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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009, 01:28 PM
Destroying our Youth Through Popular culture

By David Hamilton

One of the weapons used to destroy our young people is what is known as the Culture Wars. Modern, popular music transmits raw uninhibited energy, emotion and excitement, often with tunes that are catchy enough. But is negative and corruptive. Those who doubt this need only listen to, say, Heavy Metal or Rap, and then, perhaps, some Tudor church music, and compare the feelings and images that are aroused. The first produce the desire to hurt or mistreat others, the second, an uplifting spiritual sense and a good feeling towards God and others.

The state of a civilisation can be assessed by its art. There are deep similarities between our collapsing civilisation and the collapse of Greece and Rome, and we need to use their historical example as guides to correcting our own folly. The modern manipulators are leading us into degeneracy through popular culture.

In the TV series, I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikip edia.org%2Fwiki%2FI%2527m_a_Celebrity... _Get_Me_Out_of_Here%2521), an annual show made by Granada Productions (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikip edia.org%2Fwiki%2FGranada_Productions), simple people, described as Celebrities, are so degraded as to eat live worms and stick insects. There are several levels to this degradation. There is the cruelty it licences towards lower animals. There is the encouragement to children to eat insects and slugs in the garden. There is the nihilistic invitation always to indulge in further degradation as nothing more than a means of fun and entertainment.

Literally anything goes. On one “reality” programme the appropriately named Rebecca Loos (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.news .com.au%2Fdailytelegraph%2Fstory%2F0%2C2 2049%2C21128666-5001026%2C00.html), a woman who is “famous” for an alleged affair with David Beckham while employed as his personal assistant, masturbated a pig. On another show she fried and ate Kangaroo testicles. This can only degrade our people and our culture.

Many think that the presentation of certain lifestyles in T.V. programmes is innocent. But they are arranged to be presented sympathetically, and thus to challenge and slowly break down people’s natural attitudes. The Soaps, for example, are particularly used to promote “gay” lifestyles. This is social engineering. It does not happen by serendipity. It is planned in meetings, and is, in fact, not very complex or difficult to plan. The “Goodies” are shown sympathetically and glamorously … every character they want us to imitate is attractive and cool. The “Baddies” - those they want us to hate - are thick and unlovable. It does not occur in a vacuum but in tandem with other developments, and helps to manipulate acceptance for the Government plans to equalise the sexual marriage laws.

Contemporary art (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmajority rights.com%2Findex.php%2Fweblog%2Fcommen ts%2Fmaggots_feeding_on_the_body_of_art% 2F) is used to degrade us by destroying notions of the Sacred. Every year these time-warped artists stage a ritual by setting up an ordinary member of the public. The script goes like this: an elderly person takes a youngster, say a grandchild or niece, to an exhibition and is shocked by something on display, like an unmade bed or something that requires little imagination, and complains to the press. Then the curator is quoted as saying, “Art is to make people think, and to provoke feelings”. This hackneyed response has been used on each occasion for the last 30 years.

I once went to the Ikon Gallery (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ikon-gallery.co.uk%2Fprogramme%2Fcurrent%2F) in Birmingham, which is financed by taxpayers’ money confiscated by the Government, as well as funding by companies. The young gulls there soon refused to speak to me when I explained they are mass-produced artists all doing similar stuff. To get a grant they have to do what the Art Council wants. The liberal middle-classes follow the tastes and standards set by elites such as Saatchi.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the modernist movement set about destroying the form and grammar of traditional art, and thus the content, and made it both unintelligible and uninteresting. In the 60’s, cultural Marxists of the New Left became the avant-garde in the art word as they became the elites in almost all the avenues of culture. They hated our culture and traditions, and they have been destroying them and our young people ever since.

Aristocrat rulers had a sense of noblesse oblige towards the working-classes, and a sense of responsibility to posterity. But the new elites were driven by their hatred and personal gain to corrupt them.

The Discrimination Act of 1975 cautions people against using degrading language in respect to certain selected groups. But our elites continually degrade working-class people and our young, whom they mock as “chavs”. Our people rarely see themselves affirmed as human beings of value in adverts or on TV. Only the dark-skinned without English features are accorded a sympathetic treatment. The worst of it is the frequency with which our women are shown to the world as whores.

