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Aryan Species
Saturday, November 30th, 2002, 03:13 AM
At this moment in history the white race/species is on the verge of complete genetic annihilation. How can this be possible? Only 100 years ago our species ruled the world. Our people made up 1/3 of the total population of the planet. We had expanded from our ancient homelands of Europe to new lands in North America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Today we only make up 7% of the total population of the world, all white countries have birth rates below replacement. Why?

Personally I reject the idea of a single human species, there is ample scientific evidence to suggest that the standard definition which states that "any two life forms that can breed and produce fertile offspring are of the same species" is misguided at best. Many life forms that are clearly from different species are capable of producing fertile offspring. For example buffalo and cattle are considered different species but are capable of producing fertile offspring, wolves and coyotes are also considered different species but are capable of producing fertile offspring, a few other examples are lions/tigers,mallards/wood ducks and blacks/whites. The minimum amount of time necessary fore a new species to form is about 10,000 years, however human population groups have been separated for about 110,000 years. In reality there are actually four human species: Asian,Caucasian, Negroid, and mixed.

Nature proceeds in one of two directions either towards quality or towards quantity. In a harsh environment like Northern Europe, or Northern Asia nature shifts towards quality, all life forms in these regions are refereed to as k-selected. In a more mild environment like Sub-Saharan Africa, or South America nature shifts towards quantity, all life forms in these regions are refereed to as r-selected. The average IQ of the Negroid population of Sub-Saharan Africa is 70. The average IQ of the Caucasian population of Europe is 103.

A person who has an IQ of 70 or below is considered to be retarded. So basically this means that half of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is retarded. This is the reason for their failure not colonialism, racism, lack of natural resources or money. No amount of money given to them by the I.M.F, United Nations, USA, or do-gooders in general will have any effect except for exacerbating the situation by creating exponential third world population growth. By the way when was the last time you've heard of some do-gooder organization sending money to a middle class white family so they can have more children, answer: never.

So what are some possible reasons for the declining birth rate of whites? The tax rate on the average middle class white family in total is about 50%. So even if they'd like to have more children they can't afford to because they want to be responsible parents and be able to provide properly for the children that they do have. Blacks on the other hand can simply have as many children as the want and depend on the government or do-gooder organizations to care for their children. This is the main evolutionary strategy on behalf of blacks, quantity over quality. Another possible reason for the declining white birth rate is the constant stream of anti-white propaganda put out in the school system, TV, movies, print media, and radio.

In the public school system white children are taught how evil and awful their ancestors were, white children are given a sense of group guilt for all of the wrongs of the past. However anything that whites have done in the past which is considered to be good is taught as an individual act of a single person not attributable to the group. Conversely black children are taught to have a sense of group pride for historical accomplishments which are either nonexistent or over inflated. It is considered wonderful that we have things like "African American History Month", however if someone suggested that there should be a "European American History Month", that person would be denounced as a racist, hater,bigot, redneck, or mentally ill person.

MTV teaches white teenagers that "whites are basically lame but if they mimic blacks they can be sort of cool" 75% of all rap music is bought by white teenagers so I guess the brain washing has been effective. Blacks on TV are constantly portrayed as the inverse of what they are in reality such as: brain surgeons, rocket scientists, good Samaritans and everything else that whites apparently are not.

Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Asians are considered by the government to a "protected class" any offensive remarks made by a white person which might offend this protected class is considered to be "hate speech". Affirmative Action gives preferences to minorities in job hiring, contracts, and admittance into universities. Forced integration has destroyed the public school system, at one time the US had the number one elementary/secondary school system in the world now it ranks near the bottom of the industrialized world. The bottom line of all this is basically that the government is providing a disincentive to white women who want to have white children. Because subconsciously she knows that her offspring will be at an inherent disadvantage for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Multiculturalism is really a code word for white genocide. The fewer whites there are the more multicultural it is and the better it is. So if you were to take this concept to its logical extreme when there are no whites left at all we will have reached some sort of multicultural nirvana.

The idea of genitic inequality cannot be debated in public because of course its racist. The word racist has no value whatsoever. It has the same meaning as the word heretic had during the middle ages. Following this type of reasoning it really wasn't that important whether Galileo's support for the heliocentric view of the solar system was correct or not the only important question is Galileo's heresy, of course this would be asinine.

There are other forces at work against us besides propaganda and government policy.In a sense the white race has outsmarted itself buy creating technology which its enemies have used against it. Without mass agriculture there would be no exponential population growth in third world countries. Without modern transportation the massive influx of third world immigration would be nearly impossible. With modern utilities every home has a year round mild climate just like Sub-Saharan Africa. No one has to worry about storing food for the winter just like in Sub-Saharan Africa. What we've done with modern technology is converted the environment of the entire planet into one that mimics Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the reason that third world genetics are expanding and first world genetics are contracting, because our natural harsh climate has disappeared, so our genes which evolved in a harsh environment are no longer advantageous. The bad news for all of our third word friends is that once we disappear all of our technology goes with us. This will probably result in 99% reduction of their population.

Adolf Hitler predicted many of the problems we now have today, back in 1925 when he wrote Mein Kampf. This is why after he became the supreme leader he enacted the Nuremberg race laws in order to prevent the spread of third world genetics in Germany. Also their eugenics program was designed to prevent the increase in the number of white degenerates. A natural outcome if left unchecked in a technological society. Unfortunately Hitler lost the war against bolshevism and international Jewry. I look at it this way whenever we have blacks rioting in the streets or terrorist blowing up buildings, or Jews teaching white kids to hate themselves, or hispanics invading our country, this is nothing less than Hitler's posthumous revenge on America.

Saturday, November 30th, 2002, 06:27 PM
Great post. Did you personally write it or did you get it from somewhere else?

Aryan Species
Saturday, November 30th, 2002, 07:50 PM
Yes I wrote that article last year shortly after the 9/11 attacks on ZOG.

Saturday, November 30th, 2002, 07:54 PM
You seem to have potential to write interesting articles. The post above was well written, you should consider writing your own material which is relevant to the cause.