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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009, 09:41 PM
This guy is a bit exalted and very bad language is used, but some interesting concepts nonetheless ...

I'm Gonna' Get My Own Fuckin' Israel

by Edward J. (28 February 2004)

What a sorry situation! Bein' locked up in Amerikwa, suffocated, while jOG crams Amerikwa fuller and fuller of shit, genocides my race, everything stacked up against me, no options, no way out, no place to go, no future for my personal family Gene Pool and my White Race.

I could run to the burbs or a small town in the Heartland, but wherever I go in Amerikwa, I'm still open to full assault from the long arm of jOG. jOG is now the "Law of the Land" with all the assets of the multi-racial police state applied against Whites who "hate". If I buy a gun, jOG sends their helicopters and tanks to get me.

I need a base, a safe house where I can go for total security, a place where I know my wife and kids are safe, a place for the essence of my Whiteness to thrive.

A Benedict Arnold? Am I a quitter? Naw, I don't think so. Quit what? Quit America? Can't quit what ain't. We got Amerikwa now, America has been dead for some time. Betray jOG Amerikwa, betray that which betrayed my White Race? jOG is the Benedict Arnold.

Jesse James made raids north of the Mason-Dixon Line but returned home to the safety of family and community. But the place Jesse returned to, that place is no longer to be found anywhere in Amerikwa.

Enter DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Exploit the Amerikwan jOG beast, while you let your genes thrive in YOUR OWN PURE WHITE NATION.

"I got a Dream!" And, I got a Plan too.

I see all this whining about Israel. Israel is a powerful idea, a powerful concept, a safe house with nukes for the jew race. People complaining it ain't fair to others what the criminal murdering kikes got, and what they get away with.

Fuck these whiners. They're dummies, crybabies and chickenshits. It's pure jealousy.

Kikes got their bloodsucker fangs imbedded deep in Amerikwa's jugular. So much the better for kikes. Kikes got two passports, or more. A safe house. Kikes got their very own Kike Izzy Homeland. Kikes got the world by the balls.

White Man. What you got? You got shithole Amerikwa. That's it, all of it.


I say the complainers about the jews' Israel are all jealous pussies, not willin' to do the work necessary to get their own goddamn Israel, too cowardly to take what they need, that they are forced to live in shithole jOG Amerikwa because they are too weak to do anything about it, with no place to go of their own.

I want me two passports like the jews got. A safe house. I'm real tired of cowering and begging in Amerikwa.

I want my own fuckin' Israel!

I want it to be set up in a manner damn close to kike Israel, a racial dictatorship posing as a democracy, except you'll need to pass a 100% White Gene Test to get into my White Israel, to be a citizen.


I like that "Big Wall" concept the Izzys got. I want a wall around my White Israel that'll make the Great Wall of China look like a child's constructor set.

I want some this Israel shit for myself. Look at this deal the Izzy kikes got.

$1 million per day of free money sucked out of Amerikwa. I want more yet for my White Israel.

Izzys stole free nukes and subs from Amerikwa too, to scare the shit out of the rest of the world. I pay Amerikwan taxes, so I want my nukes too. My White Israel wants that too. We want some of that. Then we'll do what we like, when we like. Don't sick no jew World Court on us, or you'll get the big KABOOOM!

We'll have "free speech" laws that give us and noone else but us White MEN "free speech". You got to be a racially pure scion of the White Euro Race, or you can't come in. It will be a place where a White Man can revel in his own Whiteness, the beauty of his wimmen and children, and the uniqueness and society of his race.

And $1 million a day.

Look at those Russian oligarchs. Murdering thieves. Kikes steal Russian oil and factories, go to Israel, lie in the sun, buy and fuck blonde, blue-eyed Ukrainian and Moldavan slaves, make a legacy of 20 kids and clip stock coupons for work. Sounds good to me.

I want my money "laundered".

I don't want no taxes either.


I want it all.

I want me and my friends to make "aliyah" to my "White Israel".

My forbears built America. But, now it's dead and gone. jews hijacked it, raped it and turned it into the multi-racial shithole, Amerikwa. Jews remade Amerikwa in their image and know what Amerikwa is good for. For trashing and for Mammon sucking. I know what it's good for too---today. It's a good place to suck Mammon while it dies. Get it while you can. A place where you take a good shit, then leave.

I will pick over terminal Amerikwa just like the jews do, til it's worthless to me, then I'll be gone to my own White Israel.

I want a right to go to my own White Homeland "automatically" ("aliyah' -- just like jews, just show up, no paper work), a citizenship based on my genetic membership in the Great White Euro Gene Pool, no requirements beyond that at all.

I want my part of $1 million per day from Amerikwa while it lasts.

I want a place to sire my own dynasty of White babies with my pick of Euro wimmen. I want a place to clip stock coupons til worldwide capitalism is dead. I want a place for my beautiful, lithe wimmen and my strong sons and pretty daughters, all White, all safe and secure and away from the Amerikwan shithole, all wholesome and loving of their Great White Protector Father. Whilst I suck my share of the remaining Mammon from the dying Amerikwan corpse to provide for them.

I want a wall to separate me from all non-Whites.