It is simply not intended that we should identify with ourselves. Why, then, would the elites have any conscience about bringing immigrants here to undercut our wages and take our jobs, and push us out of our communities? They consider us worthless (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.bbc .co.uk%2F1%2Fhi%2Feducation%2F7220683.st m).
The television programme makers are on the lookout for something to laugh at but we are now the targets and this is done to us before the rest of the world. It is conveyed by images as well as words which are read as body language and semi-conscious messages.

Whites are presented as fat and over-weight, while ethnics are bright and clean. One Channel 4 programme, How clean is Your House (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chan nel4.com%2F4homes%2Fon-tv%2Fhow-clean-is-your-house%2F), has two women visit couples homes to instruct them on how to keep the house free of grime. Another, Supernanny (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chan nel4.com%2Fhealth%2Fmicrosites%2FS%2Fsup ernanny%2F) has a woman visit inadequate parents to tell them how to bring their children up. They select lower-class inadequates but never tell an inadequate Muslim couple how to bring their children up. One of these programmes is shown in 47 countries! This sends the message to potential “asylum seekers” that we are inadequate and weak, and they can come here and take everything off us, including our women.

What are the effects on everyday life of this constant debilitation of our people by the elites? Ordinary people lose contact with the culture and the civilisation into which they have been born. They become disorientated, lost, suffer from a kind of bereavement, and become depressed. They do not know the riches that should be theirs.

Our culture is still amenable to the elites, but our manipulated young and those from a de-culturalised background give up and do not bother. They cannot take refuge in a smaller cultural world like the elites, who live in large houses in posh areas of London, or perhaps in beautiful English villages where they can indulge themselves in the role of country gentlefolk. The lost lose all heart and, having nowhere to go, descend into vices and viciousness. They are no longer civilized and do not know how they should behave. They become prey to amoral meritocrats who use and exploit them.

The papers devote pages to the drugged and drunken antics “celebs” and footballers, while the celeb magazines and radio stations promote the creatures who have degraded themselves on Reality TV shows. They show the women leaving nightclubs drunk (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.this islondon.co.uk%2Fshowbiz%2Farticle-23440530-details%2FWorse-for-wear%2BBianca%2BGascoigne%2Btakes%2Ba%2B tumble%2Bafter%2Bshe%2527s%2Brefused%2Be ntry%2Bat%2Ba%2BBrits%2Bafter-party%2Farticle.do), and like to question whether they are wearing knickers or not. The people who make these programmes and write the magazines are educated and intelligent people, and have only a professional interest in their subject matter. So they know full well what they are doing to our young people.

It is done not just to degrade our own people, but to redress the balance with the behaviour of ethnic communities. The other day I came across the covers of two celeb magazines. One stated, “Posh is looking tired and stressed. Is it too much partying?” … the other, “Britney and Paris’ wild night out”.

We are being deprived of self worth and seeking it in drink and drugs. There is a trend in drinking amongst people as young as 10 -15. We see them all over the country in subways, on recreation grounds, schoolchildren drinking cans that they have been sold illegally by shopkeepers.

Our young people do not understand their loss of identity, the loss of the sense of who they are and loss of self-worth. What are the consequences? The degradation shows in their social lives when they try to escape from themselves. A 20 year-old told me how she and her cousin go on. “We were so drunk,” she said beaming, “we couldn’t stand.” They could not remember how they got home. I asked if they like getting drunk. “It’s social”, one replied; the other, “It’s good fun.” It is acceptable now, like sex and skimpy dress.
Some politicians claim stopping “Happy Hours” would stop drunkenness but there are ways of getting drunk quickly and cheaply like “drinking glasses of water while drinking alcohol because it reacts in your blood and you get drunk quicker.” There is also a trick of gulping air down while you drink. I asked who originates these tricks. “Probably, the breweries,” the girl replied.

Though they have been educated to see themselves as equal to men, in practice women’s vital organs are not as strong as men’s, and they have a greater chance of liver and kidney damage as well as permanent brain damage.

Children are selfish, but become civilized as they grow older and take responsibility for the world around them. This is becoming adult. However, the new culture prevents them from growing up and keeps them immature, which is what’s causing so much uncivilised behaviour. Bar owners and the drinks companies play on the weaker part of people’s nature rather like a sales scam would play on, say, someone’s greed. It is preying on the young’s need for fun and adventure - offering only unhealthy adventure, of course.

