View Full Version : Relativity and the Web of Wyrd

Friday, April 3rd, 2009, 11:33 PM
I was just thinking about something strange. We all know relativity of motion. Consider if you are in your car and you have a bag of chips on the seat next to you. The car is going 50 mph. The bag of chips seems not to move relative to you. Yet relative to the ground its going 50 mph. Thus if you shot a ball out of your car at a speed of 50 mph and you are already going 50 mph the ball would be traveling at 50 mph relative to you and at 100 (?) relative to the ground.

Speed is relative to the observer. Ok, simple enough. Light travels at a constant speed regardless of the observer.

So we are both standing on a comet and one is heading towards earth at 100 mph and another at 50 mph. considering we are the same distance from earth at the moment we turn on our flashlights both lights reach there at the exact same time!! yet if we each launch a rock off of the comet then they would travel at different speeds. The only real difference is that the faster moving light will be a wider wavelength and the slower a shorter wavelength, which would also be compressed by moving towards the object and stretched by moving away.

Fundamentally light, heat, electricity, magneticism etc. are all the same thing, just different wave lengths. It is some substance that effects matter in various ways. Like heat makes particles move (exites them).

If you were traveling the speed of light or say close to it and shine a light in the opposite direction- I suppose light will go in the opposite direction at the speed of light! Though in which case it would probably be heat or some very low wavelength.

Yet photons (light) can be stored in electron orbits inside matter. The photon in which case cannot be traveling at the speed of light nor observed, only the change in matter can be observed.

Light can be converted to matter and vice versa. I guess the old E=mc2.
Fundamentally this goes back to spinoza's logical conclusions:

All things in the universe are one substance- taking different forms. We are all connected. This seems to go back to the ideal of the web of wyrd in which time and space are even included that past present, future and all things in existance are connected (the present can effect the past, I can effect someone 3,000 miles away etc.). Which dips into theories of the eternal return.

Seems to explain psychic ability, sympathy magick and maybe has some implications towards time travel (going back in time- maybe possible?)

I just feel like I'm on the verge of some deeper understanding. Any ideals?