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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009, 09:00 AM
I will give you a small introduction to Færeyjinga Saga. It was a saga of
Faroese History.


Two of the most known persons of power in Faroe Islands in the Viking days will be desribed.
One was in the northen part controled by Tróndur í Gøtu of Faroe Islands and the other was in the southern part witch was controled by Brestur. Brestur was a freind with the Earl in Trondheim.

Brestur had two sons called Sigmund and Tórur. When they were small boys then Tróndur killed their father. Tróndur captured those two and payed off some norwegian sailour to take those two away from Faroe Isladns.

Those two are described in Færeyjar saga to been sheltered by a man in Norway who lived a bit north from Oslo. When those two grew up they evolved into being real sportsmen and mighty Viking warriors.
They went on Viking trips to Sweden and the british isles.
Since their father was freinds with the earl of Trondheim then they got jobs from the Norwegian king directly where they had large crews with them.

They raided around Sweden and went all the way to Holmgård (novogorod) in Russia.
Sigmund and his brother Tórir lead 5 viking ships with total of 300 men from Norway.

They sailed thence southward to Denmark, and so eastward off Sweden, till they laid their ships off Sweden east of the land. Then said Sigmund to his men: "We must make a landing here, and let us go up like men of war." Then they landed and went up three hundred men together and came to a land where men dwelt; and there they slew men and took gear, and burnt homesteads.

But the question remain if they went past Holmgård and they maybe traveled the Varangian guard route down through eastern europe down to Turkey?

Note: Holmgård was the swedish name for todays town of Novogorod in Russia.

Sigmund told his men not to follow those that fled, for that they had not might enough for this in an unknown land, and they hearkened to him. They got much wealth there and fared with it to their ships; then they sailed away from Sweden and held eastward to Holmgard, and harried there round the islands and nesses.
There are two brothers spoken of that were of the Swede king's realm, the name of the one was Wandil, and of the other Aðil. They were landwardens of the Swede king's, and had never less than eight ships and two dragon-ships with them. Now the Swede king heard these tidings, that there had been a raid made in his land, and he sent word to these brethren and bade them take the life of Sigmund and his fellows. They told him they would do so. And about harvest-tide Sigmund and his men were sailing east, and came under an island that lies off Sweden. Then spake Sigmund to his men: "We have not got among friends here, for they are Swedes that dwell here; let us therefore beware of them. So now I will go upon the island here, and look about me." And he did so, and saw where ten ships lay on the other side of the island; two dragon-ships there were, and eight other ships.

Ragnar Lodbrok
Thursday, March 11th, 2010, 05:20 PM
I have just got to read, study and write my own fictional epic taking place within this saga. I want to really get to see and study the eco-landscape of the Faorese islands for this, I'm really eager to take a look at this lovely island.