Young people tend to drink either drinks that have pretty colours and fruity flavours - like soft drinks but are about 6% alcohol - or pretty, pleasant tasting cocktails. At the same time, the hypnotic music pounds away disorientating them. There are often TV screens all around showing sport, pop acts or models on catwalks. The bar I visited had a couple of bouncy castles upon which customers bounced gleefully, mindless that outside their bubbles of pleasure there is a dangerous, hostile world. Recent bomb attacks (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmajority rights.com%2Findex.php%2Fweblog%2Fcommen ts%2Ftiger_tiger%2F) were outside London nightclubs. A cool bar is unreal and like being in a dream. There is also the use of the hallucinatory effects of drugs in adverts. I saw an advert for vodka shots, which was a square of undulating shades of blue light. You do not see these colours by drinking vodka, gulps of air or not. You see this by taking ecstasy.

On a normal evening in every town and city you see young women collapsed on the pavements, usually being attended by paramedics and stretchered away comatose or with cracked heads. Is that all our young women are worth? They walk up to cars waiting at traffic lights and ask for lifts and often just open the door and get in. You see them staggering around the streets at 2 to 4 am lobbing their boobs out to stop passing cars for lifts. They are perfect victims for ethnics and asylum seekers who drive up and down the entertainment streets imitating private hire cars.

No wonder others have no respect for our women when they have no respect for themselves. People from other countries and the ethnic groups already here have no respect for our corrupted women, who they see as only good for one thing. Many are raped every weekend and either do not know it or who did it, as they usually cannot remember how they got home. Later, they might want an abortion or find they are HIV-Positive!

This preying on our degraded women hit the news last November in a spectacular way (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dail ymail.co.uk%2Fnews%2Farticle-1085446%2FHIV-illegal-immigrant-infected-400-women.html):-

HIV illegal immigrant ‘may have infected more than 400 women’

An illegal immigrant may have infected hundreds of women with HIV in a string of one-night-stands, it has emerged. The infected Jamaican reveller prowled nightclubs to pick up women and then spent almost a year unchecked in hospital where he looked for sex with vulnerable patients. Health officials have written to more than 400 women to warn them they might have the deadly virus after having unprotected sex with him.

The immigrant, who arrived in the UK on a visitor’s visa in 2002, has admitted he cannot remember how many woman he has slept with. He told doctors he had sex, which was often unprotected, with women he met in two nightclubs in Leicester - the now-defunct Dark Club and the Burlington Club.

Last December, he was admitted to the Brandon mental health unit at Leicester General Hospital where he slept with fellow patients - possibly even in the unit. Doctors were told in May that his visa had expired and he was living in the UK illegally but the HIV danger only became known in the last few weeks. A married patient confessed to sleeping with him, according to the Sun, and he then told medics about his other sexual liaisons. A source told the paper: ‘It’s literally panic stations.’

The Times of August 11 2007 reported on “growing concern” at the attitudes of some Asian men (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=uhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.tim esonline.co.uk%2Ftol%2Fnews%2Fuk%2Fcrime %2Farticle2237940.ece) towards young white girls, which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address.

Grooming of white girls for sex is exposed as two Asian men jailed

A hidden world in which Asian men “groom” young white girls for sex has been exposed with the jailing yesterday of two men for child-abuse offences. Zulfqar Hussain, 46, and Qaiser Naveed, 32, from east Lancashire, were each jailed for five years and eight months after exploiting two girls aged under 16 by plying them with alcohol and drugs before having sex with them.

Both men pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to abduction, sexual activity with a child and the supply of a controlled drug.

… The trial came amid growing concern at the attitudes of some Asian men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address. Parents have complained that in parts of the country with large Asian communities white girls as young as 12 are being targeted for sex by older Asian men yet the authorities are unwilling to act because of fears of being labelled racist.

Ann Cryer, a Labour member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has been at the forefront of attempting to tackle the problem after receiving complaints from mothers in her constituency about young Asian men targeting their under-age daughters.

Although campaigners claim that hundreds of young girls are already being passed around men within the Asian community for sex, she said that attempts to raise the problem with community leaders had met with little success, with most of them being in a state of denial about it.

