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Friday, March 27th, 2009, 05:54 AM
Rising racism, intolerance in Denmark


Ninth April, 1940 is a day many older generation Danes would rather not recall. This was the day Hitler’s army swept through Denmark and Norway in Operation Weserübung. While the clearly overpowered but valiant Norwegian soldiers fought pitched battles with the technologically superior German war machine, the Danish army surrendered without as much as firing a single mortar, much to the chagrin of present day Danes who would rather hear heroic tales of bravery and epic encounters between Danish and German forces.
The only tale unfortunately, is the one of how Danish soldiers showed their athletic muscle as they tore and pounded through the streets--running away from the advancing German army.
Despite the legendary cowardice of the Danish forces, ordinary Danes defied Hitler in a way that still captures the world’s imagination.
When Hitler ordered the commencement of racial laws in Denmark and ordered for the rounding up of Jews, Danes from all walks of life took it upon themselves to save the Jews. Altogether, Danes managed to help 7,000 Jews by hiding them in their homes, cellars, churches and safe houses before slipping them across the border to neighbouring Sweden.
With this single act of immense courage and standing up for others, Danes sent out a message of hope of what ordinary unarmed people can accomplish even when faced by a danger of ernomous proportions. Many Danes understood what it was to be an immigrant because over 300,000 Danes (10% of the entire population) had left Denmark and made the journey to America, in search of the “American Dream” between 1840 and 1920 alone. Others chose to travel the unbeaten track and ventured into Australia, Canada, and some even ended up in Africa.
Karen Blixen is perhaps the most famous of the small group of Danes who attempted to see what the “African Dream” had to offer.
But that was then. Exactly sixty years later, the country now seems to be racing head-first to the far-right, a euphemism for racism.
The ultra-right Danish Peoples’ Party (DPP) swept into parliament as the country’s third-largest party following the 2001 elections, taking 12% of the vote and 22 seats in Denmark’s parliament.
This racist party joined the government in a centre-right coalition and helped push through tough new asylum and immigration laws as well as the drastic cut in aid to the developing world. The Danish Front, a violent anti-immigrant organisation supports the DPP and agitates for the violent expulsion of non-white immigrants in Denmark.
Though the Danish Peoples’ Party denies links to the Danish Front, journalists posing as members of the Danish Front managed to apply and acquired membership of the DPP.
Pia Kjaersgaard is the leader of the DPP. Until twenty years ago, she was a happily married mother of two working as a house-help. When her 16-year-old daughter brought home an African boyfriend, it was more than the conservative Pia could take. She plunged into politics and her message of “Denmark for Danes” struck resonance with other like-minded Danes. She quit her humble job of bathing and feeding old people and plunged into politics and went on to form her own party--the Danish People’s Party.
In the six years the DPP has been in the coalition government, Denmark has numerously been criticised by both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for the rising intolerance in the country. For example,
Denmark has forced Danes marrying foreigners out of the country with their spouses due to tight family reunification laws. Most of the asylum centres have been closed down and the horrifying mistreatment of inmates including children at the functioning asylum centre at Kongelunden near Copenhagen has drawn international condemnation.
The party’s nominee for Mayor for Copenhagen posted a message on her home page calling for the shipping of Arabs residing in Denmark to Siberia’s labour camps “as we are not allowed to kill them”.
Other party officials have been quoted saying Somali refugees should be rounded up, put on planes and ferried to Somalia. It speaks volumes that Denmark is the only country in the world that has licensed a Nazi radio station (Nazi Radio) to broadcast racial propaganda.
Freedom of speech is given as the reason for the existence of the radio station. Interestingly, when a Danish newspaper drew cartoons of the prophet Mohammed as a terrorist causing upheaval in the Muslim world, the Danish government defended it using the freedom of speech excuse.
Pia Kjaersgaard successfully applied for an injunction that makes it illegal in Denmark to refer to her or her party as “racist”.
A Danish university student I talked to, said of the injunction: “It is like hyena successfully petitioning to be called Sheep.
It is noteworthy that there has been no debate arguing that the ruling goes against freedom of speech by limiting the choice of adjectives one may use when talking about official proponents of racism in Denmark.
If Hitler lived today and invaded Denmark, maybe today’s Danes would round up Jews and other “inferior races” and kill or hand them over before Hitler even says the word “Jew”. Maybe the Danish soldiers wouldn’t be instant marathon runners either. Maybe they would march forward to meet the German soldiers to ask if they can borrow swastikas.


