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Northern Paladin
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004, 12:31 AM
Rushton, J. Philippe - Race, Evolution and Behavior (2000) (http://forums.skadi.net/local_links.php?action=jump&id=391&catid=16)

“[an] incendiary thesis....that separate races of human beings evolved different reproductive strategies to cope with different environments and that these strategies led to physical differences in brain size and hence in intelligence. Human beings who evolved in the warm but highly unpredictable environment of Africa adopted a strategy of high reproduction, while human beings who migrated to the hostile cold of Europe and northern Asia took to producing fewer children but nurturing them more carefully.” -- Malcolm W. Browne, New York Times Book Review

“Rushton’s Race, Evolution, and Behavior...is an attempt to understand [race] differences in terms of life-history evolution....Perhaps there ultimately will be some serious contribution from the traditional smoke-and-mirrors social science treatment of IQ, but for now Rushton’s framework is essentially the only game in town.” -- Henry Harpending, Evolutionary Anthropology

How does Race Effect Behavior?...and what are your observations.

Northern Paladin
Friday, July 30th, 2004, 12:33 AM

Thought it was an informative read.
Highlights the Evolution of Race and Racial differences.

Friday, July 30th, 2004, 03:43 AM
I didn't like Rushton's book. I would recommend something by Carleton Coon, Carleton Putnam, Arthur Jenson & Baker.

Northern Paladin
Friday, July 30th, 2004, 05:00 AM
I didn't like Rushton's book. I would recommend something by Carleton Coon, Carleton Putnam, Arthur Jenson & Baker.

What don't you like about it? I find it Ironic that Jensen gives Rushton's book a positive review.

"This brilliant book is the most impressive theory-based study . . . of the psychological and behavioral differences between the major racial groups that I have encountered in the world literature on this subject."
---Arthur R. Jensen, University of California, Berkeley

Friday, July 30th, 2004, 05:15 AM
I didn't read the whole book but I did read an abstract on it when his theories first came out. I was a student at UWO when Race, Evolution and Behavior came out. Back then, I wasn't really race conscious as I am now but I agreed with what he wrote.

Friday, July 30th, 2004, 07:03 AM
I found some sections helpful, but it was the first book I read dealing with race and I found that a lot of his data was thrown at the reader with little explanation.

Friday, August 19th, 2005, 09:33 PM

This is a complete (I believe) abridged version of J. Philippe Rushton's book Race, Evolution and Behavior: A Life History Perspective. I found it to be very informative, and very scientific in it's conclusions, citing many good studies as references. While it doesn't go into a lot of specifics (especially regarding subraces) it covers a fair amount of ground.

I found reference to it on skadi, but not any links to the work itself, so I thought this would be helpful.

Thursday, September 29th, 2005, 01:15 AM
A Life History Perspective
Professor J. Philippe Rushton
University of Western Ontario

Download as .PDF file (http://www.charlesdarwinresearch.org/Race_Evolution_Behavior.pdf)

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005, 06:33 PM

The german translator seems to be an advocate of race-mixing, though. Well, as long as he's only translating the book, that's fine by me.

The document is written to possibly not offend political correct people. The next time a teacher is decrying Darwinism during lesson ("See what the evil Nazis did with it"; "Everybody is equal" etc. - I had this happen all the time when I was in school) , provide them with the above link and bring in a sound bite.