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Johnny Reb
Saturday, May 8th, 2004, 10:03 AM
I recall seeing it on here a few months ago (or maybe it was SF. I'm quite confused ;( ) Anyways, it was posted as an alternative to those stupid Che Guevara t-shirts, and it was the silhouette/shadow of an SS man's head. If anybody knows what picture I mean, your help would be greatly appreciated :)

Saturday, May 8th, 2004, 11:37 AM
Where is the picture? I see nothing. :|

Johnny Reb
Saturday, May 8th, 2004, 07:53 PM
Where is the picture? I see nothing. :|

Neither do I. That's because I don't have it, thus, I am asking if anybody else does

I'll change the title to be more clear.

Edit: It wouldn't let me change the subject title, only the message title. Perhaps a mod could do it. Thanks.

Fraxinus Excelsior
Saturday, May 8th, 2004, 10:11 PM
I've seen a t-shirt with Jose Primo de Rivera's silhouette, but that's probably not what you're looking for.

I think it was on www.politicalsoldier.net (http://www.politicalsoldier.net/) in their store.

Those douchebag anti-"racist" "American Fascist Movement" queers have an anti-che gayvara t-shirt. www.americanfascistmovement.com/afmstore/index.html (http://www.americanfascistmovement.com/afmstore/index.html)

Johnny Reb
Saturday, May 8th, 2004, 10:48 PM
Hmm, it was on SF afterall. Here is the link to it, but the picture won't load for some reason.


Pedro Alonso Lopez
Saturday, May 8th, 2004, 11:27 PM
check che-lives opposing ideologies the guys there will know.

Johnny Reb
Sunday, May 9th, 2004, 04:45 AM
This is as big as it gets, unfortunately. :(