Friday, March 27th, 2009, 05:59 AM
Maybe the Danes can prove themselves and clean their bad record by participating this time. :)

Friday, March 27th, 2009, 06:19 AM
What the hell is a Moromanyi Birongo?

The reason the Danish did not fight the Germans energetically is that the German occupation was to prevent an "alied" one. The Danes and schwlewig-Holsteiners are practically the same people. The Saxons were originally Jutlanders.

Very different than Friggin' Birongos.=


German and Danish kids..

http://www.schleswig-holstein.de/STK/EN/Picture/DanishGermanFriendship,property=poster.j pg

Friday, March 27th, 2009, 06:22 AM
At the same time, they're saying immigrants are happy to be in Denmark (http://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=112940). The hysteria about racism is an agenda to push, just like in Germany. More racism > more anti-racism education needed > more immigrants, etc.

Blod og Jord
Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, 11:28 AM
At the same time, they're saying immigrants are happy to be in Denmark (http://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=112940). The hysteria about racism is an agenda to push, just like in Germany. More racism > more anti-racism education needed > more immigrants, etc.
Precisely, my observation too.
We are so racist, but they love it here.
They keep coming. Here it says the number of Muslim communities is increasing:

They must love racism then or what. :oanieyes

Danish Pride
Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, 10:13 PM
first i must say that what you have written is almost what we learn in school.

Which is the political correct version, not the truth. but as I said the school version.

Exept that Danish soldies did fight. but only very few.with i belive rifle fire and a 20 mm canon.(only about 5 shots) but yes no motars
but we did have about i belive 12,000 men in SS (frikorps denmark) . fighting on the eastern front.

yes we surendered fast. and no i do not belive we ran. peaple woke op surprised to see german soldiers.

and it was a wery peacefull invasion.
what the germans called the wipped cream front. and a place for them the rest. and we prduced alot of the food they needed, in the war effort.

and as for the jewish going to sweden.
it was werner best. the german leader in denmark that in a meetin sergested it. and prevented the german patroles to interfeer.
to mush. and even though meny danes like to see them selves as heroes for it standing op against the germans. no. besides the fischer men that sailed them took alot of money for it. it wasent free

so payed heroes are mercenaryes no??
enyhoo. the thing is that we had it the best of all countryes. in europa.
as i belive we only got bombed. 2 times. shell house (gestapo HQ) english bombed it with musuitos.
and bornholm. i belive rønne city was carpet bombed by the russians. becouse the german komandant wouldent surender to them. only to the british/american troops.
other wise we did well.
still had our own goverment and so on. offcource under heavy influence by the germans.

ok that was WW2.

now for modern times.

as for the DPP. if they find out that a member is NS. or a member of a nazi party they get trown out.

and yes they have made some changes to immergration politics. that is mostly what they was ellected on. becouse everybody could see that it was a failure with the open borders. that the previus party had more or less
(the social demokates) they didetn even acnolidge that there was a problem. that is why the DPP. got in. they surdently got my vote.

and as for the nazi radio. radio oasen. http://www.dnsb.info/presse/radio/index.php
it is no longer reciwing money from the goverment.
but for some reason. the autonomes. (leftwing extrems) get a house after setting the city to fire. and get radio and tv station ???.
radio oasen have never heard enyone. the autonomes done do enything else. but again PC.

i think the goverment still try to distence them selves from the WW2 dayes.

and as for the marrige thing. we now have a law. that says that if you are under 24 years. you cant get married in denmark. with a non dane.
that has worked great. and stopped all the forced marriges. with young peaple. and then get there hole famely op here to. and so on and so on.

and as for the the last remark. i believe we would fight like hell. or try to.
but last time the germans was here our police rounded up and arrested all the commonists. to send to camps. then jews. then the cops them selves.

Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 07:54 AM
"Rising Racism, Intolerance in Denmark"

Transalation: Danes are finally sick of being abused and having their country colonized.

I'd probably disown a child if they brought home an African boy/girl friend too, I hope that lady's daughter eventually left that black guy.

Good for the Danes though, seems they've got a head-start on the rest of Europe (except Italy).

and as for the marrige thing. we now have a law. that says that if you are under 24 years. you cant get married in denmark. with a non dane.
that has worked great. and stopped all the forced marriges. with young peaple. and then get there hole famely op here to. and so on and so on.

wow, I didn't think such a law was possible in Europe at the moment:thumbup
I think thats a good idea because young, impressionable people are probably the most prone to mixed-marriages.

