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Hauke Haien
Saturday, March 7th, 2009, 12:15 AM
Land of legends is an atmospheric and exciting tourist attraction for the whole family. 10.000 years of Danish history brought to life. Houses and settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and 18th century, historic workshops and domestic animals, located in the beautiful historic landscape near Roskilde.

Land of legends Lejre was established in 1964 as an experimental center for studies in the field of history and archaeology. All profit goes to research, arrangements and education concerning the past.

Website: http://www.english.lejrecenter.dk/

CURRENT ACTIVITIES (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.engl ish.lejrecenter.dk%2FCURRENT-ACTIVITIES.444.0.html)

Every year a number of archaeological experiments are carried out at Land of legends Lejre. Land of legends has a research grant of DKK 150,000 for carrying out practical, archaeological experiments. Portions of the grant are given to researchers and students following application to Land of legends Lejre.

A part of the grant is assigned for experiments working within a certain topic, which in 2009 will be War & conflict. The rest of the grant is open for experiments working with other topics and problems.

In 2008 the following experiments are carried out at the Land of legends Lejre:

Metal for Men – Red hot bronze
Learning to be a Flintsmith
Poormans Flint
A Door to the Past
The Map of Bog Iron
The Worlds Oldest Beer
Explour Stone Age Archery
Fired or baked pots
Prehistoric Thermos
Global warming threatening prehistoric remains
Endangered Species
Practice Makes Perfect

Experiments during the workshop " Textiles & Fabric" in 2007:
Rich Women from Estonia
A Colourful Past
The experiment that went wrong! – A Stone Age bucket
Ugly Yarn
Primitive, but best
The hunt for the mysterious polish
A Mesolithic shoppingnet

Read about previous experiments carried out at Land of legends Lejre.

The Skelhøj Project
For a number of years, Land of legends Lejre has cooperated on a cross-disciplinary project which aims at creating better understanding of the good conditions for preservation found in some of the Bronze Age burial mounds, for example that of the Egtved Maiden.

Read more:

What the mound can reveal - presentation of an experimental study by Ann-Maria Hart and Helen Lewis
Bronzealder-ingeniører (Bronze Age engineers) by Marianne Rasmussen (in Danish)
Jernkapper i bronzealderens høje (Iron cores in Bronze Age mounds) by Henrik Breuning-Madsen, Mads K. Holst and Marianne Rasmussen (in Danish)
The Skelhøj Project - the website of the project (in Danish)

Experiments with prehistoric textiles
CTR is a research centre at the University of Copenhagen, which for the period of 2005-2010 will be working with textiles in history and archaeology.

Read more:
Tools and Textiles - Texts and Contexts - a coorporative project between CTR and Historical-Archaeological Research and Education Centre
Centre for Textile Research (CTR)