Pop stars are arbiters of taste and behaviour and must take personal responsibility for the harm they have done to young people by creating degenerate images to make themselves millions. Young people identify with them, and are beguiled by their rebellious and exciting images while in reality they live in mansions, employ gardeners, maids, cooks and butlers, and send their children to the best schools.

The man who destroyed old America, and undermined the western world, Elvis Presley, has a religious devotion 30 years after his death, and his home Gracelands attracts worshippers on the scale of Lourdes or Mecca. These pop idols have replaced religious and national icons for millions of people. They are hypocrites who pose to corrupt and make money. Madonna in real life tried to live as an English country lady while in public she pretends to be a rebel effing and blinding and snogging Britney at award ceremonies. This degraded old thing is no longer influential but did a lot of harm, especially by promoting S&M.

On internet “Social Networking” sites for young people to meet others, our young women present themselves as tarts and most say they “like getting drunk.” Their clothes and poses show them as anybody’s meat. They are imitating people on TV talent shows, and think they will be spotted, or slappers who have made fortunes displaying their silicon boobs!

Our elites promote these specimens as role models for our young people, but only promote honourable and worthy people as role models (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.guar dian.co.uk%2Fsociety%2F2008%2Fjul%2F30%2 Fequality.youngpeople) for ethnic minorities. If you walk around an inner city school or community centre the walls are festooned with heroes from the histories of ethnic groups, like Gandhi, Marcus Garvey or Harriet Tubman.

On an entertainment street some bars are used for pills and others for cocaine and most door staff are pumped up on steroids. The drug goes with the music. The coke-heads are hyper and constantly making a sort of chewing motion. The staff of these bars put Vaseline on lavatory cisterns to try to stop customers doing lines of coke on them but the owners are usually on it themselves, and door staff are often dealers.

Another mode of destruction is Clubbing on Ecstasy. It is a special occasion like going to church on Sundays.

There is an unfinished part of us that is reaching out to become satisfied or whole and this gives a temporary and artificial substitute. A common feature of ecstasy clubbers is a need to escape from themselves, which in a healthier age would have led to a mystic journey in solitude as eremites counting their beads and communing with God. In our degraded times they are prey for the hard-headed business people who use any fashion to make money out of their own people.

A young woman explained to me: “It heightens the music, makes it more epic.” In common with others it helps them to dance longer, but the important effect is that “It fills you full of love towards those around you … if a girl is being sick in the toilets you pull her hair back for her. I have only seen two fights in eight years of clubbing.” She compared this with aggressive pubs when people are drunk and violent fights ensue. It is a response to the betrayal of the needs of our young people by our Christian leaders, and has fuelled artificial communities and the illusion of transcendence through drugs.

The importation of cheap labour is justified by blaming us: “Eastern European Workers Shame Lazy Brits” scream the tabloids. It is quite incredible, but our elites apologise for historic slavery while encouraging wage-slaves to immigrate here from the Third World. On top of “asylum seekers” and spouses and families coming here, Eastern European immigration makes a total of 1,000,000 per annum. Nurse graduates, for example, cannot find jobs.

The elites see only good in ethnics but find fault in us. The latter are “essentially good,” while we are essentially bad. Unfortunately, many immigrants keep letting them down by shooting and knifing people, grooming our young girls and planting bombs.

The one who brought totalitarianism and oppression into our legal system with the Campaign for Racial Equality, in the 1976 Community Relations Act, was Roy Jenkins. Biographer, John Campbell (Weidenfield & Nicolson.1983) tells us, that he believed, “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it.” Commonwealth immigrants, like previous waves of immigrants from the Norman Conquest, to the refugees of the 30s, could help overcome “our natural Island lethargy”.

The practice has been our degradation. We need to re-introduce Grammar Schools or even found new public schools to impart traditional values like honour, duty and service; others must consider Home Schooling networks to give our young the standard of education the state schools are denying them and to instil self-worth and a sense of belonging instead of teaching them to give up their country to outsiders and to become sexual perverts.

