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Tuesday, March 14th, 2006, 08:47 PM

Doll magic are known from all over the world.

The doll are supposed to help the operators focus at the object.
The process of decorating the doll is in itself consecrative if the operator is clever. Of course it is an advantage if the doll looks like the object, but not necessary. My dolls are scary alike the objects, but child drawings of objects hanging on a gallow with a dagger in the heart does very well.

The doll are equipped with objects related to the object.
That be blood, hairs ,nail, semen, clothes, personal things, jewlery, photo, personal information, and personal connection, or some of the food that the object still have in the stomach. The fat from skin are also very useful, it also contains the DNA.
The idea is that these substances loaded of the same source, let us say some hairs, are mentally connected with its owner, and remains more or less linked up even if a physical distance occurs. This is optional.

Buy the dolls in toyshops, and modifie them for the purpose
Color and cutting its hair, so it looks like the object. If you do not paint naturalistic, a photo of the face can be placed on the dolls. If one could get a link like hairs from the object, and supply the doll with it, it is good.. Also clothes does well, anything lthat has been close to the object over time.

The doll should be threated like one like to threat the object.
If you like to kill the object, one runs the dagger right though its hearth, or where the hearth should have been. .Keep it simple. Maybe let it stay there at night? To go for the hearth is classical of several reasons. It gives an easier breake through than the scull allowes. The hearth is also soft, vulnerable and vital. A dagger that is planted in the hearth under a magical operation, and remains there for a while, have good possibilities to influence the object. It can be done every evening.

The doll should be baptized with the objects name.
The best time is when the object is sleeping. Then it is much more receptable, and is a focused object, as it lays still. There will also be less disturbance from other persons. Pretend that the doll is the sleeping object. Some like to pin it with needles. The needles may be consectated to certain loads as diseases, or other issues one welcome over the object. It could be Enochian curses written on small pieces of paper, rolled, and added to the tail of the needle.
The idea here is that the intended content of the paper is focused and lead into the object via the needle. Anything goes, but a magical curse is of course the best.

Next chapter. A suggested ritual of doll magic.

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006, 09:08 AM

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