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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008, 07:41 PM
Long before Russians and other Slavs had taken Cyrillic or Latin alphabet they wrote in their own Runic/Cunic style. If I remember correctly it contained 49 letters and its predecesor contained 144 runes. I'll post an example of this runic/cunic writings found on a ring in Ryazan region.

Ryazansk cuneiform. Ring with the inscription


enlarge version: http://runess.ru/uploads/posts/2007-10/1193745036_artefakt2.jpg

Take a note the simularities of old runic wirtings and cyrillic. You read it like this:

Upper letter: Щ
Middle: У (it gets it combination with the upper letter)
Lower: РИТ (Old Russian during Tsarist times (and before) they used the letter i for И)

Information about the ring:
Dating: 06 - 08 AD, ancient Russia.
Material: copper alloy, casting.
Application: adornment, with the protecting value.
Place of the finding: Russia, the Ryazan province.
Notes: On the service of the shield their is a cut in cuniformal symbolism the Slavic god of Chura.

On the shield is cut out by cuneiform the symbol of the Slav god Of Chura.

For more of these pictures and other foundings visit: http://www.organizmica.org/mu-drc.shtml

My version of reading in the essence coincides, but in the details it differs. Here not so much the symbol of the god Of Chura, but concrete inscription ЩУРИТ (Churit), which means it protects.

Original article found on: http://runess.ru/ translated by me.