View Full Version : The Shape of the Gibor Rune is from the Futhorc (Nennius)!

Monday, October 8th, 2007, 02:20 PM
Someone of the British Library queued me in that I might want to read : [Runica Manuscripta, R. Derolez, Brugge (België) 1954]

I borrowed the book and indeed found it worthwile. It explicitly states that the shape of the Nennius g rune is

"identical with the g of the isruna-fuŝorc" (p. 158)

About the g in the isruna it says:

"The same type occurs in a number of runic alphabets (Exeter MS. 3507 and the related Cotton MS. Vitellius A 12 and Phillipps MS. 3715 ; also in Leyden MS. Voss. Lat. F. 12 δ), as well as in Nemnivus's alphabet (2). Its occurrence in the 'Syriac' (= runic) alphabet of Munich MS. 14436 is easily explained : this alphabet is derived from a fuŝorc of the isruna type."

"(2) It is not found in the runic alphabets of Cotton MS. Galba A 2 and Oxford MS. St John's College 17 (G. STEPHENS Monuments I, nos. 13 and 31), as Miss RAUCK holds (Die Runen des Brüsseler Codex No 9565-9566, 14 footnote), but in the Nemnivian alphabets of those manuscripts, cf. infra, p. 157 ff." (p. 122)

Monday, October 8th, 2007, 07:49 PM
It would appear so...