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Monday, February 19th, 2007, 07:45 PM
Boat Construction in Northern Norway

The largest and best documented of all boat finds from land in North Norway was recovered in 1931 from a bog at Bårset on the island of Nord-Kvaløya in Troms County. Several hypothesis have been put forward to explain how the Bårset boat reached its final resting place. Although it is possible that the boat capsized and was washed up on land, the most likely explanation is that it was purposefully placed in the bog as an offering. The distribution of boat remains indicate that the vessel was partially destroyed before being deposited and white stones were also found in association with the boat parts, a trait commonly associated with boat offerings in Norway and elsewhere in Scandinavia.

http://www.imv.uit.no/ommuseet/enhet...nstruksjon.htm (http://www.imv.uit.no/ommuseet/enheter/ark/forskning_Botkonstruksjon.htm)

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