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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006, 05:29 PM
A Lion appearance (http://www.mufor.org/mars/Hominid-Lion.jpg)?

An decade old prediction (http://www.mufor.org/mars/decade.jpg) fulfilled.

Really.. a face (http://www.space.com/images/mars_face_1976_full_02.jpg)

The face on Mars is the image of some photographs of the Cydonia region of Mars taken in 1976 by the Viking Orbiter. The image is most likely of a natural formation but some people see a face or a building and are convinced that it was constructed by intelligent beings.

According to Gary Posner, the one most responsible for the view that the face on Mars is an alien construction is Richard C. Hoagland, author of The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever (1987).

NASA claims that the photos are just a play of light and shadow. Some took this explanation as a sure sign of a cover-up. Some engineers and computer specialists digitally enhanced the NASA images. This soon gave birth to the claim that the face was a sculpture of a human being located next to a city whose temples and fortifications could also be seen. Some began to wonder: were these built by the same beings who built the ancient airports in Peru and who were now communicating to us through elaborate symbols carved in wheat crop circles? Others took the wonder to the level of belief, based on the flimsiest of evidence and the grandest of imagination. Carl Sagan's more down-to-earth explanation for the face on mars is that it is the result of erosion and winds and other natural forces (Sagan, 52-55). Such a view seems most reasonable under the circumstances.

NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter sent back some more detailed pictures in July, 2002 that seems to slap the face into the ground with a group of other slapped faces. Much to the dismay of mystery mongers, NASA says that the Cycdonia region is a "normal geologic feature with slopes and ridges carved by eons of wind and downslope motion due to gravity."


Real face or sculpture? Just some rocks? A mystery remains.. :D

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006, 06:20 PM
Water on Mars:


Tuesday, May 30th, 2006, 06:55 PM
About the Face on Mars


Gorm the Old
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006, 03:52 AM
The face on Mars is like the face on the north side of Independence Monument in Colorado National Monument. I have photographed it several times. However, it must be photographed at around 14:00. Earlier or later it is almost impossible to see. When the light is just right, it is the face of Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, even to the "deerstalker hat" which he always wore in the films with Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson....I had photographed Independence Monument with an 8 X 10 inch view camera, in which the image appears upside-down on the ground-glass back. Weeks later, I developed the film and printed the negative. As the image came up on the paper in the developer, I saw the face for the first time. I couldn't imagine why I'd missed it....The next time I was in western Colorado, I went to Colorado National Monument to look for the face. IT WASN'T THERE ! The time was about 11:00. I did some sightseeing and returned to look again about 14:00 and there it was !...The pictures which show the face on Mars were all taken at about the same time of the Martian day . At other times, as in the case of the face on Independence Monument, there is no face.

Thursday, June 1st, 2006, 11:03 AM
The fact that we are not alone on earth should be suspicious enough to make people realise that we are not alone in the cosmos. Certain religions negate any other existence that has not been sanctioned by one of the monotheistic deities or his esteemed angelic representatives or one of his prophets. The fact that this in itself necessitates a dream in someone's head and not a theory that can be validated or otherwise has not yet percolated to the common sense department among these misguided and obtuse folk.

We should be careful of wanting to meet up with whatever and whoever may be out there without first getting to grips with who we are here and now.

It is thought by some scientists such as Richard Dawkins that humanity is not capable of acknowledging certain things that science may throw up to challenge the organised religions of our erstwhile mental enslavement. The same man has also reconsidered his "atheism" of late as he is beginning to realise that things are not quite as cut and dried as even one such as himself ever thought they might be.

This does not mean that we can posit all manner of mumbo jumbo in place of probability. One fine day there will be rumbling in the mountains of established thought and the first signs of the coming of the thought Jotuns will sound and we shall be told things that a short while ago were considered to be from the realms of science fiction and fantasy. If we are careful not to allow ourselves to be made extinct we shall be able to continue the voyage that we began many aeons ago when we first looked out and saw the stars.

Mars will reveal some very astonishing things. Mars will most likely take a few earth prisoners and some sacrifices but we shall learn the nature of Mars in this century and we shall travel there in some way soon enough. In fourteen years' time (if we are still able) we shall receive information about Pluto. We shall see things that will terrify the established religions and make God seem small and weak and insignificant among the cosmic Giants and the dragons of interstellar space that hang in platoons of glittering armour and gleaming fire for us to befriend and know, and also to fear.

We cannot live forever as individuals but we can be reborn so that our folk can continue their journey back to the beginning of time in our Age and discover that gyre upon gyre awaits the traveller and corridors of intricate meanderings and networks of connections lie coiled and spangled across the yawning gap and fall in webs upon webs from the cliffs of the Void of Becoming.