I want to make "aliyah" to my White Homeland.

I want a second passport as my ticket out of shithole Amerikwa. A second citizenship. Fuck Amerikwa! My second-dual "White Israel" citizenship will be both my current insurance policy and the title to my future permanent home.

I'm staying in Amerikwa for today to suck. But, I got my White Israel citizenship papers ready to go. I got my boat money. I'm building my little pile for my wimmen and babies who I've already sent over for safety. Converting it out of US$ to Euros and gold.

By the time jews, niggers and muds hit 40% of the total population of Amerikwa, I'll jump the Titanic, have my little Mammon pile built and be off. I'll take off to my White Israel, and sit in my garden in the sun sipping wine with my big White Family while it grows and matures and watch Amerikwa die.

Amerikwa in its death throes will be some funny shit to watch.

Think it's just all talk. At one time Jamestown was the whole of what became White America.

Well, today there are plans and negotiations for the building of a White Israel. A free, self-determined, independent 100% Whites-Only Euro Nation. The White Folk Nation. 2400 square miles in the heart of blonde blue-eyed north Eastern Europe. It won't be as big as Alaska. It will cost a little more than Seward paid for Alaska. But, the seller sees the benefits of a good neighbor, and will provide good title, with full sovereignty and full self-determination for a fair price.


More "My Own Fuckin' Israel"

by Edward J. (2 March 2004)

Interim Goal, Initial Challenge: To purchase land outright, free and clear, a sovereign land, and then build from scratch an autonomous White Race Nation equivalent in size, scope, power and influence to the jews' Israel.



1 : of, relating to, or marked by autonomy -- self-governing -- self-directed freedom and independence.

2 : having the right or power of self-government; undertaken or carried on without outside control: SELF-CONTAINED.

3 : existing independently.


Caveat: Too much advanced planning is self-defeating. As in all business, victory goes to the "doing thinker", not to the "thinking doer".

A Possible Place to Start:

1) Basis for citizenship in the new Pure White Nation: WHITE GENES--GENETICALLY TESTED WHITE GENES. A Nation based on genetic makeup, not language, not culture. Historical Aryan mythology is OK and likely beneficial if exploited in the same manner as the jewish trumped-up justification for the creation of Israel. GENES ARE FIRST. Culture comes from genes, not genes from culture.

2) Language: English OK--with 2nd Aryan cultural language taught in schools. Why English? Most Whites worldwide know some English. Most city-folk East and West Europeans know some English.

3) Political Contract, Government: For the first 30 years, a "Leader" with tested resolve, chosen by acclamation, with absolute and total authority, will set policy. Like Alex. Thereafter, a fixed, immutable, race-based political contract. Citizenship based solely on membership in the White Race. A race republic of White Male Citizens Only, with those Men 25 or older, who own landed property, as electors.

4) Likely initial citizens -- Most White Men will not relocate to White Israel, just as most jews do not relocate to jew Israel. But, White Israel will be a beacon of light to all White Men everywhere. An ideal to replicate. A place to look for guidance. Who will move there now: A vanguard of pure White racial realists, Whites who appreciate uninterrupted White beauty and society, some activist WNs, maybe some "Holocaust Deniers", separatist Pilgrims (like those who rode the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock), displaced Whites worldwide (South Africans, Zimbabweans) and some dual-passport-type Whites looking for a backup second citizenship safe house or insurance policy against the inevitible worldwide multi-racial, mongrelist collapse. All Whites will want to know that White Israel IS THERE. All will want to visit and experience the White Holy Land.


A new nation, purchased from, separated from, and no longer part of, or associated with, Russia, or any other nation. Independent, autonomous, self-determined. A bright beacon of White Light for White Man everywhere -- a place and a paradign of White Purity.

Other locations are of course possible, but Russians appear the most politically receptive to WNs and the Pskov Region is located in the heart of the Great White Gene Pool.

Once Buyer (WNs) and Seller (Russia) close the sale on this tract of land and the deed is recorded by Koffi Annan the new independent, autonomous Pure White Race Nation formally comes into being.

The few in number former Russian local inhabitants may either return to Russia or be welcomed as citizens of this new nation. So, to keep it simple, pick the sparsely populated of the Pskov Region, mostly the unused area. Or some simular location.

The Pskov Region is far enough south for efficient agricultural. A small portion of the Pskov Region is big enough for economic self-sufficiency. Again, a "small", Switzerland-sized, sparsely settled segment of the Pskov Region would meet WN criteria OK.

How big? Why not just a Monaco or a Lichtenstein? Postage stamp size? Might work for a purely legal entity with a big computer staff. These are fully independent autonomous nations with worldwide legal standing. A computer based independent White Nation issuing passports and passing laws owning but one square foot of space? Possible. But yet, a White Israel, about the size of Switzerland, would be a better initial goal, especially as it would provide real living room and sustainability for a White political vanguard, for a base of landed agricultural settlers and for a growing stream of politically oppressed Whites -- South Africans, Zimbabweans, Amerikwans, "Holocaust deniers". Family building and White society must have room to thrive. Viable farming with the economic self-suffiiciency and the military security of a Switzerland.