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Friday, January 16th, 2009, 10:23 PM
This is an article associating the Black Sun with the 24 Futharkh runes (as mentioned here (http://www.geocities.com/fjornpim/BlackSun.htm) by Steve Anthonijsz)

Interviewed here (http://ravencast.podbean.com/2008/08/01/episode-24-interview-with-mike-smith/).

The Black Sun: A Simple Analysis
By; Mike Smith (Michael J Smith) of lfar aff Jera j (http://www.ulfar.org/)

As I gazed into the flame, I "saw" a plush land of green and wild. Out from the ground sprouted the Irminsul, stretching into the sky to the very stars themselves, and further into the sun. I began to chant the rune, Eihwaz, (the cosmic tree's vertical axis which penetrates through all three realms) and the image of the Irminsul morphed into the rune, as it extended both into the earth and farther into the sun. Then, to my surprise, the sky started to become dark. The sun was blackening as the darkness enveloped. Then the "Black Sun" became viewable through the golden sun which we all know commonly. Of course, this was the same infamous pattern as from the Wewelburg Castle's inlaid floor. It "shone" its dark light into the farthest reaches of Ginnungagap and into my own center. And I began to sing Sowilo.

The "Black Sun" is made of 12 Sowilo runes. As we know, Sowilo is; "...a sign of the wheels along the path of the yew column, Yggdrasil, by which the runester consciously evolves. Sowilo is the shield of the consciousness and provides it with greater significance toward which to strive. One who has developed the will by the light of the S-rune (in all of its aspects) is blessed with honor and success" (Runelore, pg 127). Sowilo has the numberic value of 16 in the Elder Futhark and when we multiply it by 12, as manifested in the "Black Sun" symbol, we get 192, or 1 + 9 + 2 = 12.

One represents Fehu: "The F-rune contains the mystery of both creation and destruction and the harmonious functioning of these two extremes, which leads to the dynamic evolutionary force. Fehu is the rune of eternal becoming. Along with several other runes, this describes the holy process of birth-life-death-rebirth, or arising-being/becoming-passing-away toward new rising. More specifically, fehu is the archtypical force that give impetus to this eternal process." (Futhark, pg 21)

Nine represents Hagalaz: "Hagalaz is the complete model containing the potential energy of neutral power in the multiverse, which is born from the dynamic, generating, evolving unity of fire (energy) and ice (antimatter)" (Futhark, pg 36).

Two represents Uruz: "Uruz is the most vital of energies. It is a fire blended with the waters of life, a vital fire that can remove all weakness-all the dross (such as Audhumbla's tongue!)- and transform the weak into the strong" (Runelore, pg 116).

And finally, the sum of the product is equal to 12 and represents Jera: "Jera embodies the cyclical pattern of the universe expressed in the formula arising-being/becoming-passing-away to new arising." And, "Jera is the reward for the honorable, right, lawful (natural) past action. This has no real moral implications- it is the natural law. If the sowing is done correctly, according to tradition, and "luck" (hamingja) is with you, then the reaping should be great. It is the fruitation of efforts well spent toward a willed or instructed goal. This is true and valid for the numious as well as the phenomenological realms" (Futhark, pg 42).

All together, this insinuates the enlightenment, cyclical, and material manifestations of the True Will. All of this is encompassed in the rune (mystery) of the "Black Sun" which is hidden from the view from those who don't see. This is the concept that infused in my mind in a flash of inspiration.


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Saturday, January 17th, 2009, 12:36 AM
The Swastika and black sun are mysteries of the runes. They aren't directly taught in the rune system, but are hidden parts of them. Take the Sieg rune. A double SS twisted over itself forms a Swastika. The eighteenth rune (list's book) is an incomplete swastika as well. The black sun is a radiating trinity of swastikas.