The face on Mars is simply our wish to see what we already know is inevitable. Mars does have a face but it is one that we shall see only over a long period of time and the steady unveiling of its bandages will reveal an ice-bed where time lies frozen and part of earth's childhood is written in the landscape of the red planet's lore. A band between silence and fire is where we must look.

But all this will only happen if we survive what looms against us now. Without the unbroken lines of connection that brought us here we shall travel no further than the nearest graveyard and become part of the silence that has claimed many who have gone before us. Our greatest challenge will be to leap that gap, first mentally and then physically, or by technological proxy.

Thursday, June 1st, 2006, 01:26 PM

This guy has some interesting theories about the creation of human races. Unfortunately it´s in German and I had´nt the time to translate it into English... But he´s working on an English section!

Gorm the Old
Thursday, June 1st, 2006, 11:27 PM
Once, long ago, about 3,000,000,000 or more years ago, Mars had, for a while, a very different climate from that of today, a much wetter climate with a much higher barometric pressure. There may have been bodies of water on the surface. There was certainly flowing water; the geomorphic effects of it are widespread and obvious. However, this more Earthlike episode in Mars' paleoclimatic history was very short, probably too short for any higher organisms, and by that I mean multicellular organisms, to evolve. After probably developing a fauna and flora of unicellular microörganisms. conditions rapidly became less and less suitable for life and evolution ceased. Mars had become an evolutionary dead end....There is no evidence that such an episode of quasi-Earthlike conditions was ever repeated. Intelligent life has never had a chance to develop on Mars, nor could alien intelligent life survive there unless maintained by prohibitively costly technology....Concerning what and who may be "out there", I seriously doubt that we will ever encounter other intelligent life forms. To us, frail-bodied organisms lacking armor, fangs, claws, or great speed in running, intelligence is of great survival value. But there is no reason which it is necessary for such an organism to rise to dominance in the fauna of a planet....There has been life on this planet for about 2,500,000,000 years. There has been intelligent life for less than 5,000,000 years, less than ¼ of 1% of the history of life on our planet. Until the dinosaurs and then, the giant mammals which followed them became extinct, the primates, of which we are the most intelligent, which could not compete with these behemoths on the ground, survived only by living in trees....It is still uncertain why the dinosaurs or the giant mammals became extinct, but it seems unlikely that these events were inevitable. It is our good fortune that they did occur, providing our remotest ancestors the opportunity to descend from the trees to the surface . This may well have been a freak occurrence.... That the same scenario should have worked itself out on another planet of another star is not very probable. "Nature, red in tooth and claw" can get along very well without intelligent organisms. The dinosaurs, often considered, from our presumptuously arrogant point of view to be failures, dominated the fauna of this planet for about 140,000,000 years ! about 28 times as long as anything remotely resembling a human being has existed, and we have the unmitigated gall to call THEM failures ! .... Unless exceptional conditions should occur on another planet, favoring the survival of creatures which have no advantage except intelligence, intelligent animals will be forced to eke out a perilous existence under the constant threat of annihilation by larger, stronger, faster better armored and/or better armed animals which are better suited for the struggle for survival and reproduction....This is why I seriously doubt that we shall encounter other intelligent life-forms "out there". But, if we should, we had better be VERY cautious and be in no rush to attract attention to ourselves. Although there is no reason automaticaly to consider them to be hostile, it is equally unfounded to regard them as benevolent. Personally, I don't think that this is going to be a serious problem.

Friday, June 2nd, 2006, 09:41 AM
Yes Egil, I also think that on account of the great difficulty we have in travelling anywhere because we are so fragile physically, we shall not be visited by anyone else either, unless these have done what we are contemplating - travel long distances at incredibly rapid speeds.

There is the prospect that intelligent life (actually all life is intelligent, we mean by this "life like us") may develop in bodies that are not as soft or vulnerable. Reptilian, for example, or hard exo-skeletal, like some insects. These, as we already know, can evolve to be quite large. Some dinosaurs were extremely large and under conditions of nuclear radiation I have read somewhere that insects can become very large. Whether a brain of sufficient intellectual capability would evolve along with them is debatable, however, but as nature is as you say "red in tooth and claw", there is nothing stopping any such evolutionary occurrence if conditions were ideal.

We are at the moment in far greater danger of making ourselves extinct by various means one of which is climate change and the other is overpopulation. Certain race groups among us may also (in fact almost certainly will and have in the past) become extinct. Many species have already crashed and every moment more stand on the brink of dissolution. Mostly because of human pressure on the ecology. But a large meteorite hit could be just as devastating.

We are not the children of God, we are simply here because we happened to evolve and we know we are here simply because we developed a very powerful imaginative faculty that works through our massively developed frontal lobes. It has been our greatest triumph and is possibly responsible for our greatest "angst", but nevertheless this is what sets us aside from other animals.

