop of Cape Coast, Ghana, was appointed by Benedict to be the relator, or key discussion leader, of the synod on Africa.

It's a high-profile position — important for letting cardinals get to know prelates from regions other than their own.

During the press conference Monday, he was deft in handling delicate questions about the church in Africa, including one about priests who stray from their vows of celibacy and live openly with women.

"I might say I knew that question would come up," he quipped.

He said the matter was not something to hide or be ashamed of. Rather, he said, the aim should be to help priests who are struggling and support them in living out their vows.

Turkson also was asked about the Catholic Church's position on the use of condoms as a way to fight HIV, which has ravaged the continent. The Vatican opposes condoms, as well as any form of artificial birth control. Critics say the church's position has only worsened the HIV problem.

Turkson didn't rule out condoms outright, suggesting they could be useful in a situation of a married, faithful couple where one partner is infected.

But he said the quality of condoms in Africa is poor, and can engender false confidence. He said abstinence and fidelity were the key to fighting the epidemic, along with refraining from sex if infected.

He also said the money being spent on condoms would be better spent providing anti-retroviral drugs to those already infected.

"Let's talk clearly," he said. "We're talking about a product of a factory, and there are different qualities. There are condoms that arrive in Ghana which in the heat will burst during sex. And when that is the case, then it gives a false sense of security which rather facilitates the spread of HIV/AIDs. And when that is the case, we are reluctant — even in the case of conjugal relations of people who are faithful," to suggest condom use as a way of preventing AIDS.


Tuesday, October 13th, 2009, 11:27 AM
I have read that the Catholic Church is loosing ground in Europe mostly because it becomes less and less European. Espaily afther Vatican II. A black pope might be the final nail to the coffin of Catholism in Europe.

Monday, October 19th, 2009, 09:22 PM
If that ever happened there would be alot of people leave the catholic church

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010, 06:01 PM
Race shouldn't be an issue. Just by practicing Catholicism, believers perpetrate a critical aspect of Western Civilization. The Catholic worldview is essentially Western, although that's downplayed, for reasons of cultural sensitivity. If a Black pope went 'native', however, and started introducing non-Christian beliefs and practices, that would be a major problem. I wouldn't expect him to do that.

Monday, November 28th, 2016, 07:37 PM

We in the Catholic University spoke about the Black Pope 10 years ago. The Christianity looses Europe, because the informational society can bring the black side of the Church to the wide mass and the people can know about other cults and religion, moreover they can compare them. The uncensored History can show that 2000 year old bloodshed what is the Church in the real life.

Hence the priests have gone to the Thirld World where are many illiterate people without any school or just basic school or exactly the Church have schools and thus they will be christianized when he/she finishes the school. Moreover the population of the Thirld World grow extremely and this is better hunting place for the Church than the educated, free minded, but reducing Europeans.

The Christianity always has need large numbered, idiot, uneducated, mentally disordered people, because this kind of men easier believ the greatest idiotisms of the World. This kind of men believ anything and some of them choose the torture or the death for an idiotism. Hence was the Classical Antiquity is bad for the Christianity as the Philosophs in the squares of Athen made ridiculous the Christian fanatics. However when Constantinus needed an universal religion what he could force to any roman subjects, he has chosen the Christianity as an Imperial Religion. Nobody know why. The Classical Antiquity, well, under the Barbarian invasions, lived.

Just under Theodosius has banned the old pagan cults, the Olympia and engaged the fanatic hordes whos were mostly monks, the most fanatic kind of Christians. I went to a Monastery-Temple very often many years ago and the monks can say the greatest idiotism, f.e. Tsunami is the wrath of God and etc. So this kind of monk hordes started to destroy the old temples, cultic places, the libraries what were the gather-points of the pagan studies. The military and the urban law enforcment what was well developed in the great cities in the roman time did not guard the pagan places against the monk hordes. The Western Empire was not so critical place, they lived together the old paganism and the Christianism. The Frank kings and later Emperors started destroy the paganism in the Germanic world what followed the Keltic, the Slavic and the Norse rulers. In Hispany was the Muslims, in Italy this was the age when the Church started to grow and it destroyed all pagan remains.