We must revive local fairs and festivals and develop our Folk music traditions by taking traditional forms, but using modern words and modern tales to express our sufferings under the elites. These are not rationalist formulae but suggestions for our creative young people to develop in practice. By these means they will be able to forge natural, emotional bonds with their own people, their traditions and civilisation.

http://majorityrights.com/index.php/weblog/comments/destroying_our_youth_through_popular_cul ture/ (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmajority rights.com%2Findex.php%2Fweblog%2Fcommen ts%2Fdestroying_our_youth_through_popula r_culture%2F)

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009, 12:20 AM
Some of this is a calculated campaign to weaken us. Some of it is just the result of democracy. The TV and media is aimed for the majority: who are lower class "commoners" and degenerates. It isn't aimed at uplifting people to the level of the more cultured. This is the democratic ideal that the majority is more important than quality.

Yes of course. Turn off the TV. Keep away from all these magazines and such. Avoid certain types of music (not all metal is bad, most mainstream types are though). The key here: organize into communities who have their own standards that are in line with your own. Seperate from the degenerate masses as much as possible.

Monday, March 30th, 2009, 12:48 PM
It is a sad thing how most of my generation frowns upon books and their beauty for more instant pleasures like video games or cinema (although there are some great films too).
I wonder what long term consequences it will bring to our society and school...

Does someone think a taste for more traditional medias and arts could reemerge? What kind of measures would be required for that? It all seems hopeless to me. :(

Monday, March 30th, 2009, 01:49 PM
Some of this is a calculated campaign to weaken us. Some of it is just the result of democracy. The TV and media is aimed for the majority: who are lower class "commoners" and degenerates. It isn't aimed at uplifting people to the level of the more cultured. This is the democratic ideal that the majority is more important than quality.

Yes of course. Turn off the TV. Keep away from all these magazines and such. Avoid certain types of music (not all metal is bad, most mainstream types are though). The key here: organize into communities who have their own standards that are in line with your own. Seperate from the degenerate masses as much as possible.

I agree with that advice and plan completely, especially turning off the television. It is completely controlled by liberal (namely Jewish) media.

Organizing into a community is a lot more difficult to achieve, however, especially in these times.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009, 06:30 AM
Curious: Why do you say "especially in these times"?...

Thursday, October 14th, 2010, 02:43 PM
I think the "dumbing down" of our society is just as bad on adults. Our children are taught to ignore their parents, their white fathers and stupid, fat, clumsy and have no authority over their household. Mothers are trying to be "hip" but can't relate.
But ethnic parents are cool, hip, intellectual.
Disney has a show called "Handy Manny." Manny is a fit, Latino male that fixes things in a predominantly Latino Community in the Southwest. "Mr. Lowpart" has a comb over (hence the name LOW PART) is fat, clumsy and very WHITE.
The WHITE, BLONDE, BLUE EYED, female hardware store owner flirts and gushes over how wonderful Manny is.
If we don't stand up against this shit, all white men will be socially castrated and our women will be nothing but whores for the non whites.
Remember, It's those "Dumb, Fat, Middle aged White Folk" that pay all the bills in this and for this Country.


Friday, October 15th, 2010, 12:36 AM
A couple of authors knew about the plans ahead and fictionalised them as warnings to us, George Orwell and H.G.Wells.
It may be a co-incidence, but when I see H.G.Wells vision of the far future in "The Time Machine", where mankind has "evolved" into two seperate speices, the golden haired white ruling elite, the Eloi, and the working classes who have become almost animals, the Morlocks, I wonder if H.G.Wells was revealing a deliberate plan by the future "Eloi"?

Hitler of course warned about this as well and acted on it by removing the decadent culture that was ruining German society, especially in the big cities like Berlin.

The Bible tells us we where made "a little lower than the angels", we have such potential yet it also tells us that in "the last days", what is good will be called bad, and what is bad will be called good".

Friday, October 15th, 2010, 10:49 PM
In my humble opinion, this all started in the industrial revolution; the elite needed factory workers - so they changed the education system to teach folks what, instead of how, to think.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010, 12:31 AM
We should be able to have germanic groups like the ethnics have theirs.
The blacks have the NAACP which is strictly black. Yet we have no groups to celebrate our heritage.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010, 09:12 AM
I fail to see how eating Bush Tucker is degrading. I mean it's only what you would eat if you lived in the bush.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010, 01:15 PM
In my humble opinion, this all started in the industrial revolution; the elite needed factory workers - so they changed the education system to teach folks what, instead of how, to think.

Actually during the industrial revolution there was barely any affordable education available for children. And most of them went with mom and dad to the factories to help increase family income. And formal education was for most of these families to expensive.