It is important to be able to grasp the fact that there is no "God" as such. This kind of entity as we have conceived him would be at odds with what we know about the way things really are. And the more we learn about the way things really are the less likely that "God" is going to be able to hold onto his position as primum mobile of the cosmos or its life forms.

I am unlike you, Egil, in that I do not believe that we are alone in the cosmos, that is, that humankind is alone. I think that considering the sheer size of the cosmos that the chances of replicating an earth moment would be quite common but only in terms of the greatest number of instances over a seemingly endless vastness of opportunity. Taken in the context of a single solar system the likelihood would be curtailed. In a galaxy it would be increased, in a universe it would be favourable and in the cosmic spectacle, I feel, highly likely, maybe even quite common.

Things may never be exactly as they are here and the life forms encountered will begin on molecular levels and amoebic significance, bacterial proliferation and so on and progress to multicellular and vertebrate forms depending on the availability of unfrozen water at a certain temperature. On Mars the temperatures are either too hot or too cold so we shall most likely find bacteria living in hot flues the same way we do on earth and we will, as you mentioned Egil, find frozen evidence of Mars' flutter before the atmosphere irradiated or whatever happened to this planet and the dust took over.

But beyond our solar system in the constellations that we can discern as "nearby" in telescopic terms, there may be any number of both primitive and advanced ecologies evolving under suns that are just the right distance from their planets and under atmospheres that perhaps have the correct volumes of gasses necessary for life as we know it.

Humanity is a primate evolution, certainly. This is not in accord with certain religious beliefs so one still treads on hostile ground here, including certain political systems that believe humans are some sort of superior creature that fell from the stars and that Jews are some sort of inferior creature that messed it up for the masters of the universe. This is very ignorant, very unfortunate and quite unbelievable in view of what we know about our world but I presume that these views and beliefs are not focused on probability or empirical studies but rather on ideological determinism. They have a lot in common with their religious fundamentalist brethren as extremists have more in common with one another than they do with anyone else.

As far as humanity is concerned, we evolved here from creatures that developed a spine and they have recently discovered the fossilised creature that they think may be this link. Not God, but evolution and opportunity, made this quantum leap from one type of life form to another and things went on from there. The demise of the dinosaurs, as mentioned, being humanity's crack in the door through which it managed to squeeze itself and become what it is today, the uber-life form of a planet that is ironically being destroyed by its own master race.

However, I feel that human predominance and supremacy are not necessarily self evident truths concerning the evolution of tactics and strategies to survival challenges brought forth by the environment. Humans tend to neglect, or they did in the past, the very real prospects for other life forms opportunising on the catastrophes wrought by human supremacy.

I remember an experiment they did somewhere with large terrarium like domes where they made artificial worlds that had sustainable atmospheres and plant life etc. Can't remember now but someone is bound to come up with the location and name of this project. The situation was left to itself and humans were introduced.

Humans proved themselves to be remarkably inept in adapting to changing conditions in the terrarium. As soon as the oxygen content went just off they were gasping and overheating from temperature changes and suffering from all kinds of problems. Eventually humans were forced out of the system because there was no permission to change anything. The terrarium had to function on its own steam, so to speak.

The interesting thing that ended this documentary was that the system began to degrade from what was intended and many creatures failed and so did some plants. Some overcame others and some just perished. They left it and waited to see what would happen.

Eventually they went in and took a look. The whole scenario had changed under its own direction. What we might call "Orlog" had happened. Cockroaches, (if I'm not mistaken) which had not been introduced but had apparently somehow got into the terrarium from outside, had flourished. Because there was no longer any species diversity the cockroaches had diversified on their own and rapidly evolved various duties to make the terrarium fit for their own needs and ends.

The project had not fulfilled any democratic ideals nor had it proved any social engineering theories. The project had instead shown that there is something very powerful underlying the entire adaptation and evolution business and that humans are the weakest in some ways when this functions on primitive levels. Cockroaches, a highly intelligent form of insect, on the other hand proved themselves to be adaptable and versatile under these conditions and had built a world.

This is something every human with more than half a neuron firing should think on and ponder over and make plans for. This experiment was a microcosmic snapshot of the macrocosmic spectacle that awaits us "out there". If we can learn to understand it and most importantly, to accept it and therefore recognise it and work with it, we may be able to escape "God" and find out what really makes the whole thing go.

Personally, my money is on the concept of independent intelligence encapsulated in the gene that responds to the greater intelligence in the system. That is what "the gods" are and what humanity was looking at and for when it was interrupted by a tyrannical interloper who burned down the laboratory and set up a commune, enslaved humanity and blotted out the sun.