The Horned God
Thursday, May 21st, 2009, 10:06 AM
we now have a law. that says that if you are under 24 years. you cant get married in denmark. with a non dane.

That's fantastic news for Denmark! It's really put a smile on my face to read that.
Now we just need more European countries to follow suit.

EQ Fighter
Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 05:38 AM
"Amnesty International" and "Human Rights Watch" and most of these NGO’s are run by Red Diaper Doper Babies.

If they are criticizing you, then you, are heading in the right direction.

The real issue is will be if they stand up to Global BS criticism, manly the criticism of the Anti Democratic international “News” Media. For me I'm tired of trying to validate most of what they say and consider it a bold faced lie up front.

The term “Racism” as it is employed means anyone that is against the Globalist NGO’s and BS pushers in the news media. I would say the Danes are not Racist, but are just taking objective action to protect themselves against the internal Oligarchs, and the external threat created by >THEM<.

More power to the Danes!
All I can say is when dealing with a Globalist always remember, they operate by End Justifies the Means. And those that fight them need to be prepared to do the same.

Welcome to the world wide culture war Denmark!

beowulf wodenson
Friday, May 22nd, 2009, 02:24 PM
Always good to see some resurgence of patriotism and Folkishness in a Western country. Good luck to the DPP, Denmark for the Danes, etc. They would do well indeed to expel immigrants, esp. the muslims.

Huginn ok Muninn
Saturday, May 23rd, 2009, 03:04 AM
In 1940, a country of 5 million with no mountains to hide in was overrun by a country of 80 million with a powerful army. So there is blame there? I think they were smart not to fight and die needlessly, especially since they had no reason to see Britain as any good friend, since the Brits destroyed Denmark's navy during the Napoleonic wars. I wish the Netherlands had been so circumspect and had not fought. Fewer Dutch would have died, the Germans would have been able to cut off the escaping British Army, and the war would likely have been over and done with in a few weeks.


I'm glad the DPP is doing good things, yet how are so many foreigners still getting into the country? What is the big deal about deporting them? Just deport them, and deport the communist anti-Dane propaganda reporters as well.

The big problem with the left is they are only there to destroy, and once something is destroyed, it cannot be remade, especially if it is your gene pool. We have no obligation to harbor african negroes in our lands. Why is it "racist" and "intolerant" to refuse them the right to live there? Better than if a Dane wanted to live in Sierra Leone or Somalia. He would be murdered in a week, but no jew reporter would say a thing about THAT little episode of intolerance..

Blod og Jord
Friday, June 5th, 2009, 01:14 PM
Here is how Denmark is presented to the outsider:

Ethnic Relations. Denmark once was considered an open and welcoming country to foreigners, but tensions between native residents and immigrants arose during the last decades of the twentieth century, culminating in the establishment of political parties whose platforms called for the exclusion of inhabitants of foreign ethnicity from social services and other forms of public support. Immigrants of the second and third generations tend to be doubly socialized, displaying competence in Danish values in public and in the native language at home.


Saturday, June 27th, 2009, 11:36 PM
I think 'racism' is totally justified where Turkish/middle eastern types are concerned, considering the way they behave. I'm sick of hearing all these annoying NGO's, Amnesty, etc whining about racism. What about native Danes etc, having to put up with all the crime committed by them, eh? If anyone has the right to whine, then it's those who have to deal with the consequences of the multi-cult experiment, and no one else.

Our place in Denmark is next door to a hairdresser, and, unfortunately, onto a main street. Last night, my boyfriend saw some dark-skinned guy kicking in their window. When he spoke to the person who owns the shop, he told her what happened, but asked that she wouldn't tell the police his name, as he's a bit scared to get involved. It made me so angry, i mean, being scared of the darkies. I wish there were some gestapo-type police who would give them the punishment they deserve. The thing is, i sincerely doubt that they would behave that way in their own countries, due to the severity of their laws. It makes me sick that they just get away with everything in Europe, or if they're caught, they always play the "you're just picking on me because of the colour of my skin"- garbage race card...

Sunday, June 28th, 2009, 01:24 AM
Maybe they would march forward to meet the German soldiers to ask if they can borrow swastikas. I believe the correct word is hakenkreuz!;) Thanks angel of death....you definitely keep me honest. With you around I won't need spell check!

Sunday, June 28th, 2009, 01:28 AM
I believe the correct word is haukenkreuz!;)
Hakenkreuz, rather.