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Sunday, May 10th, 2009, 05:22 PM
Frigg is Eternal Wisdom, hence “she knows all the fates of men, though she speaks no prophecy” (Gylfaginning), that is, for she knows all in simultaneity. Sága is the revealed knowledge. Fir is the physician, for those are healed and made pure who are virgin. Gefjun is the virgin, which is without corruption of any kind, primordial. Fulla is the maid who bears the ashen coffer of Frigg. Freyja is the omnipresent radiations of Odin; her tears of red gold symbolize holy powers such as bilocation. Sjöfn is blissful love. Lofn, “leave” is union as by holy matrimony of the soul and the Spirit. Vár is vow or oath, of which she defends. Vör is awareness, penetrating the mysteries. The concept of sin is Syn, “denial, refutation”; she guards the door in the hall keeping out those who should not go in. Hlín, “to lean” is mercy. Snotra, “wise, prudent” is moderation, the middle path for the wise and virtuous. Gná is the spirit moving on the waters or in the air. Also, Sól drives the horses Early-Wake and All-Strong that draw the sun-chariot which the gods had fashioned for the world’s illumination. And Bil supports the cask Sægr and the pole Simul. Finally, the Valkyrs raise those up to the heavens who are worthy.