Nature still exists, of course , and intelligence still beams out its little prompts to genes lurking everywhere. God resists through humanity, but after a while you will always get the cockroach syndrome and certain entities will either escape or invade the closed system of God and start reorganising the furniture of heaven and singing strange songs in the choir of earth and before God knows it he will have been replaced by another tyrant. This one may a little harder to conquer as it will have no imagination in the human sense and so will be unimpressed by all that leprosy and all those plagues and miracles.

I don't think God will be present on planets where the cockroach syndrome has occurred. At least not at first. After a while and great refinement of the insectile mentality through millions of years of careworn selection, there may some day occur a small chink in the armour of a single member. God will immediately slip through the gap and begin his hypnosis. A prophet will announce itself. "Behold, I have heard the word of God and bring you all good news." This will be the defining moment of the demise of the species which will stop searching for life sustenance and start working for God. God is a factory manager and he likes to extract maximum profit from his investment. He is a banker and likes to take a certain amount of interest from his investors. He makes them pay him to keep him in fine fettle. No genuine cockroach could ever live under these conditions and so this particular planet will go the way of earth and have at first beautiful graceful intelligent beings making wonderful things and building civilizations and then slowly start to degrade into a pile of transmogrified workers whose citadel is a prison and whose guardian is an idea.

Perhaps this planet will be lucky and a single gene will awake one morning to the soft tapping on its helmet of Orlog that says "Come, there is a job to do," and the little gene warrior will arise and go forth to search for a mate and together these will build a scab over the lie of God and flourish as bacteria do, under the surface, until the day when the world can no longer sustain God's incessant greed and collapses under the weight of the citadel's roof.

In the hollows under the scabs cockroaches will move out from their hiding places and find territory to conquer and communities to build among the detritus of God's defunct apostles and their heap of compost that became their world.

God will not stay among these new warriors whose eyes are like black beads, whose hearts are made of charcoal, whose claws are sharp and whose consciences are bare. God will evaporate into his hill ... and wait.

So we have something to fear as well as something to look forward to as we discover what the cosmos is and how it works and why we are not what we think we are and how much our world is just a chimera and that we are really living among dark matter and myriads of force fields and vibrations. The rocks we see are really billions of particles dancing. It is a wonderful magical film show when we see them as solid and enduring. This is the way we are and this is what we must know in order not to think that we are the rocks or that we can change them without changing ourselves and our world in the process. We are still in this learning curve as we make war and blow things up and delve into the private lives of mycelium and bacteria, hoping to find some "social relevance" that we can bring to bear on the hapless communities of souls that live in the real world.

All will come to nought. We shall implode. But this is not necessarily the end of our story and we are not necessarily the only story. That is another tale and another road we have yet to travel. And we have yet to rediscover the circle as we have become convinced (God again) that things travel in straight lines and have a beginning a middle and an end that moves into ever more freezing extremities until it somehow ceases to be.

There is hope for us, perhaps, as we unearth the old stone circles and megaliths of our ancestors. As we dig up their bones and examine their reality and see the little bronze hair clips and the earrings and the symbols and ciphers and realms of a forgotten congruence with cosmic consciousness. Maybe our intelligent genes may find a correspondence and begin like bakers' yeast to turn us into our own salvation.

It really all depends on whether or not we can resist the temptation of God and his straight lines and his cash down before hand payment kind of deals. The kind that the ancient forests ignored and the kind that made Tolkien turn these investments into a terrible mountain factory of Doom presided over by an evil and greed-enmeshed volition that made monsters out of people and shadows of the world.

Look out for the warriors under the scab. I wrote a poem about them once when I was young called "Now the jasmine" :

Now the jasmine is sprawling down fences
Initiating another season of faith
Under the drumming sky the swarms come
Running on the dry wind and carrying spears
At night there is a softness
Scent-bearing gush and the heavy stamen
Sleepers threading the dream with honey
Flowing down the dead foliage of a year
To the green warriors under the scab of soil
Raising the iron clod
Looking into the brimming dark
Yellow of Carolina
White ghost trumpets
Of the moon

Gorm the Old
Friday, June 2nd, 2006, 03:34 PM
It may well be that the cockroaches will inherit the Earth. Though they are past their prime (during the Carboniferous period, they were the size of a human hand), they are incredibly resistant to radiation. Cockroaches have been seen crawling about on operating nuclear reactors which their human operators cannot even approach and must observe by means of closed circuit television. Whether in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust (in the literal sense of the word) or through the insane proliferation of fission reactors which, with age, become so radioactive that they cannot even be dismantled, cockroaches may well be the only form of animal life capable of surviving in the radioactive hell which we are capable of producing.

Friday, June 2nd, 2006, 04:06 PM
And there are already so many around posing as people ... Along with their comrades in arms, arachnids and slugs. :D

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006, 12:51 PM
About the Face on Mars

I really enjoyed the enjoy the silence part of that link.