View Full Version : Hate Preacher: I Want "Sharia" Law In Britain

Monday, March 30th, 2009, 11:33 AM

RADICAL Muslim Anjem Choudary has brushed aside a Scotland Yard probe into his inflammatory speeches to demand that Britain should become a Sharia state.

His voice rising with passion and *vigour, he told his growing army of followers in central London on Friday night: “Let me tell you something – the Sharia will be implemented in Pakistan, it will be implemented in India and Bangladesh and even down the road in Downing Street.”

He was sharing a platform with four other senior members of Islam4UK, a new organisation which is attracting the sort of believers who loyally followed hate preacher Abu Hamza before he was locked up.

Muslims around the world will rise and eventually conquer the White House, said Choudary, comparing the struggle ahead with that faced by Muslims hundreds of years ago, who constantly brushed the dust of battles from their eyes as they conquered nations.

Astonishingly, he compared himself to Noah from the Old Testament in one ranting outburst.

“People said ‘look at that man building that boat in the mountain’,” he said. “Now they say ‘look at that lunatic calling for the Sharia in Britain’ ... they say the same thing.”

Like those doubters in centuries past, Muslims will be tested but they must hold true to their convictions.

“The question is, will your footsteps be in the struggle?” he asked the audience of more than 100 young Muslim men who share a deep-seated and *worrying loathing of everything that Britain stands for.

The old Islamic army was 60 million strong and stretched from the “east of the east to the west of the west” and those days will come again, he said, although there are no countries in the world ruled by Sharia.


Monday, March 30th, 2009, 09:01 PM
There needs to be some deportation going on in Britain.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009, 12:07 AM
Of course I would deport all Non Germanics out of Britain but I see the anti-Islam argument as a false argument.
It is recognised as legal in Britain to criticise a religion but not a race. For this reason the BNP criticises Islam. Fair enough.
However, I am sure the system endorses this critique of Islam just because the system fears a rival power.
Primarily because Islam cannot compromise with either Wall street, Jewry or freemasonry.
Similarly, Sharia law circumvents a cumbersome, convoluted legal system with loopholes for the clever written into it.
Under Sharia law drug dealers are executed, hooligans whipped. Local sentiment rules. Developers and builders cannot ride roughshod over community wishes. Relatives can cut up child molesters with knives or execute someone who killed a relative of theirs. Sentiments even most healthy white communities would understand. (Of course Muslims are free to commit any crime against a kaffir)
The powers that be fear Islam and sharia law because it would end corrupt local politics, restore the death penalty and end the power of freemasonry, Jewry and Kapital. (I am sure if the system could expel the Muslims they would happily replace them with negroes- negroes make better slaves and miscegenate more readily than the intolerant Muslim)
I will blow hot and cold on this encouraging Muslims to push for Sharia law while wanting all foreigners out. If it is just a question of expelling Muslims only, it is not a wise chess move.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009, 04:29 AM
I would consider the threat of sharia law to be an attack against the sovereignty and well-being of the natives, which should be followed by retaliation from them. I am highly surprised that no one has lashed out against these muslims yet. It would drive me insane to live in the U.K. and have to see this going on.