However in the Germanic and in the Slavic world in the North in the village the heathendom is survived till the age of Reformation where the remained heathen medicine man/woman and heathen priest/priestness killed as witch or wizzard.
Only in the Norse countries were where but were violent actions f.e. in Sweden between the heathen and christian noblemen, but there spread silently the Christianism, moreover the christian writers have written the old Sagas as neautral historic stories or fairy tales. There was not the fanatism as in the Frank Empire or in the Eastern Empire. In the Levante and North-Africa was a bless that the Saracens defeated the Christians, because they did not destroy the pagan books, but the Saracens used this knowledge.

In the place where the Western Christianity and the Muslim world met, Hispany and South-Italy the pagan knowledge could leak back into the Christian world. Because the fall of Constantinople in 1453 the greek scholars went to Italy too. This is the reason why was the centre the Renaissance is Italy. The bookprinting is invented in Germany, the German Rulers wanted secesse from Rome, two these points led to the Reformation where England, Scandinavia and the most of the Holy Roman Empire had secessed from the Church. The Church started the Counter-Reformation, hence in Spain, in France and in Italy stayed catholic and the remained last pagans were killed by the Holy Inquisition. The Entlightment in the catholic France and in the protestant England started defeat the Church in Europe. Well, somebody in the Catholic University said that the Protestantism is the first step to the Atheism. Many German philosopher had protestant pastor father like as Nietzsche.

The last offensive of the Church was the support of catholic fascist dictators like as Mussolini, Franco, Horthy (in Hungary), Dollfuß (in Austria) and the Austro-Bavarian Hitler. One of the deed was when Mussolini toke off the power and secure, that in 1929 he has maden the Lateran Treaty with the Church. Between the fall of the Papal State in the 19th century and this treaty, the pope was an italian citizen and the buildings of the Church stood on italian soil. Mussolini has created the Vatican City as an indpendent state with some outer object as the Lateran Cathedral (what was the original main cathedral in Rome till the rise of the Papacy when the Saint Peter basilica has becomen the main cathedral) and the Castel Gandolfo in the beautiful italian countryside.

The pope with these fascist dictators wanted destroy his main enemy, the Soviet Communist State. Maybe this was the reason that Hitler conquered the half of Europe, but they fanaticly wanted attack the Sovietunion what was the ally of the isolated Weimarian Republic and later the Hitlerist State. Hitler in the Sovietunion could test own tanks, heavy artilerry, aircrafts what were banned in the Wersailles Treaty. The Sovietunion was a confident ally after closely two decade. We learnt in the Catholic Unversity that Stalin wanted attack. However I have red that Stalin mentally collapsed to more weeks when own ally attack him. I believ the last version, because Stalin had peace with Japan, but he had interests in China and Mongolia. He need a secure back what was Germany under 20 years. Well, Hitler fanatically wanted attack the Sovietunion and maybe... maybe he had some deel with the Vatican that he will be enough strong, he will attack the greatest enemy of the Papacy. Maybe Hitler feared from the Vatican, because they supported when he went to the power and he dropped the civil parrties from the power, but those few thousand SS-soldier would not defend him againts the practics and power methods of the 2000 years old Vatican and he might think if he do not destroy the Communism, the Vatican will find another German who will lead the German Armed Forces into the Communist State.

Well, Hitler lost the war, the fascist systems have fallen in Europe, last Franco's Spain and the Sovietunion had conquered the half of Europe. Stalin once asked the pope that "How many division has the Vatican?" The plan failed and the Stalin got a massive anticlerical propagand in the Sovietunion and in the Communist states in Eastern Europe. Only Poland was still catholic as the religion was the resistance against the Soviets. However we see the religion map of Europe, f.e. Germany, the formal German Democratic Republic's provinces are the most unreligious. The Christianity is definitely more spreaded in the West than the East. Hence the Vatican wanted destroy the Sovietunion at all cost. The cost what they with their dictators burned the whole Europe and the cost of the old christian (especially catholic) Anti-Semitism what means 6 million jewish victim.

As I have written above now, in the 21th century with the internet what contact each other the whole world and with the post-war secular education the Church will loose Europe, well, I think will be here some christian. The centre of the Church is Latin-America, Africa and South-Asia. I am curious when put there the centre of the Papacy from the Post-Christian Europe. The contemporary pope is Latin-American, it is a sign and I would say that him will follow African and South-Asian popes too.